The Complete Guide to Women's Earrings

The Complete Guide to Women’s Earrings: 48 Trendy Styles

Discover 12 dazzling women’s earrings. Choose styles from hoops to chandeliers that will transform your look for any occasion.

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Styles of Earrings

Earrings come in various gorgeous styles that can completely transform your look. Some of the most popular options include:

Stud Earrings

Stud earrings comprise a short post or stud that passes through the pierced earlobe, secured in place by a back finding. A solitary gemstone or decorative front piece typically sits directly on the lobe. Studs come in various materials, from diamond and gemstones to more straightforward metal and plastic designs. Sizes range from petite 2-3mm to bolder statement studs 5mm and above. Their versatility makes them a staple for everyday wear.

GemstoneStuds featuring colorful gems like sapphire, ruby, emerald
DiamondSparkling diamond solitaires or clusters
PearlClassic understated pearl studs
MonogramInitial or letter studs
Geometric ShapesStuds in shapes like circles, triangles, chevrons
Yellow Gold and Diamond Stud Earrings

Check out these stud earrings here.

LookExample Styling
EverydaySmall 2-4mm metal, gem, or pearl studs
FormalLarger 6mm+ diamond or gemstone studs
EdgyStuds with harness attachments or multiple piercings
MismatchedContrasting studs in each ear

Huggie and Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings feature a circular or semi-circular shape that outlines the contour of the earlobe. Classic hoops can be continuously round or have an opening at the bottom. Hoop sizes are measured by diameter, ranging from 15mm whisper-thin Huggies to dramatic 70mm wide hoops. Materials span from precious metals like gold and platinum to affordable acrylic, with some circles embellished with gems or diamonds. Hoop earrings may have dangling additions like charms, pearls, or chandelier drops. Their timeless elegance makes hoop earrings suitable for everyday wear and formal occasions. They are perfect to look even younger.

Standard HoopEssential circular earrings with a round shape.
HuggieThe petite hoop that hugs the earlobe.
Chandelier HoopRing with dangling gems, pearls, or tassels.
Cuff HoopBasic circular earrings with a round shape.
Medium Gold Hoop Earrings

Check out these hoop earrings here.

LookExample Styling
EdgyChunky hoop earrings in black, white gold, or gunmetal.
GlamorousDiamond or gem-encrusted hoops.
CasualMedium gold, silver, or rose gold hoops.
ElegantThin, plain hoops with an updo hairstyle.

Dangle Earrings

Dangle earrings suspend decorative gems, metals, tassels, or charms below the earlobe. The ornaments hang by a post or thin chain from the lobe, swinging freely to add striking movement. Dangle lengths vary from demure 10mm drops to bold 100mm statement styles grazing the shoulders. Crystals, diamonds, pearls, and gemstones are popular dangle materials in every shape and size. Dangle choices range from minimalist single drops to dramatic tiered chandeliers. Their fluidity and sparkle make dangle earrings a glamorous, eye-catching choice. When should you wear dangle earrings?

ChandelierTiered danglers with gemstones.
TasselDangle earrings with beaded or chain tassels.
GemstoneDangles featuring colorful gemstone drops.
PearlEarrings with lustrous pearl drops.
Crystal Dangle earrings

Check out these dangle earrings here.

LookExample Styling
FormalShoulder-grazing dazzling chandeliers.
EverydayShort dangle earrings 1 inch below the lobe.
BohemianMismatched beads, coins, and chains.
GlamorousDiamond or crystal-encrusted danglers.

Clip-On Earrings

Clip-on earrings attach securely to the earlobe without requiring a piercing through a squeezable clip mechanism. They offer versatility for those without piercings who still wish to wear earrings. Clip-on styles encompass all the popular pierced earring designs, from studs to hoops to drops, crafted from materials like metal, plastic, and glass. Their lightweight nature makes them ideal for occasional wear, though continuous long-term use can lead to sagging earlobes over time. Who Should Wear Clip-on Earrings?

StudsSimple front-facing earring studs.
HoopsCircular clip-on hoop earrings.
DanglesClip-on drops, chandeliers, tassels.
ClustersClip-on earrings with gem clusters.
Crystal-embellished clip-on womens earrings

Check out these Oscar De La Renta Crystal-embellished clip-on earrings here.

LookExample Styling
EverydayGo-to pearl, crystal, or gem studs.
VintageOrnate carved, enameled studs or drops.
FormalSparkling chandelier and shoulder-grazer styles.
FunOrnate carved enameled studs or drops.

Ear Jackets & Climbers

Ear jackets and climbers feature decorative ornaments wrapping around the outer ear for a distinctive look. Jackets have a basic stud front with a decorative backing that clips onto the rear of the lobe. Climbers run along the outer helix rim, decorated with gems, chains, or pearls. These styles often employ asymmetry and incorporate multiple piercings. Their ornamentation makes them perfect for making a bold artistic statement and standing out. How to Wear Ear Jackets?

Ear JacketsStud fronts with decorative back jackets.
Ear ClimbersEarrings that climb up the ear edge.
Chain ClimbersClimbers featuring chained links.
Pave ClimbersClimbers encrusted in gems.
Ear Jackets Gold Earrings

Check out these Ear Jackets Gold Earrings here

LookExample Styling
EdgySingle ear climber paired with basic stud.
SparklingPave jackets or climbers encrusted with diamonds.
AsymmetricalJeweled ear jacket on one ear, plain stud on the other.
BohemianDelicate chains trickling up the ear.

Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings are composed of decorative strands of beads, chains, cords, or gems that hang in a tassel shape below the earlobe. The strands may be intricately woven or feature luxurious materials like freshwater pearls or 14k gold. Tassel lengths vary from 20mm minimal drops to sweeping 150mm dramatic tassels. Their fluid, eye-catching shape embodies a glamorous, elevated aesthetic perfect for making your mark at special events and evenings out. Where Do Tassel Earrings Originate From?

Beaded TasselDangles with beaded tassel drops.
Chain TasselTassels made from fine-chained links.
Gemstone TasselTassels with gemstone beads or tips.
Layered TasselTassels in layered tiers.
Tassel earrings

Check out these tassel women’s earrings here

LookExample Styling
BohoBeaded tassels in earth tones with waves.
GlamSparkling gemstone tassels with an updo.
FunkyMulti-colored tassels in purples, blues, greens.
ChicSleek metallic or pearl tassels with confidence.

Front-Back Earrings

Front-back earrings feature decorative embellishments on the front and back sides of the pierced earlobe. The show typically has a basic stud or gem, while the back has an additional ornament like a starburst, spike, or crystal pave. Adding substantial rear decoration provides an intricate framing effect for the ears. Front-back earrings make a striking statement while still relying on basic stud piercings to affix them. Check out some front-back earring ideas here.

Pave Front-BackGem-encrusted front and back.
Pearl Front-BackCultured pearls in the front and back.
Geometric Front-BackOuter gems circle a center gemstone.
Halo Front-BackOuter gems circle a center gem.
Faux Stone Swag Chain Front Back Earrings

Check out these Faux Stone Swag Chain front-back earrings here

LookExample Styling
ClassicDiamond or pearl front-back studs.
StatementLarge front-back gemstone studs.
EverydayThin front-back hoops or Huggies.
LuxuriousDripping in pave diamonds.

Charm Earrings

Charm earrings feature whimsical dangling charms suspended from the earlobe to add a playful and personal touch. Charm choices are endless, ranging from initials and birthstones to symbols like hearts, moons, and crosses or funky options like coins, feathers, and tassels. Gold, silver, and platinum charms shine with luxe brilliance, while carved wood, acrylic, or enamel charms offer an affordable variety. How do you create mismatched earring masterpieces?

Coin CharmsDangling coin charms in gold, silver, etc.
Gemstone CharmsPendants with colorful gems and crystals.
Pearl CharmsLustrous dangling pearls.
Animal CharmsCute animal-themed charms.
6-in-1 Gold Charm Earrings

Check out these 6-in-1 Gold Charm Earrings here

LookExample Styling
CasualGold coin or pearl charms with casual outfits.
DressySparkling gemstone charms for evening events.
YouthfulFun animal charms for a playful look.
ClassyThin dangling charms with business attire.

Stud Jackets

Stud jackets are two-part earrings with a basic front stud and a decorative back piece that “jackets” the earlobe. The stud front features a typical earring post that goes through the piercing—the ornamental back jacket clips onto the post from behind the lobe with a squeeze clamp closure. Stud jackets allow you to transform simple stud earrings into elaborate, dazzling accessories. Check this link for an extensive stud jacket collection.

Pave JacketsJackets encrusted with diamonds or gems.
Pearl JacketsElegant pearl backings.
Chain JacketsJackets featuring fine-linked chains.
Geometric JacketsJackets in shapes like stars and hearts.
Earring Jackets in Sterling Silver with pearl and cubic zirconia

Check out these Earring Jackets in Sterling Silver with pearl and cubic zirconia.

LookExample Styling
SparklingPave jackets for a glamorous look.
ClassicPearl or gemstone jackets with studs.
EdgyChains trailing down the back of the ear.
ArtisticGeometric jackets in creative shapes.

Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are ornamental jewelry pieces that clip onto the outer ear cartilage, wrapping around the helix rim without requiring a standard pierced earring. Ear cuffs come in various styles, from plain metal covers to elaborate pave-encrusted cuffs dripping in diamonds and gems. Popular designs include thin chained cuffs in precious metals like gold and silver and wider embellished cuffs accented with pearls, crystals, and engraving details. Do earcuffs stay on? Read this article for more info.

Pave CuffsCuffs encrusted in shimmering gems.
Chain CuffsCuffs made from linked metal chains.
Pearl CuffsElegant cuffs accented with pearls.
Geometric CuffsCuffs in graphic shapes.
Essential ear cuffs trio

Check out these Essential ear cuffs trio here

LookExample Styling
EdgySingle plain silver or gold ear cuff.
SparklingThe gem-encrusted cuff on the upper ear.
SophisticatedThin chain ear cuff with formal wear.
BohoMismatched pearl and chain earcuffs.

Cluster Earrings

Cluster earrings combine groups of gemstones, pearls, or beads into an ornamental cluster. Small stones are set closely together into a round, oval, or floral-inspired shape. Cluster earrings make a significant visual impact while remaining lightweight enough for comfortable all-day wear. Their sparkling, attention-grabbing arrangement suits both casual and dressy outfits. Are you looking for diamond cluster earrings? Check out this collection here.

Gemstone ClusterClusters with colorful gems.
Pearl ClusterClusters of tiny seed or cultured pearls.
Flower ClusterFlower-inspired clusters.
Geometric ClusterClusters of tiny seeds or cultured pearls.
Round shaped Diamond cluster earrings

Check out these Round shaped Diamond cluster earrings here

LookExample Styling
DressyGemstone and pearl clusters for evening.
EverydaySmall delicate gem clusters.
VintageOrnate flower-inspired clusters.
EdgyGemstone and pearl clusters for the evening.

Button Earrings

Button earrings are circular with a flat back that sits flush against the earlobe like a button. Basic metal buttons are understated, while pearl, pave, and gem-encrusted controls make more of a style statement. Vintage-inspired carved and enameled buttons offer an ornate, decorative look. Their versatility suits everyday wear, and button studs in precious metals or diamonds are perfect for formal events. Button earrings were Jackie Kennedy’s favorite.

Pearl ButtonButtons accented with pearls.
Gemstone ButtonButtons encrusted in colored gems.
Pave ButtonPave encrusted buttons.
Monogram ButtonButtons engraved with initials.
Button earrings in white

Check out these Button earrings in white here

LookExample Styling
RetroVintage-style carved button earrings.
DaintyThin, plain metal button studs.
OrnatePearl or gem-embellished buttons.
PersonalizedMonogram or engraved buttons.

Ear Chains

Ear chains connect to a delicate chain that loops behind the earlobe, linked together by jump rings or knots. Popular metals include sterling silver, yellow gold, and rose gold, often accented with gems or pearls. Ear chains embody an elegant yet edgy aesthetic, perfect for making a striking statement. Multiple ear chains climbing the ear take the look to the next level.

Read this article on how to wear ear chains.

Fine ChainDelicate fine chains.
Pearl ChainChains accented with pearls.
Pave ChainGem encrusted chains.
Chunky ChainGem-encrusted chains.
gold-plated ear chains

Check out these gold-plated ear chains here

LookExample Styling
EdgySingle silver ear chain.
DressyPearl and pave chains.
EverydayThin chained hoops or Huggies.
BoldThin-chained hoops or Huggies.

Floral Earrings

Floral earrings encompass delicate flower-inspired studs, drops, climbers, and ear jackets. Petite enameled and gem-set floral motifs offer feminine flair. Blooming flower silhouettes and vines make a romantic statement. Floral earrings range from minimalist to lavish chandeliers. Their beauty and symbolism evoke a sense of vitality and freshness. Check this collection for affordable floral earrings.

Flower StudsSingle flower stud earrings.
Flower DropsDangling flower-shaped earrings.
Floral HoopsHoops decorated with flower designs.
Floral JacketsFlower-shaped ear jackets.
gold flower hoop earrings

Check out these gold flower hoop earrings here

LookExample Styling
FeminineDelicate flower studs or tiny drops.
WhimsicalEnameled or gemstone floral designs.
Boho ChicMismatched floral earrings and cuffs.
RetroOrnate vintage-style floral earrings.

Pros-Cons Of Different Women’s Earrings

Earring TypeDescriptionProsCons
Stud Earrings– Can get tangled in hair
– Not suitable for new piercings
– Heavy on ears
– Simple, classic look
– Suitable for work
– Many styles and sizes available
– Not as eye-catching
– Can fall out easily
Huggie & Hoop EarringsCircular shape that hugs the earlobe– Trendy look
– Come in many sizes
– Draw attention to ears
– Can snag on hair
– Heavy hoops can stretch piercings
Dangle EarringsEarrings with decorative charms that hang below the ear– Make a statement 
– Come in many shapes and styles
Jackets that cover around basic studs
Clip-On EarringsClamp onto the ear without requiring a piercing– No piercing required
– Easy to put on and take off
– Can get tangled in hair
– Not suitable for new piercings
– Heavy on ears
Ear Jackets & ClimbersEarrings that clip onto the ear in various placesCreate a stacked, edgy look– Only work with multiple piercings
– Some may find an alternative
Tassel EarringsEarrings with hanging tassel decorationsFun, trendy look– Tassels may tangle in hair
– Movement may irritate piercings
Front-Back EarringsEarrings with decorative fronts and backsOrnate look from both front and backOnly work with numerous piercings
Charm EarringsEarrings with dangling charmsA single stud that sits flush with the earJackets that wrap around bare studs
Stud Jackets– Can be uncomfortable
– May not stay securely on the ear
Elevate simple studs– More expensive than standard studs
– Jacket can come loose
Ear CuffsDecorative cuffs that clip onto the earJackets that cover around bare studsOnly work with numerous piercings
Cluster EarringsMultiple earrings clustered together Bold, statement lookOnly work with multiple piercings
Button EarringsJackets that cover around naked studs Cute novelty look Limited style/design options
Ear ChainsDelicate chains connecting earringsFeminine, elegant lookA round style that mimics shirt buttons
Floral EarringsEarrings with floral designs– Can be uncomfortable
– May not stay securely on the ear
– Delicate, may not be durable
– Charms could snag

Check out our article about diamond earrings for women here.

Metals and Materials

Women’s Earrings utilize a spectrum of metals and materials, each with its aesthetic effect:

  • Gold – This precious metal has a luxurious, warm look from yellow, white, rose gold, and vermeil. Gold is hypoallergenic for sensitive ears.
  • Silver – Sterling silver has an incredible, modern sheen and goes with any outfit. It’s affordable and nickel-free for sensitivities.
  • Platinum – The most precious metal, platinum has a subtle white glow. It’s ideal for diamond earrings, very durable and hypoallergenic.
  • Gems – Precious and semi-precious gems like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, etc in earrings add brilliant color, sparkle, and luxury.
  • Crystals – Sparkling crystals like Swarovski crystals infuse earrings with sparkle and glamour. Great for adding shine without high cost.
  • Pearls – Classic pearl studs or dangles have an elegant, timeless effect. Pearls come in varying sizes and colors, like white, pink, and black.

Size Variety

Earrings come in an array of sizes to suit your style and occasion. Some popular measures include:

  • Petite – Dainty studs and hoops less than 1⁄4 inch in size have an understated, minimalist look. Best for pierced ears.
  • Small – 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 inch earrings like studs, hoops, and drops are versatile for daily wear. Easy to wear comfortably.
  • Medium – 1⁄2 to 1-inch earrings make more of a statement. Hoops, chandeliers, and dangles work well in this size.
  • Large – Dramatic earrings over 1 inch stand out. Best for special occasions vs. every day.
  • Oversized – 2 inches and up, these earrings grab attention. Chandeliers, cuffs, and shoulder grazers are stunning.

An essential guide for piercing aftercare


  • Clean your new piercing twice daily with a saline solution or mild antibacterial soap. Avoid harsh soaps, perfumes, and chemicals that can irritate the piercing.
  • Make a saline solution by mixing 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt with one cup of warm distilled or bottled water. Use a clean cotton ball or swab to clean around the piercing site gently. Avoid moving or twisting the jewelry.
  • Pat dry with disposable paper towels or a clean towel after cleaning. Don’t use reusable towels, which can harbor bacteria.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the piercing.


  • Leave jewelry in place for the entire healing period. Please don’t change it until the piercing is fully healed, which can take up to 6 months for cartilage piercings.
  • Avoid touching, moving, or playing with the jewelry. This can introduce bacteria and delay healing.
  • Use caution with hair care products, cosmetics, and sunscreen around new piercings. Rinse thoroughly after use.


  • Wear clean, breathable clothing that won’t snag on the piercing. A tight dress can slow healing.
  • Protect new piercings from trauma, friction, and snagging. Use a travel pillow for ear or facial piercings.
  • Avoid swimming, hot tubs, and saunas during healing. Sweat, humidity, and germs can irritate the piercing.
  • Don’t share jewelry or let others touch a healing piercing.

Signs of Infection

See your piercer or doctor for signs like redness, swelling, hotness, pus, odor, or bleeding. Oral antibiotics may be needed.

Check out this guide from the Association of Professional Piercers.

Trendy vs Timeless

It’s fun to wear of-the-moment trendy earring styles as well as timeless designs:

Stylish earrings change with each season and tend to come and go. Some current popular types of today’s modern women’s earrings are:

  • Hoops – thick hoops, Huggies, knotted hoops
  • Layered styles
  • Bold colors
  • Chunky chandeliers
  • Ear cuffs

Timeless – These classic earrings remain stylish year after year:

  • Diamond studs
  • Pearl studs
  • Solitaire gemstone earrings
  • Gold hoops
  • Chandelier drops

The timeless styles make great keepsakes to wear for life. The trendy pairs add fun fashion excitement to mix up your look.

I feel naked without earrings. I’ll pass out twice. It feels like I’m missing a body part.

Tionne Watkins

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How should I clean Women’s earrings?

    Use a gentle jewelry cleaning solution and a soft cloth to clean your earrings regularly. Avoid harsh household cleaners that can damage many earring materials.

  • Can I wear earrings to bed?

    Sleeping in earrings is not recommended. The posts and wires can scratch your skin and embed in your lobes. The movement can also loosen settings over time.

  • How can I stop my earrings from turning my ears green?

    Green buildup on ears is caused by copper and nickel used in low-quality alloys. Opt for solid gold, platinum, or sterling silver earrings that are nickel-free and hypoallergenic.

  • How do I transition my piercings to wear dangling earrings?

    Gradually start wearing heavier earrings for a few hours each day. Try huggie hoops, then larger circles to build up strength. Consult a piercer if lobes are not conditioned after a few weeks.

  • What metals won’t irritate sensitive pierced ears?

    Look for earrings made with pure metals like solid gold, sterling silver, and platinum, which are hypoallergenic. Have piercings fully healed before wearing new metals.

  • Should I take out earrings before an MRI scan?

    Before an MRI exam, you should remove all metal jewelry, including earrings, or the strong magnets can cause issues. Notify the technician of any metal still in your body.

  • Can I wear heavy dangling earrings if my ears aren’t pierced?

    Clip-on earrings that pinch onto the earlobe are an option for non-pierced ears, but heavy, dangly styles may be too uncomfortable. Most dangling earrings are designed for pierced ears.

  • Why is my earlobe red, itchy, or sore after wearing earrings?

    Irritation is often caused by nickel allergy or sensitive skin. Switch to earrings made of hypoallergenic metals like gold, titanium, or niobium. Make sure earrings are sterilized. Avoid wearing earrings for a few days to allow the irritation to clear.

  • Why do my ears smell bad even after removing the earrings?

    A cheese-like odor is caused by a buildup of dead skin cells and body oil accumulating on earring posts. Clean earrings regularly with rubbing alcohol. Keep earlobes clean and dry.


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