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A promise ring represents loyalty, friendship, faithfulness, and a pledge to be together in the future. It signifies devotion between two people and the promise of a future engagement. While less formal than an engagement ring, a promise ring is still a special piece of jewelry.

What is a Promise Ring?

A promise ring is a ring that is gifted from one person to another as a token of commitment and loyalty. It often represents the following types of promises:

  • A pre-engagement promise to be committed to the relationship and get engaged in the future
  • A promise of fidelity and loyalty
  • Friendship commitment
  • A gift to oneself as a reminder of a promise made to oneself

Promise rings are worn on the left finger, like engagement and wedding rings. They look similar to engagement rings, though usually more modest in style and price. The meaning behind a promise ring makes it a cherished piece of jewelry, regardless of its monetary value.

Pink Sparkling Crown Solitaire Ring

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Promise rings are sometimes exchanged by couples who want to show their devotion before engagement. It signifies a big step forward in the relationship. Couples who exchange promise rings are pledging to remain faithful and build a lasting relationship.

Reasons to Give a Promise Ring

There are many reasons someone may give their partner a promise ring. Some of the most common occasions include:

Showing Romantic Commitment Before Engagement

Diamond Heart Frame Promise Ring in 10K Rose Gold

Check out this Diamond Heart Frame Promise Ring in 10K Rose Gold here.

Many couples pick out promise rings to represent their commitment to the relationship, though they aren’t quite ready for engagement. It shows they are serious about staying together and see marriage in the future. A promise ring is a beautiful way to solidify feelings of love before formally getting engaged.

Symbolizing a Promise of Fidelity

Heart Cut Gemstone Promise Ring

Check out this Heart Cut Gemstone Promise Ring here.

Exchanging promise rings can represent a pledge of fidelity to each other. For couples who have chosen to wait until marriage for intimacy, a promise ring solidifies that commitment. It shows devotion and loyalty as a couple even before the wedding.

Marking a Relationship Milestone

Tiffany T diamond ring

Check this Tiffany T diamond ring here if money isn’t an issue.

Celebrating big milestones is a common reason to exchange promise rings. Milestones might include graduating college together, celebrating an anniversary, or moving in together. The ring commemorates the shared milestone.

Reminder of Friendship

18ct White Gold Rainbow Sapphire Ring

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Promise rings represent friendship commitment in addition to romantic love. Friends may exchange promise rings as a sign of lifelong friendship. The ring becomes a reminder of the unbreakable bond.

Gift to Oneself

10ct white gold promise ring with diamonds.

Check out this 10ct white gold promise ring with diamonds here.

Some people wear a promise ring as a gift to themselves. It reminds them of a promise they made to themselves – like staying drug-free, practicing self-care, or maintaining new healthy habits. Whenever they glance at the ring, it reinforces their commitment.

How to Select a Promise Ring

Picking out the perfect promise ring requires considering your partner’s style. Here are some tips on choosing a ring she’ll love:

Match Her Current Jewelry Style

Gold Tone Heart Design Sterling Silver Promise Ring

Check out this Gold Tone Heart Design Sterling Silver Promise Ring here.

Pay attention to the jewelry she wears to select a ring to her taste. Note the types of metals and stones she prefers. Does she wear mostly yellow gold or silver? Does she seem to prefer simple classic styles or flashy sparkling gems? Take her lead to choose a ring that fits her style.

Pick The Right Metal

Promise rings come in the same metals as other jewelry. The most popular metals are:

  • Sterling silver – A durable and affordable metal. Best for those with cool skin undertones.
  • Yellow gold – A warm, bright metal that suits warm skin tones. More expensive.
  • Rose gold – Has a romantic pink hue. Complements most skin tones.
  • Platinum – The most expensive, durable metal. Usually paired with diamonds.

Ideally, the metal should match the rest of her jewelry so it coordinates. Sterling silver or gold is a safe bet.

Add Birthstones or Diamonds

Black and White Diamond Promise Ring in Sterling Silver

Check out this Black and White Diamond Promise Ring in Sterling Silver here.

Adding birthstones, diamonds, or other gems personalizes the ring’s style. Her birthstone is symbolic. Alternating birthstones represent your partnership. Diamonds make the ring more luxe and engagement-like. Choose a style that reflects her taste – understated or embellished with stones.

Meaningful Engravings

Custom 2 Heart Birthstone Gold Infinity Ring

Check out this Custom 2 Heart Birthstone Gold Infinity Ring here.

Engraving the inside of the band makes it extra special. Engrave initials, names, dates, a meaningful phrase, or lyrics. This personalizes the meaning of the ring just for the two of you.

Find The Right Size

Make sure you buy the right ring size by checking her jewelry. If need be, sneakily borrow one of her rings to trace the inner circle on paper. You can always get it resized later, but starting with the right size will make gifting easier.

Ideas for Gifting Promise Rings

A promise ring gifted thoughtfully makes the meaning that much more powerful. Here are ideas to make it memorable:

Romantic Dinners

Present it over a romantic candlelit dinner. This gives you an intimate moment to explain the meaning behind the ring and your commitment to the relationship. Make your promise for the future together.

Scavenger Hunt Surprise

Paisley Sapphire Knot Ring in Sterling Silver

Check out this Paisley Sapphire Knot Ring in Sterling Silver here.

For an exciting surprise, send her on a scavenger hunt first. Hide clues leading up to finding the ring box at the end. When she discovers the ring, you can get down on one knee for your heartfelt promise.

Significant Locations

14ct Gold Plated Sterling Silver Diamond Cross Over Ring with 7 Diamonds

Check out this 14ct Gold Plated Sterling Silver Diamond Cross Over Ring with 7 Diamonds here.

Pick a location with meaning, like where you first met, had your first date, or shared your first kiss. Recreate the moment there when you give her the ring. The location amplifies the significance.

Anniversary Gift

9ct Yellow Gold Solitaire Ring with X Design

Check out this 9ct Yellow Gold Solitaire Ring with an X Design here.

Mark a major anniversary by exchanging promise rings. Your anniversary already holds meaning, so making it extra special with promise rings telegraphs your commitment to the future.

Exchange Promise Vows

9ct Yellow Gold, White Gold & Rose Gold Diamond 3 Ring Set

Check out this 9ct Yellow Gold, White Gold & Rose Gold Diamond 3 Ring Set here.

Take turns sharing spoken promises as you exchange rings. This might include pledges of fidelity, caring for each other when sick, supporting each other’s dreams, etc. Your meaningful words will live on in the rings.


While not an engagement ring, a promise ring holds special meaning between couples in love. It represents plans, lifelong commitment, and the promise of the next stage – engagement and marriage. It’s a symbolic way to solidify devotion and show the sincerity of the relationship.

The meaning imbued into the ring makes it far more valuable than the price tag. Whether simple or embellished, a promise ring is a keepsake to be treasured. When glanced upon each day, it serves as a reminder of the promise shared by two hearts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Promise Rings

What finger do you wear a promise ring on?

Just like engagement and wedding rings, promise rings are worn on the left ring finger. This symbolically connects it to the heart. Wearing it on the left ring finger demonstrates that love is connected to the promise.

Who buys a promise ring, the man or woman?

There aren’t hard rules about who buys a promise ring. The gift can come from either partner. Some couples even exchange promise rings together, picking them out for each other. Traditionally, the man gives it to the woman – but traditions have changed.

How much should you spend on a promise ring?

A promise ring doesn’t need to be hugely expensive, though it should still be a thoughtful gift. People often spend around $100 to $500 on a nice, modestly-sized promise ring. The sentimental value is more important than the cost. However, spend within your budget – don’t go into debt for it.

When should you give someone a promise ring?

There’s no set timeline, but promise rings are often exchanged once a relationship gets serious – after dating for over 6 months when you know you want a future together. Couples usually give them when they feel ready to make a solid commitment, but aren’t quite ready to be engaged.

Do promise rings and purity rings mean the same thing?

No, they have different meanings. Purity rings symbolize a vow of abstinence until marriage. Promise rings represent a future commitment to the relationship and fidelity – but do not necessarily indicate a purity pledge.

Is a promise ring the same as a pre-engagement ring?

Yes, promise rings are considered pre-engagement rings because they show an intention to get married down the road. Couples give them when they feel they will be engaged in the next 1-3 years but aren’t quite ready.

What if your partner says no to a promise ring?

If your partner declines the promise ring because they aren’t ready for that level of commitment, don’t take it as a rejection. Have an open conversation about where you both see the relationship going. It may be too early, or you may discover you aren’t on the same page, which allows aligning.

What is the purpose of a promise ring?

The purposes include:
1. Symbolizing commitment before engagement.
2. Marking relationship milestones.
3. Showing romantic fidelity.
4. Commemorating lifelong friendships.
5. Reminding oneself of personal promises.
The common thread is making meaningful promises and symbolically remembering them.

Can you wear your promise ring once engaged or married?

There are no rules against wearing a promise ring on your right hand after getting engaged or married. You may want to keep it on as a reminder of your relationship journey. Some stack it with the engagement and wedding ring.


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