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8 Tested Suit Accessories To Be Noteworthy

There is a difference between a well-dressed man and an average. Suit accessories are the details that make you handsome, classy, and well-dressed.

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Suit accessories are all the items that go with your suit. All the small details make you look classy and unique.

The most common suit accessories are ties, bow ties, pocket squares, tie clips, and cuff links.

suit accessories

Suits for men

If you want to wear accessories with your suit, you must first choose what case you need.

Blue suit with two buttons

suit with 2 buttons

Choose a navy or dark blue suit that you can wear everywhere. Those colors are classic and will never be out of trend.

You can wear them at work or go out at night. If you want to wear it all year, choose a fabric not only in winter.

Those suits can be worn with brown or black shoes and belts.

Grey suit with two buttons

grey suit

The classic business suit is grey. It is an excellent alternative to the black case.

Grey is a color that matches your ties and shirts with almost everything.

Our advice is not to wear a black suit. Use a blue or grey color suit instead. The black case is suitable for tuxedos.

Of course, a black suit is necessary in some countries and you must wear it at funerals.

Casual suit

casual suit

A casual suit is also an excellent classic alternative. Play with the different colors of trousers and make a lovely everyday outfit.

A patterned suit is timeless and will give you more character. Famous leaders worldwide have been wearing patterned suits for many decades.

As for the fabric, choose something light like wool or linen.

Please read our article on why you should avoid fast fashion. It isn’t good for you and the environment.

Tuxedo suit

tuxedo suit

Sometimes, the dress code is a black tuxedo suit.

It is not so often, maybe 1-2 times per year. Do not make the mistake of wearing a black tie with a classic suit.

If you don’t have a tuxedo, buy or rent one. You don’t want to be the different man and get discussed after the event.

Remember that the difference between a suit and a tuxedo is that the tux has satin details.

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Suit accessories

We did not include hats in the suit accessories. Check out our article about different types of hats.


A tie or necktie is the most necessary accessory for your suit. With a link, you look and feel complete. Lately, many actors and politicians have been wearing a suit without a tie. That is because they want to feel free but are not classy.

You could choose a monochrome tie or two colors depending on the suit. This will make you feel complete and high-class.

Please read our complete guide about ties for men. Are ties still relevant in 2023?

Classic silk ties are the best material you can wear. You can play with other fabrics, depending on the season. In summer, you can choose satin or linen. In winter, choose wool or velvet.

How to tie a tie. There are many ways to do it, but we will show you only one—the easy way. You can learn it in 5 minutes and never forget it.

how to tie a tie

Bow Ties.

bow ties

An alternative to a tie is a bow tie. They are not as common as ties, but they can certainly change your look.

With a tuxedo, you can wear a black or white bow. Use a monochrome black, gray, white, or blue bow for formal events tie. For funerals, black is a must; for weddings, you must wear a white bow tie.

Check our complete article about bow ties here.

They are wooden, silk, and knitted bow ties. We recommend using pre-tied bow ties because learning how to tie them is challenging.

bow tie

Pocket squares

Pocket squares, or handkerchiefs, are the second most important accessory for a complete suit look.

The best way to match a tie and a pocket square is to use the same color and material. You can also use the same color and a different pattern to make a nice combo.

Some lovely sets on Amazon include a silky bow tie, pocket square, tie clips, and cuff links.

Do you like a luxury pen in your suit pocket? Check out our article about the Best Luxury Pens.

tie clip

Check to see our article about men’s bracelets

Tie clips

Tie clips were invented to keep the tie in place. Our advice is to wear a tie clip whenever you wear a tie. This way, you are looking fulfilled. Suit accessories need to be worn completely.

Be careful of the position. The tie clip must be between your dress shirt’s 3rd and 4th buttons. Also, always ensure it is as horizontal as possible, or you will look messy.

Check out our article about tie bars for men.

The most common color is black. Gold and silver. Use one that doesn’t look cheap because you will destroy all your efforts to look classy.

tie clip
cuff links

Cuff links were invented to keep your shirt cuffs attached. It is a lovely alternative to shirt buttons being fastened.

Keep at least one pair of cuff links in your wardrobe. It will add more points to your overall dress code.

Tip. Tie clips and cuff links can match for an optimal set. They can be the same color but have a different pattern or shape.

Check to see some sets on Amazon like this.

Check our article about men’s rings. This way, your style will be completed.

Style is knowing what suits you, who you are, and what your assets are. It’s excepting it all.

 Bianca Jagger


You must complete your look with a nice watch when wearing a nice suit.

A watch is not only practical, but it also makes a better impression. Don’t use smartwatches; use a classic timepiece that will give you many points for your overall style. A cheap watch is the wrong choice. Look at the clock as an investment and not as an accessory.

men watch

What about rings for men? Please read our article here to learn more.


Suit Accessories

If your pants are falling, you need to wear a leather belt. There is no excuse for that. If you don’t wear a belt, your trousers will fall, and you will lose the style you seek.

Read our article about suspenders for men. Find out what to use: suspenders or belts.

You can choose a black or brown color. The belt buckle can be silver or gold. Do not use anything else except leather; all the other cheap belts don’t last long and will give a negative impression.

One last tip. Match your shoe color with your belt.

Suit Accessories

Do not forget a nice pair of shoes. Check out our article about footwear for men.

Lapel pin

A lapel pin was used to symbolize a group or an organization. They are getting more popular now.

The lapel pin must be worn on the same side as the pocket square.

Suit Accessories

They are lapel pins on both sides; don’t use them; simple is always elegant.

How do you complete your look with style? Check out our article about gloves for men here.

Overall, don’t put everything you can find. These are only ideas. Each person has their style, and you can find it with accessories. Please don’t overdo it; plain design is better than too complex.

Do not forget men’s sunglasses.

Find out what sunglasses to choose from in our article about 15 Trendy Men’s Sunglasses Available Today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many accessories should you wear with a suit?

Try to wear three accessories each time. For example, a colorful tie and a pocket square with fancy shoes. Another example is a shirt with a bright color, a nice watch, and some extreme socks. The trick is to have two accessories for the upper body and one for the lower part.

What suits should every man have?

Each man needs to have at least three different suits. One is the classy navy or midnight blue. The second should be a grey suit with two buttons. The third one can be a casual suit or a tuxedo. That depends on whether you ever get invited to an event with a dress code.

Does every man need a black suit?

Many men today believe that a black suit is the best option. It is better to wear a navy or midnight blue suit. Another alternative is the grey suit with two buttons. Black suits are needed for funerals or when the event’s dress code requires it.

Should you own a black suit?

We did not include a black suit in the suits that you need to own. For most people, it is not needed because it is too formal. A black suit is required for funerals and galas. You can wear a dark blue suit or anything else for weddings. That is totally on you. Do not ignore it; each man has different priorities, so we can not add only one rule.


Here are all the suit accessories you can wear. Look at our articles for more information and product comparisons.

Do you have more ideas or any questions? Leave a comment below, and we will answer as soon as possible.


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