12 Unique Nameplate Necklaces For Women

12 Unique Nameplate Necklaces For Women.

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Choosing Your Name or Word for the Necklace

When selecting the name or word for your nameplate necklace, consider choosing your first name, nickname, or a meaningful word like “love”, “hope”, or “dream”. Opt for something relatively short and impactful. Very long names or words can be tricky to fit on a nameplate.

Double Plated Name Necklace in 18K Gold Vermeil

Check out this Double Plated Name Necklace in 18K Gold Vermeil here.

Nameplate necklaces come in a variety of styles to suit different tastes:

  • Dainty, minimalist nameplates on delicate chains create an understated, elegant look.
  • Larger, bolder nameplates on chunkier chains or chokers make more of a statement.
  • Add birthstones, crystals, or charms around the nameplate to further customize.
Simple nameplate necklace in gold, sterling silver, and 14K gold

Check out this simple nameplate necklace in gold, sterling silver, and 14K gold here.

DaintyCustomize by adding birthstones, crystals, or charms around the nameplate.
BoldA larger nameplate on the chunky chain as a statement piece.
CharmsCustomize by adding birthstones, crystals, or charms around the nameplate.

Metals and Materials

Pick a metal and material to complement your jewelry style:

Sterling silver custom nameplate necklace

Check out this Sterling silver custom nameplate necklace here.

  • Sterling silver, gold, or rose gold are classic choices with an elegant, luxurious look.
  • Stainless steel or brass offers a more affordable option that is still durable.
  • Alternative materials like wood, acrylic, bone, and leather make unique nameplate pendants.

Font and Text Options

The lettering on your nameplate is another area for personalization:

Personalized Script Nameplate Necklace

Check out this Personalized Script Nameplate Necklace here.

  • The script, block, or cursive fonts reflect different aesthetics.
  • Two-toned nameplates provide visual interest with one color for the name and another for the background.
  • Add symbols like hearts, crowns, stars, or infinity signs alongside the name or word for extra meaning.

Ways to Wear and Layer Your Necklace

Explore different ways to style your nameplate:

Custom Pearl Necklace With Name

Check out this Custom Pearl Necklace With the Name here.

  • Wear it solo to keep the nameplate as the focal point.
  • Layer with dainty chains, chokers, or pendants for added dimension.
  • Try choker, princess, or long lengths to adjust the length for different looks.
  • Stack with multiple nameplates or initial necklaces together on longer chains.

Customization and Personalization

Make it uniquely yours by customizing:

Nameplate necklace in 14k gold, gold plated and sterling silver

Check out this customizable Nameplate necklace in 14k gold, gold plated, and sterling silver here.

  • Order a nameplate with your specific name spelling and preferences.
  • Choose birthstone colors or request engraved designs.
  • Change the metal type – go for silver, gold, or rose gold.
  • Opt for initials rather than full names for a subtle take.

Cleaning and Caring for Your Nameplate

Keep your necklace looking its best:

  • Use designated polishing cloths or jewelry cleaners to maintain shine and luster.
  • Take care to avoid contact with chemicals in hair and skin products which can cause damage.
  • Store in a fabric-lined box or pouch when not wearing to prevent scratches.

Gifting a Nameplate Necklace

A personalized nameplate makes a thoughtful, meaningful gift:

Other People's Property Nameplate Necklace in 14K gold

Check out this Other People’s Property Nameplate Necklace in 14K gold here.

  • Gift for a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or holiday like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.
  • Include a handwritten note explaining why you chose their name or the word.
  • Pick a delicate necklace for a girlfriend or a bold choker for a daughter.

Choosing Retailers and Designers

Find nameplate necklace options from:

Tiniest nameplate necklace from Catbird NYC

Check out this Tiniest nameplate necklace from Catbird NYC here.

  • Jewelry designers that specialize in customized nameplates and initial jewelry.
  • Etsy sellers offer many handmade, customizable nameplate necklaces.
  • Well-known retailers like Mejuri, Catbird, Madewell, and Angelfish also have varieties.

Adding Your Birthstone

Consider using your birthstone in the nameplate design:

Birthstone Name Necklace 18K gold

Check out this Birthstone Name Necklace in 18K gold plated here.

  • Arrange birthstones around the nameplate to descend the pendant.
  • Use your birthstone as the background color for the nameplate.
  • Add a single birthstone charm or crystal near the nameplate.
  • Spell out a name with individual birthstones for each letter.

Nameplate Necklaces for Every Style

With so many options, you can find a nameplate to match your aesthetic:

925 silver or 14K gold nameplate necklace

Check out this 925 silver or 14K gold nameplate necklace here.

  • Boho chic: Try a nature-inspired nameplate with leaf or feather accents.
  • Minimalist: Opt for a thin, delicate gold or silver necklace with a small nameplate.
  • Dainty feminine: Add birthstone crystals or freshwater pearls around the name.
  • Edgy: Go for an all-metal choker nameplate in black, gold, or silver.
  • Sporty: Consider a durable silicone nameplate, great for active lifestyles.

How to Measure Necklace Length

Determine what necklace length you prefer:

  • Choker: 14-16 inches – sits high on neck.
  • Princess: 17-19 inches – hits middle of neck.
  • Matinee: 20-24 inches – falls above cleavage.
  • Opera: 28-36 inches – sits just above belly button.
  • Try different lengths to see what flatters your neckline best.

Caring Tips for Different Nameplate Materials

Follow material-specific care instructions:

  • Sterling silver: Use a polishing piece of cloth, and store in an anti-tarnish pouch. Avoid water.
  • Gold: Gentle jewelry cleaner, soft brush. Avoid chlorine and salt water.
  • Rose gold: Jewelry cleaner, stored in pouch. Re-dip occasionally to restore color.
  • Silicone: Wash with mild soap and water. Allow to fully dry.
  • Acrylic: Use a microfiber cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals.

Styling Your Nameplate Necklace

Incorporate your nameplate necklace into any outfit:

Double plated classic nameplate necklace

Check out this Double-plated classic nameplate necklace here.

  • With casual looks like jeans and a tee, let the necklace make a style statement.
  • For work outfits like blazers or sheath dresses, choose a delicate, minimalist nameplate.
  • Pair with cocktail attire – a bold-name choker can perfectly accessorize an LBD.
  • For vacation and resort wear, opt for a lightweight silicone or acrylic nameplate.

Nameplate necklaces can integrate special accents:

Nameplate necklace with Swarovski

Check out this Nameplate necklace with Swarovski here.

  • Swarovski crystals outline the nameplate or form the background.
  • Pearls intersperse between letters or border the pendant.
  • Paired with your zodiac sign or constellation pendant.
  • Heart or star charms beside the nameplate.
  • Delicate chains in yellow, white, or rose gold metal.

Meaningful Words Besides Your Name

Beyond your first name, consider other meaningful words:

Zodiac nameplate necklace

Check out this Zodiac nameplate necklace here.

  • Pet names – “Moose”, “Ollie” or “Goose”
  • Titles – “Mom”, “Auntie”, “Sister”
  • Virtues – “Love”, “Hope”, “Strength”
  • Hobbies – “Create”, “Dance”, “Travel”
  • Phrases – “Carpe Diem”, “She Believed She Could So She Did”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the most popular metal for nameplate necklaces?

    Sterling silver, gold, and rose gold are the most popular. Gold provides a luxurious look. Sterling silver is affordable and versatile. Rose gold makes a romantic, feminine statement.

  • What length of chain is best?

    Most nameplate necklaces range from 16 to 20 inches in princess or matinee lengths. Choose based on your neckline and preferred look. Shorter choker styles make a bold statement while longer princess lengths are more understated.

  • What if my name doesn’t fit on a standard nameplate?

    Custom nameplate designers can often accommodate longer names by adjusting the shape and size of the nameplate. For very long names, opt for a pendant with your first initial instead of your full name.

  • How do you clean a nameplate necklace?

    Use a soft polishing cloth or jewelry cleaner designated for the metal type. Sterling silver needs anti-tarnish storage. Gold should not be exposed to chlorine. Rose gold may need re-dipping over time.

  • Can nameplate necklaces be engraved?

    Many nameplate necklaces can be custom engraved on the back or side with initials, dates, symbols, or short words to add a personal touch. This usually costs extra from jewelry designers.

  • What makes a good nameplate necklace gift?

    A personalized nameplate with the recipient’s name or initials makes a thoughtful, meaningful gift. Include a sweet handwritten note explaining your gift choice. Select a delicate design suited to the person’s style.


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