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12 Best Bracelets For Men. Have A Unique Look

Best Bracelets For Men, find everything you need. From sophisticated leather to beautiful metal cuffs. Even if it is not natural for most men, you can wear them and have a unique style.

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Leather bracelets for men
Beaded Bracelets for men
Cuff Bracelets for men
Sports bracelets for men

Leather bracelets for men

There are many types of bracelets for men. If you want something in leather, choose leather cuff bracelets, braided leather bracelets, or leather wrap bracelets. These are nice for casual to high-end outfits.

Metal bracelets for men

For metal bracelets, the options are metal cuff bracelets, metal chain bracelets, or precious metal bracelets. These are the most common bracelets. If you want a good style, you can never go wrong with the metal option.

Rope bracelets for men

The rope-style bracelets are for a minimalistic style and offer a different option from the leather bracelets. There are also 3 types. Natural fiber, paracord, and nautical rope.

Beaded bracelets for men

If you want something more colorful and with many textures, use beaded bracelets. You can choose stone, metal, or wooden bracelets. All these will add a different and unique style to your outfit.

Check below for our top picks and bestsellers.

Tennis bracelets

Chris Evert, the professional tennis player is responsible for the term tennis bracelet.

A tennis bracelet is made with a symmetrical pattern of diamonds or gemstones, connected by a thin precious metal chain.

There can be from one row of diamonds up to four rows.

In 1987 while Evert was playing in the US Open, her string diamonds fell off her wrist, so she requested a pause to look for the jewels. From then, the term tennis bracelet was tied to Evert.

Extra Tips. Do not wear too many metal bracelets on one wrist. Keep it simple and clean. Wear them only on one arm, rather than having one bracelet on each arm. Bracelets are also a good option for birthday or anniversary gifts.

Different types of best bracelets for men

Types of charms used in bracelets.

  • buddha bracelet
  • anchor bracelet
  • skull bracelet
  • snake bracelet
  • dragon bracelet
  • heart bracelet
  • compass bracelet
  • evil eye bracelet
  • zodiac sign bracelet
  • bracelet with initials, and many more

Types of material for men’s bracelets.

Gold, stainless, steel, titanium, copper, tungsten, and sterling silver.

More materials such as rope, leather, wood, fabric, rubber, cable, and others.

Type of stones used in men’s bracelets

Diamonds, cubic zirconia, tiger eye, lava stone, onyx, pearl, jade, emerald, and others.

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Best Bracelets For Men

Evil Eye bracelet.

evil-eye bracelet
4.5 rating

This is something to wear every day. It is supposed to protect you from the devil’s eye – it is believed in many countries. You can wear it on your left wrist, and it will protect you from bad energy and negativity.

Find it on Amazon.


  • Protects from bad energy and negativity
  • It can be a discussion opener
  • It is not expensive


Many people will misunderstand it.

Leather bracelets for men. Tree of life

Best Bracelets For Men
5 rating

From soft braided leather to unisex, a perfect gift. You will have the Tree of Life, the tiger eye, and natural lava rock beads.

They are comfortable, and you can wear them at any time, never be out of style with them. One of the best choices of bracelets men can wear.

Find them on Amazon.


  • Leather bracelets combine very well with the casual look
  • Black and brown leather
  • Genuine leather with magnetic strap


The look is casual and only for everyday use

You will need to add a ring or two to complete your style. Read our article about rings for men.

Lava Rock Men’s bracelet.

lava rock bracelet
4.5 rating

Another unique bracelet from black lava rock helps with anxiety and stress relief. It has an adjustable cord.

Lava rock stone can absorb your favorite essential oils.

Just drop a little of your favorite essential oils on the lava rock stone bracelet, the scent will last all day on the volcanic stone.

Find it on Amazon.


  • Many selections for 1 to 4 bracelets
  • Lava stones can diffuse essential oil
  • Designate for stress relief


Stones are not real

Degs & Sal Gold Figaro Chain Bracelet.

figaro chain bracelet
4.5 rating

This is a simple but nice gold chain bracelet. It is very cheap because it is fine sterling silver plated with gleaming 14-karat gold. The length is 7 1/2″. Made in Italy.

Check out the item at Nordstrom.


  • Figaro style bracelet is very classic
  • Will last for a lifetime
  • You can wear the bracelet on every occasion


The bracelet is made of sterling silver and 14K gold plated

Titanium metal magnet bracelet.

titanium bracelet
5 rating

Gunmetal is gray titanium with magnets. For maximum power, performance, and results. Something for younger ages, but also everyone. Something modern, and stylish, and helps with pain because of the magnets.

Check it out at ETSY.

editor's choice


  • 100% Titanium
  • Magnets are Neodymium 3500 gauss
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Magnets are helping with pain and stress. Improve circulation


Find it with a discount, fair price

The antique silver-tone bracelet is made of stainless steel.

antique silver bracelet
4.5 rating

A very nice, simple, and manly bracelet. You can wear blue jeans and a T-shirt.

Handmade and stainless steel at a good price.

Check it out at ETSY.


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Antique silver-tone look
  • Good price


Only good with a casual suit

Rope Link Chain Bracelet in 14k Gold

rope chain bracelet
4.5 rating

The timeless rope bracelet, nothing more to say. At 14ld the length is 8-1/2″.

Check it out at Macy’s. Use code: FRIEND for a discount.


  • 14K gold
  • The rope design is very beautiful


  • Do not buy it without a 14K stamp
  • Watch for price changes, they usually have great discounts
  • The bracelet is not thick, but it can break easily. Buy it with a coverage plan

Classic silver ID bracelet.

classic ID silver bracelet
4 rating

An all-time classic and you can write your name or a message. From .925 silver, the length varies from 8 to 9″ depending on your arm. An Italian made with a velvet pouch included. An old-time classic gift for everyone.

Check it out at Amazon.


  • Made of sterling silver
  • A classic bracelet, You can engage your name, favorite line, or anything
  • Made in Italy


The dimension of the ID plate is not large.

Stainless Steel ID metal bracelets for men

Stainless Steel Fancy Link I.D. Bracelet
4.5 rating

Instead of the classic ID bracelet, you can choose this one. Made of stainless steel and can be easily engraved.

One of the best bracelets for men, not too small or too big, depending on the hand size.

Check it out at


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Very unique design


  • Check well the engraving, some times it is faint
  • The clasp can be not closed securely

Gold Braided Bracelet

gold bracelet
5 rating

From Emanuele Bicocchi. Handcrafted braided foxtail chain bracelet in 24k gold-plated sterling silver.

Logo hardware and hallmarking are engraved with lobster-clasp fastening. Something truly remarkable. Don’t wear anything else in your hand. This is our best option for bracelets men can wear.

Check it out at SSENSE.

editor's choice


  • 24k gold plated
  • 20 cm length (7.75 In)
  • Handcrafted with hallmark engraved


But when at a discount, you can save up to 50%

Silver rope bracelet.

silver rope bracelet
4 rating

The hardware-inspired men’s Orson Pull Rope Bracelet features a hand-casted sterling silver flat bead strung onto a bungee cord. Adjustable for an easy-to-wear staple piece.

Check it out at Miansai.

Extra tip: Use honey for your online purchases and get decent savings.


  • Comes in many colors
  • Adjustable in size
  • Sterling silver bead


The price is expensive for rope

Men’s bracelet set

bracelets men can wear
4.5 rating

They are made of wood and nuts, and they are adjustable.

They look fantastic with the right outfit but take them off while in a shower. Hippie style and cheap.

Check it out at ETSY.


  • Beaded bracelets for men look very cool, especially if you wear 3 of them
  • Fancy colors
  • Good price


Take them out while showering

Unique silver sword bracelet.

bracelets men can wear
4.5 rating

Something unique and beautiful. From .925 silver, hand-made, with a length of 25 centimeters to give you a brutal style.

Check it out at ETSY.


  • When we are talking about metal bracelets for men, nothing else is better
  • 925 Sterling silver
  • Very detailed, oxide-coated
  • Bracelet adjustable


The price is high without a discount

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Each of the bracelets I wear is from a long trip I’ve taken. One is from Nicaragua. One is from Nepal. One is from Guatemala. One is from Laos. They don’t come off. I walk into a lot of very high-level boardrooms now, and I present to distinguished conferences, but these bracelets remind me of the places I’ve been and the people I’ve met.

Adam Braun

Some special types of best bracelets for men

Medical bracelets for men

Some people have a medical condition that needs to be known by paramedics or doctors. Those bracelets are not decorative but are essential for your health.

medical bracelet
5 rating

Check out this medical bracelet from stainless steel at

editor's choice


  • Stainless steel in black and yellow tone
  • Water-resistant
  • Metal bracelets for men are trendy and this one is no exception.
  • Custom engraving


Nothing. It is something necessary when you have a medical condition.

Paracord bracelets for men

If you are an outdoor adventurer, a soldier, or a firefighter you can wear a paracord bracelet.

Paracord bracelets can be useful for tuning up a gear, making shelter, fishing, trapping a small animal, stopping blood flow, or even making shoelaces.

paracord bracelet
4 rating

Check out this survival paracord bracelet at


  • When you want rope bracelets for useful men don’t look further
  • 5 in 1
  • Very good price


Only if you are an adventurer

Morse code metal bracelets for men

Another special bracelet man can wear. Morse code is more than 200 years old, but many people in the world understand it even now. You can make your own or buy it from a shop with your message. It is a great discussion starter and it looks different and unique.

morse code bracelet
4.5 rating

Check out this personalized Morse code stainless steel bracelet from


  • A unique bracelet that will tell a story
  • Stainless steel
  • Message can be up to 15 characters long


Young people do not know about Morse code.

Rubber bands

We left it at the end because the rubber – silicone- bands are a fun way to style. But they are cheap and most of the time brightly colored. They are good conversation starters in a casual meeting with your friends. Do not wear them every day, and never the same one.

They can have motivational, inspirational, and cause sayings. Live strong, dream big, your only limit is you, and many more.

rubber bands
4 rating

Check them out at


  • Perfect for teens or young ages
  • Gives a message


  • Not something to wear if you are over 25.
  • Something to wear only in the gym, or on a casual workday

What is the meaning of each color of the wristband

  • Red: Energy, passion, ambition
  • Maroon: Face cancer awareness
  • Pink: Brest cancer
  • Orange: Social communication and human rights
  • Yellow: Optimistic and suicide prevention
  • Black and yellow: Save the bees
  • Green: Balance and growth
  • Blue: Truth, grace, and spirituality
  • Purple: Creativity and imagination
  • Rainbow: LBGTQ
  • White: pure and innocence
  • Gray: Compromise or indecision
  • Black: Mystery and secrets
  • Brown: Comfort and protection
  • Red, white, and blue: Patriotism

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Bracelets for Men

  • Do straight guys wear bracelets?

    The answer is definitely yes. Look at some celebrities and sports figures.
    They wear one or two bracelets and sometimes earrings.

  • What does a bracelet mean to a man?

    They used to provide good luck, but now they are modern accessories.
    They can symbolize wealth, power, and status. But overall it is a modern style.

  • Feng shui and bracelets. Do they work?

    Feng shui bracelets can provide fortune, wealth, and abundance in life.
    Choose beaded bracelets for men.

  • Do bracelets make men more attractive?

    If you like it, then others feel the same.
    Keep in mind that not in all parts of the world wearing bracelets as a man is something ordinary.

  • How do men wear bracelets and watches?

    You want to wear them below your watch, closer to your hands. Try metal bracelets for men. When stacking multiple bracelets with your watch, try to use thinner bracelets to create a more stylish and sophisticated look. If you wear a metallic watch try to use the same metal bracelet. Another option is to use leather or beaded bracelets.

  • Should men wear bracelets on their left or right hand?

    If you wear a wrist in your left hand, you can wear a bracelet in your right hand. Or if you are lefty, you can wear it the other way.

  • Do men wear bracelets on both hands?

    It is ok to wear them on both hands, keep in mind that you need to match the different sizes, types, and colors as well to balance the visual look on your hands. It is better to wear 2-3 bracelets in one hand and one or none on the other.

  • What is the 7-knot red lucky bracelet?

    The bracelet is linked to a sequence of 7 knots, each of which symbolizes s spiritual dimension that ends up infusing our reality. Use it around your left wrist, it will function as a spiritual immunization against the destructive forces of the evil eye.

  • What does a black bead men’s bracelet mean?

    Black was always the masculine color. It symbolizes strength, hope, and good health, and matches your skin tone. They are very popular beaded bracelets for men.

  • Why do men wear black thread on their wrists?

    It is believed that the black color of the thread protects from evil powers. In many countries, like India, it is very common. You should twist the thread from 2 to 8 times.

  • What are RFID bracelets?

    RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) are chips integrated into a wristband and can be used for secure access control, payments, instead of keys in hotels, and many other applications.

  • What are Lokai bracelets and what are they symbolizing?

    Lokai bracelets consist of clear beads that contain water, one white bead full of water from Mount Everest, and one black bead that consists of mud from the Dead Sea. The white bead symbolizes staying humble if you are on top of the world. The black bead symbolizes staying hopeful even if you are in the lowest moment in your life. The good thing is when you buy a Lokai bracelet 10% of the cost goes to charity.

  • Should I wear anchor bracelets?

    If you have nautical roots sure. You can wear them with jeans or some linen or cotton summer suit. Keep in mind that anchor bracelets consist of a leather cord that is doubled and knotted.


Buy the best bracelets for men with confidence. It is all about style and personal taste.

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Leave a comment below. What is your favorite bracelet? What would you like us to add?

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