Collar Necklaces For Women

Add Dazzle with Top 12 Collar Necklaces For Women

Discover top collar necklaces for women’s styles and tips for wearing these gorgeous statement pieces. Our guide covers chokers, bibs, multi-strands, and more to elevate your look.

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Make a Bold Statement with Spectacular Collar Necklaces

Go big and bold with collar necklaces this season. These substantial statement pieces pack a major fashion punch. Collar necklaces sit snugly around the base of the neck for a high-impact style.

Light Rays Collar Necklace from De Beers

Check out this Light Rays Collar Necklace from De Beers here.

From dramatic bib collars to chokers and multi-strands, there are endless options for incorporating this must-have accessory. Collar necklaces work for both day and night, dressing up everything from jeans to cocktail dresses.

Stranded Silver collar necklace

Check out this Stranded Silver collar necklace here.

Discover how to wear these substantial statement necklaces and explore the many gorgeous collar styles available. It’s time to give your look some drama with one of these scene-stealing collar necklaces for women.

Different Styles of Stunning Collar Necklaces For Women

  • Choker Collar Necklaces – Choker collars are fitted tightly around the neck, sitting high under the chin. These slimmer collars have a vintage vibe and create a clean, slender silhouette. Go for delicate chains or strands, or make a bold statement with a choker sporting oversized jewels or hardware.
"Taylor" gold-plated choker necklace

Check out this “Taylor” gold-plated choker necklace here.

  • Bib Collar Necklaces – Nothing makes a dramatic style impact like an oversized bib collar necklace. These feature a broad, flat design that sits just below the collarbone. Bib collar necklaces draw attention to the chest and neckline for a seriously eye-catching look.
Rhinestone Collar Bib Statement Necklace

Check out this Rhinestone Collar Bib Statement Necklace here.

  • Multi-Strand Collar Necklaces – For extra volume and presence, look for collar necklaces with numerous rows or strands. These statement pieces incorporate two or more chokers or slimmer collars into one substantial collar design. The layered look creates major depth and dimension.
Multi-strand collar necklace

Check out this Multi-strand collar necklace here.

  • Collar Necklaces with Pendants – Many collar necklace styles incorporate additional dangling charms, pearls, or crystals suspended from the base collar piece. These pendants add beautiful movement and visual interest. Collars with bold fringe designs also fall into this category.
Adjustable Open Collar Necklace with Diamond Pendant

Check out this Adjustable Open Collar Necklace with Diamond Pendant here.

Collar Necklace StylesKey Features
ChokerFitted around the neck that sits high under the chin
BibBroad, flat, below collarbone
Multi-StrandLayered, multiple rows or strands
With PendantsExtra dangling charms, crystals, pearls

Materials for Gorgeous Collar Necklaces

Collar necklaces make a substantial accessory, crafted from materials that can support the weight and structure. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Precious Metals – Gold, silver, and platinum are common in high-end, expensive collar necklace designs. These luxe metals create durable, heirloom-quality statement pieces.
X Link Necklace in Yellow Gold and Platinum

Check out this X Link Necklace in Yellow Gold and Platinum from Schlumberger and Tiffany Co. here. The price is $215,000.

  • Costume Jewelry – Look for collar necklaces made from cheaper metals but still embedded with sparkling rhinestones, crystals, or faux gems for more affordable options. These offer the look of real jewels without the price tag.
Custom Choker Collar Necklace

Check out this Custom Choker Collar Necklace here.

  • Leather or Fabric – For an earthy, bohemian vibe, opt for softer leather or woven fabric choker collars. These have a hip, handmade artisan feel.
Double Happiness, Leather Collar

Check out this Double Happiness, Leather Collar here.

Pairing and Styling for Maximum Impact

Collar necklaces command attention, so keep the rest of the look simple. Follow these tips to let your statement collar shine:

  • Stick to solid-colored tops and dresses without any distracting prints or patterns. Neutrals like black, white, gray, or tan work well.
  • Collars instantly dress up strapless, off-the-shoulder, and halter necklines. Show off that choker or bib against bare skin.
  • Pull hair back in a sleek updo, ponytail, or elegant chignon to keep the focus on the collar necklace.
  • Add coordinating collar-style earrings, like slim hoops or short dangling chains. Finish with simple studs or no earrings at all.
  • Limit other accessories when wearing a bold collar necklace. Carry a small clutch and skip the bracelets.

When to Wear Fabulous Collar Necklaces

Freshwater Pearl Nugget Collar Necklace

Check out this Freshwater Pearl Nugget Collar Necklace here.

One of the best things about statement collar necklaces is their versatility. You can wear these show-stopping accessories:

  • For day or night occasions – dial up the drama for the evening.
  • To the office for an instant professional style upgrade.
  • On casual weekends with jeans, tanks, sundresses, and more.
  • To cocktail parties, weddings, and special events for a formal flair.
  • At any time of year choose lighter or heavier materials for the season.

Caring Tips

Collar necklaces are invested since they use substantial materials. Follow these care tips to keep your statement collars looking fabulous:

  • Store collar necklaces properly on pads or hooks to avoid tangles. Don’t let them knot up in a jewelry box.
  • Clean periodically with a soft polishing cloth to remove dirt and body oils. Use a jewelry cleaning solution if needed.
  • Take collar necklaces off before showering, swimming, or exercising to prevent damage from water and perspiration.
  • Don’t let perfume, hairspray, or lotions come in contact with your collar necklace. These can cause discoloration over time.
  • Check clasps and settings regularly and have them repaired by a jeweler as needed.

The Enduring History and Popularity of Collar Necklaces

Collar necklaces have adorned stylish women’s necks for centuries. Here’s a look at their fascinating history and continued popularity over time:

  • Collars date back to ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman jewelry. Kings and queens wore ornate gold chokers and bib necklaces as status symbols.
  • During the Art Deco period of the Roaring 20s and 30s, bold collar necklaces had a major fashion moment. Retro bibs and chokers became iconic flapper styles.
Art deco collar necklace

Check out this Art Deco collar necklace here.

  • In the 1960s and 70s, bib collars were again popular, now with psychedelic prints and wooden beads. “Peace” signs and flower child chokers also emerged.
Faux Pearl Choker Torque Necklace

Check out this aux Pearl Choker Torque Necklace here.

  • Collar necklaces remain on-trend today, with modern interpretations of chokers, bibs, multi-strand, and pendant styles. Designers keep putting new spins on this dramatic accessory.
14K-Gold-Filled Multi-Strand Necklace

Check out this 14K-Gold-Filled Multi-Strand Necklace here.

  • Contemporary celebrities like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce have fueled the continuing collar necklace craze by wearing show-stopping statement pieces.
Multi pearl statement collar necklace

Check out this Multi-pearl statement collar necklace here.

FAQ About Fabulous Collar Necklaces for Women

  • What length of collar necklace should I buy?

    This depends on the collar style. Snug chokers measure 12 to 13 inches while bib and multi-strand collars are 15 to 17 inches around to fit below the collar bone comfortably. Measure your neck and add 1 to 2 inches for the best fit.

  • How can I determine if my collar necklace clasps in the front or back?

    The clasp is usually at the back for chokers and the front for bibs. But some designers interchange this. Try on the collar and see what feels most comfortable with the clasp position.

  • What is the best way to store my collar necklace?

    Lay it flat in a jewelry box on a pad or roll up inside a soft pouch. Don’t hang delicate chains or let them knot up. Use dividers or compartments to separate multiple collars.

  • Should I take off my collar necklace before bed?

    Yes, remove your collar necklace before sleeping to prevent damage and tangling. Never sleep in jewelry. Place it safely in your jewelry box.

  • How often should I clean my collar necklace?

    Clean your collar every few months with a soft polishing cloth. Use a jewelry cleaning solution for stubborn dirt. Clean more frequently if your collar necklace is exposed to hair products, perfume, or lotion.

  • Can I wear a collar necklace during strenuous exercise?

    Avoid wearing your collar necklace for high-impact exercise or sports where it could easily get damaged. Remove chains and pendants before activities with a lot of movement.

  • Is it okay to layer a collar necklace with other necklaces?

    Yes, you can layer dainty chains inside or outside a choker or bib collar for additional embellishment. But limit additional pendants which may crowd the look.

  • How can I make a bold collar necklace work for the daytime?

    Opt for a simple polished metal or leather choker with jeans and a tee to tone down the drama. Skip big bibs and ornate multi-strands for the day.

  • What type of top is best with a collar necklace?

    Collars look amazing with strapless, off-the-shoulder, halter, and boatneck tops. Avoid busy prints and ruffles that compete. Stick with solid colors or simple stripes.

  • Should I buy a real precious metal collar or a costume version?

    This depends on your budget and how often you’ll wear it. For investment pieces, splurge on platinum, gold, or silver. If it’s an occasional statement, opt for a fashion collar necklace at a lower price point.


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