Birthstone Necklaces For Women

12 Amazing Facts About Birthstone Necklaces For Women

Discover fascinating details about birthstone necklaces for women’s history, meaning, customization, care tips, and why they make great personalized gifts for women.

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The Popularity of Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone jewelry, especially birthstone necklaces for women, has become an increasingly popular gift idea for many women. The ability to personalize necklaces with birthstones makes them a thoughtful present. Adding the birthstone of the gift recipient or of loved ones makes the chain even more meaningful.

Birthstones by Month

There are traditional birthstones associated with each month of the year. Here is a list of the birthstones for each month:

  • January – Garnet
  • February – Amethyst
  • March – Aquamarine
  • April – Diamond
  • May – Emerald
  • June – Pearl
  • July – Ruby
  • August – Peridot
  • September – Sapphire
  • October – Opal
  • November – Topaz
  • December – Turquoise

The origin of birthstones dates back to the Breastplate of Aaron in the Bible. Over time, the list evolved into the traditional birthstones we recognize today.

Choosing Your Birthstone

While traditional birthstones are widely recognized, some people prefer to choose their favorite gemstone to represent their birth month. The color and meaning of the birthstone can factor into the selection. For example, peridot is associated with strength, power, and cleansing. The vivid green color also suits someone born in August who loves the lushness of summer.

There are endless options for birthstone necklace stones beyond the traditional list. Consider rose quartz for its heart-opening pink hue or purple amethyst for its spiritual vibes. Selecting a gemstone that speaks to you can make birthstone necklaces for women even more personalized.

Birthstone Necklaces For Women Settings

Birthstones can be integrated into necklaces in several ways:

  • Pendants – A solitary birthstone or multiple stones side by side are secured in a pendant dangling from a chain. This allows the birthstone to take center stage.
Blue Lab-Created Sapphire Solitaire Necklace

Check out this Blue Lab-Created Sapphire Solitaire Necklace here.

  • Bezels – The birthstone(s) are wrapped in precious metal bezels rather than prong settings. This provides a smooth framing effect.
Birthstone Bezel Necklace

Check out this Birthstone Bezel Necklace here.

  • Multi-Stone – Several birthstones are incorporated in a linear or clustered design. Great for representing a whole family.
Family Multi Birthstone Star Personalised Necklace

Check out this Family Multi Birthstone Star Personalised Necklace here.

  • Flowers – The stones form a floral shape, like a blooming flower or minimalist bud. Feminine and organic.
Daisy flower Pendant Citrine necklace

Check out this Daisy flower Pendant Citrine necklace here

  • Geometric – Birthstones are arranged in symmetrical or asymmetrical shapes like circles, triangles, and lines. Modern and striking.
14K White Gold Diamond Gemstone Shape Necklace

Check out this 14K White Gold Diamond Gemstone Shape Necklace here.

The setting impacts the overall look dramatically. Clustered stones offer more brilliance, while solitary pendants are simple and understated.

Birthstone Necklace Metal Options

Birthstone necklaces for women can be crafted from a variety of metals. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Gold – Yellow or white, gold provides a timeless, warm backdrop for any gemstone. It works with both cool and warm-colored stones.
14k Gold Birthstone Necklace

Check out this 14k Gold Birthstone Necklace here.

  • Silver – Affordable sterling silver allows the birthstones to shine. Silver is best paired with more relaxed stones like emerald and sapphire.
Birthstone Ring Holder Necklace

Check out this Birthstone Ring Holder Necklace here.

  • Platinum – The most expensive option, platinum is durable and goes well with diamonds.
Platinum Sapphire pendant with diamonds

Check out this amazing Platinum Sapphire with diamonds necklace here.

  • Rose Gold – On-trend rose gold pairs nicely with pink or red birthstones like ruby, garnet, and morganite.
18ct Rose Gold Birthstone Necklace

Check out this 18ct Rose Gold Plated Birthstone Necklace here.

The goal is to choose a metal that enhances the color of the gems rather than competing with them. White metals let the stones stand out on their own.

Adding Extra Birthstones: One creative way to make birthstone necklaces for women meaningful is to add extra stones representing loved ones. You may see necklaces with birthstones for all the members of a family. Some designs incorporate just two or three stones.

Options for adding extra birthstones:

  • Vertical bar pendant with multiple stones
3-Stone Family Vertical Bar Pendant in 10k White Gold

Check out this 3-Stone Family Vertical Bar Pendant in 10k White Gold here.

  • Circular cluster pendant with small gems
December Birthstone Tanzanite and Diamond Round Cluster Pendant

Check out this December Birthstone Tanzanite and Diamond Round Cluster Pendant here.

  • Single chain with various birthstone beads
Birthstone Beads Necklace

Check out this Birthstone Beads Necklace here.

  • Multiple strands in different metals/stones
Mixed stone birthstone necklace

Check out this Mixed stone birthstone necklace here.

  • Custom combination of stones framed together
Small Birthstone globe necklace

Check out this Small Birthstone globe necklace here.

Having a chain with your birthstone alongside the stones of loved ones adds sentimental significance.

Customizing Your Necklace

The personalized nature of birthstone necklaces for women means each piece can be customized and made unique. Some options for putting your twist on a birthstone necklace include:

  • Length – Choose the chain length that suits your style. Standard 16-18 inches, or choose a choker or long 30-inch chain.
  • Added Gems – Mix birthstones with diamonds or other gems like pearls for extra sparkle.
  • Charms – Many brands offer letters or symbols that can be added to birthstone necklace chains.
  • Engraving – Opt to engrave a name, date, or message on the back of a pendant or charm.
  • Tag – Add a small label with a memorable quote or note to the birthstone.
  • Two chains – Try wearing one chain shorter than the other for a layered look.

With so many ways to customize, you can design a one-of-a-kind birthstone necklace that will surely be cherished.

Caring for Birthstone Necklaces For Women

To keep the birthstone necklaces for women shining bright, give them some TLC. Here are tips for cleaning and storing it properly:

  • Use a jewelry cloth to wipe away dirt and buildup gently. Never submerge in water.
  • Store pieces separately so stones and metals don’t scratch each other.
  • Use a soft jewelry pouch or box rather than tossing it in a drawer.
  • Take off necklaces when doing heavy activity, especially in water, to prevent damage.
  • Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners, bleach, acids, and other harsh chemicals.
  • Bring to a jeweler periodically for professional cleaning and safety inspections.
  • Be extra cautious in handling and cleaning for fragile stones like opal or porous like turquoise.

With the proper care, your beloved necklace can last a lifetime and retain its sentimental appeal.

Great Gift Ideas

Birthstone necklaces for women are a thoughtful gift idea for many women in your life. It shows you put care into selecting something meaningful just for her. Some ideas:

Birthstone Necklaces for Mon

You will find many ideas about Birthstone Necklace for Mom in this article.

  • Mother – Her birthstone, your birthstone, or those of all her children
  • Grandmother – Stones representing all the grandchildren make a treasured gift from the grandkids.
  • Sister – Her birth month or one with significance to your sisterly bond.
  • Wife – Combining your birthstones or anniversary gem makes a romantic gesture.
  • Daughter – Give her first baby necklace with her birthstone to celebrate her arrival.
  • Aunt – Matching niece and aunt necklaces are a fun gift exchange.
  • Friend – A custom piece with your mutual birthstones represents your friendship.

Any important woman will surely appreciate the symbolism of a birthstone necklace chosen for her.

Birthstone Necklaces for Any Occasion

While they make great gifts any time of year, here are some occasions that are perfect for gifting birthstone necklaces for women:

  • Birthday – Milestone birthdays especially are significant for birthstone gifts.
  • Holidays – Valentines, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc. give you something to put in that gift box.
  • Mother’s Day – Kids can chip in on a necklace with all their birthstones.
  • Graduations – High school or college grads will appreciate the keepsake.
  • Anniversaries – 1st year is traditional, but any year works for birthstone jewelry.
  • Weddings – Bridesmaids gifts are a popular application.
  • Baby showers – Due date necklaces let mom accessorize before baby is born!
  • Retirement parties – Mark their legacy with an emerald or sapphire necklace.

Any time you want a present that combines style, luxury, and personal significance, birthstone necklaces are just for women.

Frequently Asked Questions About Birthstone Necklaces For Women

  • Do birthstone necklaces for women have to feature your birthstone?

    No, you can choose any birthstone to represent yourself or loved ones. Many prefer their favorite gemstone over their birth month stone.

  • What length chain is best for a birthstone necklace?

    16 to 20 inches is the most common and versatile length that works for most. But you can customize the chain length to your preference.

  • How much do birthstone necklaces for women cost?

    There is a wide range, but expect to invest $50 to several hundred dollars. Sterling silver and artificial stones are the most affordable, while gold and genuine gems are pricier.

  • Should I wear my birthstone necklace to sleep, shower, or exercise?

    It’s recommended to remove during vigorous activity, exposure to chemicals like perfume, and especially when in water. Protect your necklace by storing it safely when not being worn.

  • How often should birthstone necklaces for women be cleaned?

    Please wipe it with a soft, damp cloth every few months to remove accumulated dirt and oils. Annually, have it professionally cleaned by a jeweler for a deep clean.

  • Will I need to have the clasp or chain repaired over time?

    The clasp is most prone to loosening or breaking from daily wear. Any local jeweler can quickly fix this. Quality gold or platinum chains can last decades with proper care.

  • Is there symbolism behind giving a birthstone necklace as a gift?

    Yes, birthstones represent good health, luck, and prosperity. Giving someone’s birthstone is said to bring them good fortune.

  • What if you don’t know the birth month of the gift recipient?

    A birthstone necklace with all 12 stones is a safe bet to cover any birth month. Or choose their favorite color gemstone instead.

  • Should boys and men wear birthstone jewelry, too?

    Absolutely! While birthstone necklaces are given more often to women, they make meaningful gifts for guys for a milestone or holiday.

  • What if you were born right between two months?

    You get to pick which birthstone suits you best! The possibilities are open to having any gemstone represent your birth regardless of the exact date.


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