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Women’s Belts. 15 Types For A Charming Look

Women’s belts are a type of accessory that is often worn to hold up a woman’s dress. They were originally used as a fashion item to cinch the waist and create an hourglass figure.

Women’s belts come in many styles, colors, and materials.

Belts can be made from leather, cotton, elastic, or canvas fabric.

Here we are going to present the different types of women’s belts so you will know what and when to wear them.

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Buckle belt

Buckle belts consist of a strap (made from leather, plastic, or plastic) that has a metal buckle at one end of the belt.

The buckles are made of a kind of metal like zinc or aluminum. Women’s buckle belts are coming in various sizes, colors, and designs. Their main purpose is to keep the dress in place and the belt closed, but the fashion may tell us a story also.

buckle belt


  • Genuine Leather belt
  • Sizes from 28″ to 42″ (70cm to 105cm)
  • Made in Italy
  • Check for sale for a good price


  • Only 2.5 cm wide
  • Casual belts for jeans or dress
4 rating

Check it out at leatherbeltsonline.com

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Skinny knot belt

This is usually a skinny leather belt tied in front in a knot. There are many variations in materials like faux leather or plastic, or designer belts with a logo in front, but all have a knot in the front.

skinny belt


  • Simple black leather casual belt
  • Genuine leather
  • Handmade
  • Free delivery


Not anything fancy, this belt suits casual outfits

4.5 rating

Check it out at etsy.com

Metallic belt

When you need something to shine with your outfit, go to a party, or just look gorgeous you can wear a metal belt of silver or gold. It doesn’t need to be expensive, most of the time they are made of zinc, steel, or even good-quality plastic.

metallic belt


  • Good looking
  • Elastic and strong
  • Very cheap
  • 2 different sizes


If you want something glamorous go for a designer metal belt

4 rating

Check it out at zara.com

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Grommet Belt

For a casual style with jeans or a funky look, wear a grommet belt. They are made from leather or rubber with a metal buckle and have big holes that give this unique look

grommet belt


  • PU leather. animal friendly
  • Very good price
  • 9 different designs and colors
  • 2 different sizes


For a casual style only

4 rating

Check it out at etsy.com

Sash belt

A sash belt is a large and often colorful band worn around your body. For a ceremonial occasion, the sash belt is worn from the shoulder to the hip. There are specific sash belts that are worn on bridal dresses.

sash belt


  • Satin flower sash belt with back bow
  • Good price
  • Many colors available


A very good option for a sash belt

4.5 rating

Check it out at davidbridal.com

Hip belt

Hip belts are known as famous belly dancers wearing them. They come in many designs depending on the country and culture. You want to give your style a different look, even if you can not belly dance, this is your way to feel brave.

hip belt


  • One size
  • Around 120 coins
  • Authentic tribal style with coins, beads, and fringe.
  • Good price


For belly dancing only or if you feel fearless

4 rating

Check it out at ebay.co.uk

T-Lock Belt

T-lock belts are another example of casual belts. The locking mechanism locks automatically and it is made usually from plastic. Some belts have a buckle made from copper or steel. One part of the buckle looks like the letter T, which is why the belt took the name.

The strap material can be made of canvas, nylon, leather, or fabric.

T-lock belts are very popular as travel belts. When you go to the airport you do not need to take the belt off at the checking gate. They are very lightweight and the most popular brand is Bison.

t-lock belt


  • Lightweight and easily adjustable
  • Medium and large sizes
  • Many different strap designs
  • Unisex


A casual belt that can be worn when traveling or on weekend

Larger sizes only with 2 designs (olive and black)

4 rating

Check it out at bisondesigns.com

Rhinestone belt

Rhinestone belts are bling and flashy. When you want to be and feel different and unique, wear a rhinestone belt.

The belt is made from leather, ribbon, or metal and you can wear it with a dress or skinny jeans.

When the occasion is right like weddings, parties, or just when you feel it, you can look amazing with a rhinestone belt.

rhinestone belt


  • 6 different colors
  • Sizes vary from 28″ to 47″
  • The belt is made from high-quality leather
  • Unisex


Not an everyday belt. Only for special occasions.

4.5 rating

Check it out at walmart.com

It’s not what you spend but how you wear it that counts. The key is often to dress up inexpensive basics with accessories. Something like a beautiful designer bag or belt can make everything else look richer and more luxurious.

Chloe Sevigny

Peplum belts

If you want a stylish belt to focus on your midsection and add some volume and curves you have to wear a peplum belt.

Peplum belts are for petite ladies who want extra attention to the waist.

Wear the belt with skinny jeans, leggings, a dress, or a pencil skirt

peplum belt


  • Excellent quality
  • Good price
  • 2 ways to tie
  • 2 different sizes (from 24″ to 30.7″)


Many complaints about how the tie method works.

4 rating

Check it out at amazon.com

Over-Sized Belts

Do you want to pay attention to your waist size? Wear a wide or oversized belt. They come in various shapes and styles.

Usually made from leather (genuine or faux) with a big metal buckle

Wear them with jeans, dresses or long shirts

over-sized belt
editor's choice


  • Black Faux leather
  • 3 different sizes from small to large
  • Looks more expensive
  • Good price


You need to have at least one wide belt in your wardrobe

5 rating

Check it out at macys.com

Lace-up belt

A lace-up or corset belt comes in various widths, so pick the one that suits your body type.

If you have a smaller waist you can go for a wider corset belt. If your waistline is fuller prefer a belt with less width.

lace-up belt


  • Sizes from small to extra large
  • Lace-up closure in the front with a zip closure in the back
  • Good price


  • Ships from China
  • Poor quality
4 rating

Check it out at etsy.com

Double buckle belt

The designer has made this. With so many options in double buckle belts, you can find one that fits your outfit.

The two buckles can be placed on top of one other or they may face each other on the strap.

Prices can vary from many hundreds to 20-30 US$, depending on the brand and quality

double buckle belt


  • One size
  • Synthetic materials
  • Nice gold color double buckle
  • Very good price when at sale


Looks cheap up close

4.5 rating

Check it out at nastygal.com

Chain belt

A chain belt is made from gold or silver and it is an accessory with chains attached to the strap.

Wear it loosely in your midsection between your hips and waist.

A black dress or even a T-shirt and jeans can match a chain belt.

chain belt


  • Adjustable fit
  • One size
  • Lobster clasp
  • Good price
  • Buy it when in the sale
  • 2 colors silver and gold


  • Thick belt. If you like thinner belts it is not for you.
  • It is heavy, made from metal, not plastic
4.5 rating

Check it out at express.com

Braided belts

A braided belt is formed from soft thin leather strips, interconnected between them. It is a classic variant of a leather belt that gives a more practical and modern style.

Braided belts are elastic, so they fit very well with all. They are also unisex and can be paired with almost any outfit.

braided belt


  • Faux leather braided belt
  • Unisex
  • Black and brown (Cognac) colors
  • Many different sizes, from XS to 4X
  • Good price


  • Not having a loop to tuck away the loose end
  • A basic belt for a casual outfit
4.5 rating

Check it out at oldnavy.gap.com

Twist belt

Another variant of the buckle belt this time without a metal buckle. The two straps of the belt are making a tie-a-bow design.

Pair it with long dresses, jeans, or a jumpsuit. Made from soft leather or fabric.

twist belt


  • Made from genuine leather and Polyurethane
  • 7 different colors
  • Waist size up to 39″
  • Good price
  • Fully adjustable to fit your waist


Not a 100% leather belt, because of the stiffness of the leather itself. Balancing the material with polyurethane makes this belt good-looking and quality guarantee

4.5 rating

Check it out at amazon.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the different types of belts available for women?

    There are several types of belts for women, including waist belts, hip belts, skinny belts, wide belts, and statement belts. Each type serves a different purpose and complements various outfits.

  • How do I determine my belt size?

    To find your belt size, measure around your waist or hips (depending on where you plan to wear the belt). Ensure the tape measure is snug but not tight. The measurement in inches or centimeters will indicate your size.

  • What are some popular materials used in women’s belts?

    Common materials for women’s belts include leather, faux leather, fabric, suede, and metal. Each material offers different looks and levels of durability.

  • What occasions are suitable for wearing belts?

    Belts can be worn on a wide range of occasions. They can accessorize casual outfits, add flair to formal wear, and define the waistline of dresses or tunics.

  • How do I choose the right belt for my body type?

    For petite figures, opt for thinner belts to avoid overwhelming the frame. If you have a curvier figure, consider wider belts to highlight your waist. Experiment with different styles to see what complements your body shape best.

  • Can belts be worn with dresses?

    Absolutely! Belts can be a fantastic accessory for dresses. They can cinch the waist and create a more flattering silhouette. Experiment with contrasting colors and widths to find the perfect match.

  • How do I style a statement belt?

    A statement belt is a bold accessory that can be the focal point of your outfit. Pair it with neutral tones to let it stand out or use it to add contrast to a monochrome outfit. Avoid excessive patterns or textures that may clash with the statement belt.

  • Are there any specific trends in women’s belts right now?

    Some popular trends include Western-inspired belts, woven or braided styles, and belts with unique buckle designs. For the most up-to-date trends, consider checking fashion magazines or websites.

  • Can belts be worn over jackets or coats?

    Yes, belts can be worn over jackets and coats for a stylish and cinched look. This works particularly well with trench coats, blazers, and oversized cardigans.


Women’s belts are not only practical, they are an accessory that you need to have to complete your outfit.

What do you want to add to this article? Are there more women’s belts you like to wear?

Tell us in the comments what is your favorite type of belt.

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