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12 Epic Cuff Bracelets for Men. Elevate Your Style

Cuff bracelets for men are a timeless accessory that adds flair to any man’s wardrobe. From bold metal cuffs to simple leather bands, they come in many styles that complement casual and formal attire.

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Benefits of Wearing Cuff Bracelets for Men

Cuff bracelets offer several advantages that make them a versatile accessory for men:

  • Add subtle flair and personality – Cuffs allow men to add interest to their wrists without being overly flashy. They lend a quiet, stylish touch.
  • Finish off a dressy look – Pairing metal or fabric cuff bracelets with a suit or tuxedo can elegantly polish off a formal ensemble.
  • Showcase personal style – From rugged leather to polished metal, cuff bracelets display personal taste and style.
  • Various materials – Cuffs come in metal, leather, and fabric, allowing men to choose options that express their personality.

There are many styles and materials to consider when choosing a cuff bracelet:


Pyramid Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver

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  • Silver – Sterling silver cuffs have a classic, timeless look. They work with both casual everyday wear and formal occasions.
  • Gold – Gold cuffs exude luxury. Yellow gold is brilliant and eye-catching, while white gold is more understated.
  • Stainless steel – For a modern, rugged vibe, stainless steel cuffs are durable, affordable, and heavier.
  • Finishes – Metals come in shiny, polished, and popular brushed finishes for a more muted look.


Black leather bracelet with stainless steel snake

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  • Rugged look – Leather cuff bracelets have a casual, rugged vibe that is perfect for everyday wear. They develop a patina over time.
  • Studs/embellishments – Many leather cuffs incorporate metal studs or embellishments for added interest and texture.
  • Variety – Leather cuffs can be made of materials like deer, elk, cow, buffalo, or snakeskin.


Blue denim cuff bracelet

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  • Patterns – Fabric cuffs allow for varied patterns and designs like florals, paisleys, and geometrics.
  • Solids – Silk cuffs in solids like black, navy, or brown add subtle interest to formal wear.
  • Texture – Fabrics like linen, cotton, wool, velvet, and corduroy provide diverse textures.

Wearing and Pairing Cuff Bracelets For Men

Stacking Multiple Cuffs

  • Stack 2-3 cuffs on one wrist to make a bolder statement. Mix metals, leathers, and fabrics for eclectic styling.
  • Pair thin and wide cuffs together – a narrow metal cuff alongside a wide leather one.
  • Stick to the same metal color family when stacking multiple metal cuffs.

Pairing with a Watch

  • Leather cuffs beautifully pair with metal watches. Match the look and cuff metals.
  • Cuffs worn on the opposite wrist than your watch keep the accessories balanced.
  • Metal cuffs coordinate well with metal watches for a more elegant look.

Matching Metals and Leathers

  • Match metals in cuffs to other accessories like rings, eyeglass frames, and watch bands for a coordinated finish.
  • Pair leather cuffs with other leather accents like belts or boots to pull the look together.

Cuffs with Long or Short Sleeves

  • Cuff bracelets for men work equally well with long-sleeved shirts and coats or short sleeves.
  • Adjust the fit to allow sleeves to slide over bracelets comfortably.
  • Cuffs worn with rolled-up sleeves put the accessorizing on display.
  • For formal long-sleeve shirts, keep cuffs low-profile underneath.

One or Both Wrists

  • Stacking multiple cuffs on one wrist makes more of a statement.
  • Wearing a single cuff on the non-dominant wrist provides balance.
  • A dual cuff look on both wrists can polish off a suit for formal occasions.

Cuff Bracelets For Men Care and Maintenance

Cuff bracelets for men do require some care and upkeep. Here are tips for keeping them looking their best:

Metal Cuff Maintenance

  • Regularly polish with a jewelry polishing cloth for shiny metal cuffs to maintain luster.
  • Clean tarnished silver cuffs with a silver jewelry cleaning solution.
  • Use a jewelry cleaner formulated for gold on gold cuff bracelets when needed.
  • Stick to warm water, mild soap, and a soft cloth to clean stainless steel cuffs.

Caring for Leather Cuffs

  • Apply waterproofing spray frequently to protect leather from sweat, water, and grime.
  • Clean leather cuffs with a leather cleaner or saddle soap and soft cloth.
  • Condition periodically with a leather conditioner to prevent drying out.

Fabric Cuff Care

  • Follow fabric washing instructions. Many can be gently hand-washed and laid flat to dry.
  • Use fabric-safe jewelry cleaner or a mild detergent for stains. Spot clean only.
  • Store fabric cuffs in a dry place, not touching other metals or fabrics.

Adjustable Size

  • Look for cuffs with adjustable sizes or links to customize for comfort.
  • Proper fit will prevent abrasion on the wrist when wearing cuffs.

Proper Storage

  • Keep cuffs in a fabric-lined jewelry box separated from other items to prevent scratching.
  • Consider a safe deposit box or locked fireproof cabinet for expensive keepsake cuffs.

Styling Cuff Bracelets for Different Occasions

Bold Metal Cuffs for Casual Wear

Wide silver, gold, or stainless steel cuffs dress up casual looks like jeans and t-shirts. Stack multiple or accent with leather cord bracelets.

Leather and Metal Pairings for Nice Dinners Out

Match metal watches and simple metal cuffs with rugged leather accents when dressing up for dinners out or low-key events.

Fabrics and Leathers for the Office

Fabric cuffs in solids or subtle patterns pair with sport coats and dress shirts. Leather cuffs also work with business casual office attire.

Black Tie Formal

Thin polished metal cuffs in gold, silver, or platinum subtly accent black tie tuxes and formal wear. Skip leather and fabrics.

All Black Everything

Add black metal, leather, or fabric cuffs to any monotone black suit to add texture and intrigue.

Top Cuff Bracelets For Men Picks

Here are my top cuff bracelet recommendations in various styles and materials:


Screw Cuff
Sterling Silver
Signature Yurman black titanium cuff bracelet
Juste un Clou bracelet, classic, 18K yellow gold
Miansai Screw CuffUnderstated polished sterling silver with screw details
David Yurman black titanium cuff braceletSignature Yurman black titanium cuff bracelet
Cartier Juste un ClouIconic nail cuff design in white or pink gold


Whiskey brown cuff leather bracelet
Multi-Strand Silver-Tone Steel and Brown Leather Bracelet
Black Leather With Silver Skull Cuff Bracelet
Whiskey Leather Cuff BraceletWhiskey brown cuff leather bracelet
Fossil Steel Leather Cuff BraceletSimple brown leather with stainless hardware
Black Leather With Silver Skull Cuff BraceletBlack Leather With Silver Skull Cuff Bacelet


Fabric Cuff Bracelet
Iconic Alexander McQueen logo, woven bracelet
Fabric Cuff BraceletFabric Cuff Bracelet
Jean Cool BraceletJean cool bracelet
Alexander McQueen BraceletIconic Alexander McQueen logo, woven bracelet

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are cuff bracelets for style now?

    Yes, cuff bracelets for men are very on trend right now for men’s jewelry and accessories. Their versatility to work with casual to formal wear makes them a timeless option.

  • Should the cuff bracelet be tight or loose?

    The fit is a personal preference, but cuff bracelets generally look best with a snug fit. For wider cuffs, ensure it’s not too tight to be uncomfortable on the wrist. Leather cuffs may loosen up over time.

  • How do you measure for a cuff bracelet?

    Use a fabric tape measure to measure the circumference of your wrist where you want the cuff to sit. Add about 1/2 an inch if you want a looser fit or for leather to allow stretching.

  • Which wrist should you wear a cuff bracelet on?

    There are no set rules – wear your cuff on the right, left, or both wrists. Most people wear a cuff on their non-dominant hand. Stacking multiple cuffs is popular on one wrist.

  • Should the cuff face up or down the wrist?

    Facing the opening down the wrist is the most common way to wear cuffs. An open hinge or detail facing up may also be designed to be worn that way. Feel free to style either direction.

  • Can you wear cuff bracelets for men with a watch?

    Yes, you can wear a cuff with a watch. Wear the watch on one wrist and the cuff on the other. Or layer them on the same wrist, being careful not to scratch your watch.

  • Are cuff bracelets for men appropriate for the office?

    Cuff bracelets are generally acceptable for business casual office environments. Opt for subtle colors and textures, and avoid very wide cuffs. Save your heavy metal cuffs for the weekends.

  • What’s the best way to store cuff bracelets for men?

    Keep cuffs safely stored in a fabric-lined jewelry box or soft jewelry pouches. Proper storage prevents scratches and tangling.


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