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8 Bold Beaded Bracelets for Men You Need Now

Beaded bracelets for men have long been a fashion accessory typically associated with women, but they can also be a great addition to a man’s wardrobe. Let’s explore some beaded bracelet options for men and how to style them.

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Benefits of Beaded Bracelets for Men

There are several advantages to beaded bracelets for men:

  • Add visual interest and personality to an outfit – Beaded bracelets in various colors, textures, and designs can be a subtle way to accessorize and show off your flair.
  • Variety of styles fit different aesthetics – From surf culture to bohemian to punk rocker, beaded bracelets come in styles that align with different fashions and lifestyles.
  • More subtle than some other types of jewelry – For men who prefer understated accessories, beaded bracelets are lower profile than chains, watches, or rings.
  • Often have special meaning or symbolism – Some bead styles represent causes or have religious/cultural significance. Wearing these can express what’s important to you.

Types of Beads and Materials

Beaded bracelets for men utilize various types of beads and materials:

  • Wood beads and other natural materials like seeds or stones give an earthy, organic look.
wood and turquoise bracelet for men
  • Gemstone beads like turquoise, tiger’s eye, and lapis provide striking color and shine.
Double bead Tiger eye bracelet

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  • Glass seed beads work well for more intricate or bohemian-inspired designs.
Millefiori bracelet in onyx with murano glass beads

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  • Leather and metal beads or accents add eye-catching texture.
Fossil Men's Stainless Steel Black Onyx Beaded Bracelet

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Bead MaterialCharacteristics
WoodEarthy, natural
GemstonesColorful, shiny
GlassIntricate, Bohemian

Styling Tips for Men

Here are some tips for stylishly incorporating beaded bracelets for men into the wardrobe:

  • Layer with other bracelets or accessories for a casual, eclectic look. Mixing leather, metal, and beaded bracelets makes for interesting stacked bands.
  • A pop of color against an otherwise neutral outfit adds subtle, eye-catching detail.
  • Match metals and leathers for a coordinated look. Wear silver-hued beads with a silver watch, for example.
  • Size proportionate to wrist – Avoid anything too bulky or dangling. Opt for bracelets that fit smoothly against the wrist.

Beaded Bracelet For Men Styling Dos:

  • Do layer with leather and metal bracelets
  • Do choose bracelets that fit properly
  • Do coordinate colors and metals

Beaded Bracelets For Men Styling Don’ts:

  • Don’t wear beads that are too large or dangly
  • Don’t overwhelm with too many bracelets
  • Don’t forget to adjust the fit if needed
Engraved Men’s Black Leather and Bead Bracelet

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Where to Buy Beaded Bracelets for Men

You can find quality beaded bracelets for men from several sources:

  • Handmade options on Etsy – Many crafters and jewelry makers offer unique designs using attractive beads and materials. Provides the most variety.
  • Big box stores may have a small selection – Places like Target or Zumiez carry a few men’s beaded bracelet options. These make good starters or inexpensive picks.
  • Boutiques or jewelry stores – Check independent shops and jewelers for higher-end and unique beaded bracelets—the ability to see quality and artistry in person.
Where to BuyProsCons
Etsy– One-of-a-kind designs
– Large selection
– Have to sort through many listings
– Shipping delays possible
Big box stores– Convenient
– Inexpensive
– Very limited selection
Boutiques/jewelry stores– Unique options
– See quality in person
– Can be pricey

Style Inspiration: Ways to Wear

For inspiration on how to incorporate beaded bracelets into men’s fashions, here are a few examples of stylish looks:

Surfer Vibe

Shel beaded bracelet for men

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  • Wood or shell bracelets paired with bead anklets
  • Worn with tank or rashguard and boardshorts
  • Natural tones like tan, brown, and white

Boho Chic

Boho stack beaded bracelet

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  • Stacked leather and colored bead bracelets
  • Accent to simple T-shirt and jeans
  • Beads in contrasting hues

Punk Rocker

Multi wrap leather beaded bracelet

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  • Leather cuff bracelet with metal bead accents
  • Paired with a band tee and black jeans
  • Silvers, blacks, darker tones

How to Care for Your Beaded Bracelets

  • Avoid water exposure – Take off bracelets before swimming, showering, etc., to prevent warping or fading.
  • Store carefully – Keep bracelets in a jewelry box, pouch, or other protected space when not wearing.
  • Clean periodically – Wipe down with a microfiber cloth to remove dirt and oils. Use mild soap and water if needed.
  • Check for damage – Ensure the beads are secure and the wires/clasps are intact. Go to a jeweler for repairs.


While beaded bracelets for men are not yet mainstream, they can be a great way to accessorize and show off personal style. The variety of bead styles and materials means you can find an option that works for your aesthetic. When in doubt, start with subtle colors and materials to ease into the look. Let beaded bracelets be an opportunity to add flair and meaning to your outfits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are beaded bracelets just for women?

    While beaded bracelets are often associated with women’s fashion, they only work for men’s looks. Many styles and colors are pretty versatile for any gender.

  • What are some excellent starter styles for beaded bracelets?

    For men new to beaded bracelets, natural material beads like wood or shell tend to have a more subtle, masculine vibe. Leather and metal accented beads are also great introductory options before exploring more colorful designs.

  • How do I avoid looking like a hippie or rocker?

    Keep designs simple with solid color beads rather than intricate patterns. Opt for muted, neutral tones rather than bright hues. Don’t overload with too many bracelets. A single high-quality beaded bracelet can give a polished look.

  • Can I make mn beaded bracelets?

    Absolutely! You can find bead assortments and elastic cords at most craft stores to create custom men’s beaded bracelets. This allows you to pick beads that match your style. Just watch tutorials to learn the techniques.

  • How do I know if a beaded bracelet will fit my wrist?

    Measure your wrist circumference to determine the correct size bracelet. Standard sizes are 6″ to 9″ for most men’s bracelets. Some have adjustable cord ties to get the right fit. Try bracelets on in person when possible.

  • How much do quality beaded bracelets for men cost?

    Handmade beaded bracelets on Etsy can range from $10 to $50. Big box store bracelets are $5 to $20. High-end designers at boutiques charge $50 to $300+. Set a budget and look for sales on pieces you love.

  • How do I care for my beaded bracelets?

    Avoid getting them wet. Store in a jewelry box or pouch. Clean by wiping down with a soft cloth. Check clasps/closures periodically for damage. Most beads can be restrung if a break occurs. Take to a jeweler for repairs.

  • Can men wear beaded anklets, too?

    Yes! Beaded anklets provide a similar stylish flair for men. They look great paired with sandals or wearing shorts and showing some ankle. Follow the exact sizing and styling guidelines for beaded bracelets.


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