Matching Jewelry with Your Wardrobe

Matching Jewelry with Your Wardrobe: Best Guide for 2024

Elevate your fashion game! Explore our style guide on matching jewelry with your wardrobe for a flawless and trendy look. Discover the perfect combinations now!

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Fashion may be subjective, but it is part of our lives. People often put on clothes without fully realizing that we are all partaking in this massive industry in one way or another – whether we care what we put on our backs or not. 

What we wear can sometimes be a representation of who we are. It can show others our beliefs, attitudes, and values. From cultural attire to wearing clothes attached to societal sub-cultures, it is a subtle and sometimes non-intentional expression of ourselves.

Clothes and fashion are so powerful that they can help influence moods, and it helps boost confidence. It is how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us.  They also play a significant role in helping us understand ourselves better and experience life how we want to.

Taking inspiration for your wardrobe

Choosing what you want to wear can be simply going to the mall and picking out clothes that you like, but sometimes you want to cultivate what you wear. If you are looking for inspiration for your outfits there are a few places you can turn your attention to.

  • Runway Shows: While these feature high-end couture, they can be a source of inspiration. You can pick out similar-looking pieces to replicate a look or aura an outfit gives off.
  • Fashion Blogs: This a space where you can find out what’s hot and at the moment. It can greatly inspire your next purchases. Social media sites have pages dedicated to fashion, and it’s easier to find specific pieces thanks to direct tagging features on these sites. 
  • Subcultures: If you are part of a societal sub-culture, especially in alternative scenes, you can take inspiration from the music and aesthetics displayed by others in the same scene as you. This includes styles like punk, emo, cottagecore, coquette, gyaru, and harijuku to name a few.

Clothes vs styling

Clothes vs styling

Having fashionable clothes is one thing, but how you put together an outfit and accessorize it makes it stylish. 

The best thing about style is that you can take any statement piece and heighten it by styling it in different ways. For example, a simple midi skirt can be transformed by adding a petticoat underneath, the same skirt can give off an entirely different effect by adding a waist-cinching belt. 

Clothes and accessories can be considered the canvas and paint waiting to be made into art. 

Looking at your daily fashion choices

Your day-to-day fashion is the base of who you are, this shows who you are at your most comfortable state. It is also a reflection of who you are and how you may be feeling on a particular day.

Finding your style

If you are looking for something uniquely you, pick out clothes that you like. Find inspiration in fashion blogs and boards and incorporate it into your daily wear. This is the chance you get to experiment with new ideas find who you truly are and express it outwardly.

Fashion trend

Check out the latest fashion trends for 2024

There is always something new and trendy in fashion blogs to look out for. Each season brings in a wave of new clothes that have taken center stage or clothes that are making a resurgence from some time back period. For example, in the last year, we saw an increase in clothes that are reminiscent of clothes that were prominent in the early 2000s. Y2K fashion has come back in a big way with low-rise jeans and strappy crop tops. 


Self-expression is about wearing clothes that help you identify yourself, or clothes that align with your true self. This ties in with aspects such as gender identity and being a part of fashion sub-cultures. 

Self-expression does not stop at clothes and accessories, it also includes wearing varying degrees of makeup and feeling comfortable in your skin and what you wear despite how others perceive you. 

How to approach matching jewelry with your wardrobe

One thing about jewelry is that there are so many different kinds that you can match up with your outfit.

You have a choice between wearing gold, silver, rose gold, black, or a range of costume jewelry and statement pieces that you can wear with your outfits. 

• If you opt for a minimalist approach, this means wearing fewer pieces of jewelry to draw more attention to the outfit.

• Then there is finding a middle ground, where you wear jewelry to compliment the outfit.

• Sometimes you can wear specific pieces of jewelry that form an integral part of your outfit as a whole.  

Including piercings in your jewelry lineup

Including piercings in your jewelry lineup

Piercings are a great way to express yourself and can add a lot to the outfit that you are wearing. Earrings come in all shapes and forms, so they are the best option when you want to spruce up an outfit. Bellybutton piercings are a cute eye-catching addition if you are partial to crop tops or showing your midriff.

If you don’t feel comfortable with piercings, there are clip-on varieties that can fit on your nose, lips, and ears. Some stickers look like small studs resembling piercings.

What to wear for occasions

Other than day-to-day, we change what we wear for special occasions. This includes family events, social outings, or dressing up for work. We sometimes have to put on personas that don’t always align with who we are, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add touches to your style when you dress for an occasion. 

Corporate Goth style

Sometimes, due to the need to appear professional, we won’t wear the same type of clothes that we use in our personal day-to-day lives. This is to be perceived professionally and is not always a representation of our true selves. But you can add sprinkles of your style to your work outfits while still being professional. There is an increase in blogs showing how to incorporate fashion sub-culture styles into professional settings – like corporate Goth, or wearing subtle jewelry that alludes to your style. 


When there is a special occasion you want to display the best version of yourself to the world. In essence, you need to portray yourself in a certain light – this includes dressing in a sophisticated manner or wearing cultural attire. As you can with workwear, you can include your style in the form of jewelry and subtle pieces of clothing. 

Jewelry for occasions

Fashion Accessories for WomenFashion Accessories for Men
Bracelets for WomenBracelets for Men
Rings for WomenRings for Men
Necklaces for WomenNecklaces for Men
Earrings for WomenEarrings for Men

For work settings, people opt for subtle jewelry pieces, while for occasions you have a little more freedom. Events and parties are where you can let your personal jewelry options shine, from costume jewelry to statement pieces that will help elevate your outfit – pearls, precious stones, intricate neck pieces, and cuffs can be worn to achieve this. 

Piercing jewelry for occasions

When it comes to piercings, people aim to tone it down in work settings by wearing studs or non-descript hoops. For events, you can amp it a bit, and wear bolder jewelry on your piercings. An intricate septum ring or a chain nose ring can draw attention to your face like larger earring pieces. It gives you the room to play with your options a bit more. 

Getting your wardrobe

We know your aesthetic can be reflected in what you wear, but getting the clothes is the next step.

High-end clothing

fashion designers

These are expensive pieces of clothing that you need to invest in. Go for staple pieces that can be worn and styled in different ways. It will last longer and styling will help keep it in fashion for a longer time. Check out our articles about the famous fashion designers here.

Fast Fashion

A frowned-upon way of consuming clothing. These are mass-produced and are of poor quality. A lot of controversy also follows how these clothes are made and distributed. Read more about fast fashion in our complete article here.

Independent creators

Fashion show

Sustainable fashion is the best way to help the environment and be trendy. Please read our full article here.

Social media has a host of up-and-coming designers who create pieces that are customized to the buyer’s specifications. This way you can get a stylish piece that is unique to you. Check out 9 Independent fashion designers here.


This is a great way of getting designer and unique items without spending a lot of money. People donate their old clothes to these stores, if you have an eye for fashion, you can pick up something, upcycle it, and create something brand new and unique. Read more on this full guide about thrifting.

Bottom Line

Fashion and clothing is a great way for people to express themselves. It doesn’t matter if you prefer wearing clothes that are trendy, cultural, or part of a fashion sub-culture that you ascribe to – you can elevate your entire outfit by adding pieces of jewelry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to follow trends?

    No, you don’t, but they are a great way to get inspiration to cultivate your looks. Fashion and style are subjective and should be a reflection of yourself. Remember that your comfort in what you wear is extremely important. 

  • What should I do if I like a piece of clothing that doesn’t flatter me?

    Not everything will look good on everyone, and that is okay. You can have your garments tailored to your body type, or look at something flattering to your appearance. You will be surprised and end up liking something you didn’t anticipate. 

  • Planning on a piercing, what do I need to know

    Do a lot of research on the piercing you want, as there are so many different options. Look up healing time and aftercare so that your piercing won’t reject or get infected. Once it heals, you can wear different jewelry to match your outfits. 

  • Costume jewelry vs fine jewelry: Which is better?

    It ultimately comes down to preference, however, if you plan on getting jewelry made from real gold, silver, or platinum, remember that it is expensive and you need to think about your budget. There are plenty of plated jewelry that serve the same purpose and are elaborate in designs. You will have more options. Thrifting is also a good idea – you might be able to find designer costume jewelry at reasonable prices

  • What are some ethical ways to be fashionable?

    The fast fashion industry is frowned upon due to concerns about how the clothes are manufactured. If you want to be fashionable and ethical at the same time, there are three main options for you – create your clothes, thrift, shop local, and invest in staple pieces to style them in many different ways. 


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