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17 Amazing Women’s Hats You Need To Wear

Women’s hats are not only for keeping you warm in winter and protecting you from the sun in the summer. They are a style trend that makes you different and unique. With so many other women’s hats, you need to know which hat type suits your face, head, and body shape.

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History of women’s hats

Hats are a staple of fashion and have been for centuries. The history of women’s hats is fascinating, as they have gone through many iterations to become the ubiquitous accessory we see today.

Women’s hats were originally a way to keep the sun out of their eyes and off their skin. They were often made of straw, paper, or cloth and did not cover much of the head or face. The first documented hat in Western Europe was in 1275, when Queen Margaret wore one at her coronation.

Hats became more popular as they gained more coverage from the sun, and by 1350, they were being worn by both men and women. By 1800, it was common for women to wear bonnets with wide brims covering their hair but exposing most of their faces.

Sun Women’s Hats

Every woman needs to protect herself against harmful UV sun rays. When going to the beach, hiking, or even for a walk in the summer, you need to choose a large hat with a wide brim. Use light colors like white, grey, or pastel to reflect the sun’s rays. For best results, Dark-colored hats do not reflect the beams, so avoid them.

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Afternoon Women Sun Hat

Women's hats


  • Medium and large sizes
  • UPF 50 ultraviolet protection
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Lightweight and bends to shape easy


Even if it is from polyester, it will fit in your head and adjust accordingly.

5 rating

Check it out at rei.com

Fedora Women’s Hats

Despite many believing Fedora was originally a man’s hat, in the late 19th century, Sarah Bernhardt made it a symbol for the women’s rights movement.

Only after the 1920s’ did Fedoras become a men’s symbol and wealth statement.

Wear a fedora hat when you want to give your long hair more attention. Try to avoid wearing it when you have a bad hair day.

Toyo Large Brim Fedora Hat

fedora hat
editor's choice


  • Three different sizes
  • White and tan colors
  • Good price
  • A huge brim for good sun protection
  • True to size fit


It is a perfect choice, even if made from straw material, requiring extra care.

5 rating

Check it out at hatsunlimited.com

Beret Women’s Hats

Berets are very popular in Spanish and French Culture. The most iconic personality is, without doubt, Che Guevara, and berets are an integral part of military uniforms worldwide.

A beret is a fine choice when you want to achieve a style of the intellectual, artist, or bohemian.

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Traditional wool beret

wool beret


  • 15 different colors
  • Made from 100% French wool
  • One size
  • Unisex


Price is above average

4.5 rating

Check it out at laulhere-france.com

Panama Women’s Hats

They called it the Panama hat, but it originated in Ecuador. These lightweight and breathable hats are trendy in hot places like Panama.

Authentic Panama hats are expensive, but you can find Panama-style hats made from synthetic materials.

If you want your style to reach a new dimension, you can not go wrong with a Fedora or Panama hat. After all, the only difference between the two is only the material used. Fedora hats are usually made from felt, while Panama hats are made of straw.

Trimmed Panama Hat

Panama hat


  • Four different colors
  • One size only
  • Classic Panama hat with a medium-wide brim


  • The hat is not foldable
  • Expensive but original
4.5 rating

Check it out at panamahats.co.uk

Cowboy Women’s Hats

The cowboy hats are a defining piece of the ensemble for the North American cowboys.

Today, many people in the United States, Canada, and Mexico wear cowboy hats.

Wearing a cowboy hat is not so popular if you live in other places except for America.

You must be very confident and love the Wild West to wear a cowboy hat. In Europe, some men are wearing cowboy hats. For ladies, pair it with jeans and cowboy boots for the perfect look. Remember, it is a casual accessory meant to be worn only for work.

When I was fourteen and first started going out, I always wanted to be the opposite of everyone else. So I would go to the club in a polo T-shirt and pants and sneakers and a hat on backward, just so I would not be dressed like other girls.


Women’s Leather Cowboy Hat

cowboy hat


  • 100% Leather
  • Three colors, copper, brown, and black
  • Five different sizes
  • Lifetime warranty
  • A reasonable price for a leather hat


If you want a lightweight and durable cowboy hat, this is your pick

5 rating

Check it out at americanhatmakers.com

Stetson Straw Hat

straw hat

We can not ignore the Stetson Brand when talking about the cowboy lifestyle. Founded in 1865, Stetson is the world’s leading hat manufacturer, making more than 3 million hats per year.

Stetson hats are made only from high-quality material, which is why the brand is synonymous with the wild-west culture.


  • Made from Raffia Straw
  • Three different sizes
  • Great price for a Stetson hat


All straw hats are lightweight and are very good for summer days.

Our advice: If you find any Stetson hats, do not hesitate to buy them.

5 rating

Check it out at hatcountry.com

Baseball Caps For Women

Want to protect yourself from the sun quickly and casually? Wear a baseball cap and pair it with a Sportif outfit for a walk in the town market.

There are many different colors available. Choose the color that fits your personality. You can free your hair in a ponytail or braid depending on the closure (velcro, snap, or sliding). The good thing is that all baseball caps are one size because of the closure—small holes in the cap help with air circulating above your head.

As for the material, choose cotton for the summer or wool and polyester for the winter.

baseball caps for women


  • Four different colors
  • Adjustable fasting in the rear
  • Holes in the top for ventilation
  • Good price


Big Converse logo on the front. But you can choose from different brands like Puma, Adidas, etc.

4.5 rating

Check it out and many others at sportsdirect.com

Boater Women’s Hats

boater hats

The famous gondoliers from Venice traveled the canals for centuries. Their unique hat became popular in the 19th century.

They were initially designed for men, but after Coco Chanel reinvented this hat, it became a favorite fashion until today.

They are mainly made from straw, with a ribbon around the crown section. They are an excellent option for a boat sail, a picnic, or a beach day.

straw boater hat


  • Made in Italy
  • 100% straw
  • Sizes from 48 cm to 61 cm
  • Option for custom inside label
  • Five different colors
  • Perfect price


All hats made from straw need extra care and must be cleaned carefully from blot or stain.

4.5 rating

Check it out at bon-clic-bon-genre. eu

Bucket Women’s Hats

Bucket hats are simple and casual for the summer. They are usually made from cotton so you can squish them in your bag or purse. You can hide your hair underneath if you have a bad hair day.

bucket women hat


  • 100% Cotton
  • Two sizes
  • Nice patterned design
  • Cheap price


Only for a casual appearance

4 rating

Check it out at hm.com

Pillbox Women’s hats

Pillbox hats were popular in the ’60s. These classic vintage hats are not in fashion anymore, except maybe at Royal weddings.

We have seen many photos of Jackie Kennedy and Kate Middleton wearing those hats.

pillbox women's hats


  • Made from 100% Straw
  • Handmade from England
  • Worn by Kate Middleton on many occasions


Out of fashion

4 rating

Check it out at hatsandcaps.co.uk

Cocktail Women’s Hats

Cocktail hats are not for protecting you from the sun. They are for special occasions, like dinner parties and weddings, and can be paired with evening dresses.

cocktail women hat


  • White and black color is easy to pair with an evening dress
  • The headpiece attaches via a headband


  • Expensive
  • Only if you want something extraordinary to pair with your outfit
4 rating

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Boonie Women’s Hats

This is a good option for a casual Sunday Afternoon hat that protects from all the elements. They are large, made from durable materials, and have a string tie that adjusts to the chin.

They are suitable for gardening, hiking, paddling, and outdoor adventures.

Boonie women hat


  • Ligthweigth and durable
  • UPF 50 protection
  • Unisex
  • Made from nylon, easy to clean
  • Cover the back of the head
  • Two sizes, small and large


Only cold hand wash, not dry clean or iron.

4.5 rating

Check it out at rei.com

Newsboy Women’s caps

If you want to add a personal style to your outfit, add a newsboy cap to your wardrobe.

These hats are playful and young and are helpful both in the winter because they are warm and in the summer because they protect you from the sun.

You can keep your hair under the cap or in a ponytail.

Newsboy caps are a mix of the traditional beret and baseball cap, so they have both advantages.

newsboy women hat


  • Made of 100% wool
  • Elastic to fit different head sizes
  • Pair it with a scarf for the optimal look


A wool cap made for winter. Choose another with a different material if you want it for summer.

4.5 rating

Check it out at weafersofireland.com

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Visor Women’s Hats

Choose the visor hat if you want a sporty hat that protects your head and eyes while stylish.

Because of the design, the hat will protect your face, and you can play with your hair. Leave a ponytail, top knot, or any other hairstyle you like. Indeed, you do not want to wear it on a bad hair day.

Most visor hats are made from lightweight materials, like straw, polyester, etc.

visor women hat


  • Two colors (gold/sand and black)
  • Adjustable closure
  • UPF 50 protection
  • You can clean it easily with water


Expensive, but very stylish

4.5 rating

Check it out at bloomingdales.com

Bowler Women’s Hats

Are you feeling brave and want to take the next step? Do you want to be different and add a unique and stylish piece?

Bowler or Derby hats were primarily famous by Charlie Chaplin and later by Winston Churchill.

Fun Fact. The bowler hat was the most popular in the American West. Many believe that the cowboy hat was the famous hat, but many famous outlaws wore this hat, like Billy the Kid and others (source wikipedia.org)

bowler women hat


  • Made from 100% wool
  • A Mayser product from a company that is more than 200 years the leading company in hat manufacturing
  • Amazing quality
  • Three different sizes


This a unique option for women who want to take a chance

4 rating

Check it out at manufactum.com

Want to know the hat and cap sizes? Head circumference in centimeters


Trilby Women’s Hats

Wear a trilby hat if you want to add a fun and playful addition to your outfit.

Add a pair of jeans and a T-shirt for a casual appearance, and you are ready for a sunny day.

If you have short hair, the trilby hat will look amazing. For the ladies with long hair, you can leave them free or in a ponytail.

trilby women hat


  • Many different colors
  • Sizes from Small to XXL
  • Excellent price (look for a price drop)
  • 100% Polypropylene


Because of the small brim, sun protection is not the best

4 rating

Check it out at hats.com

Turban Women’s Hats

Turban hats have been popular for decades in the women’s fashion industry.

Modern turbans appear in TV shows like Sex And the City 2 and catwalks from the Ralph Lauren collection.

Despite many still believing that women wear turbans for religious or hygiene reasons, they are a fashion today.

The turban is the best choice if your hair isn’t the best or you have some disease.

turban women hat


  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Many different color options
  • Excellent price
  • One size


Not many like this style. It is all about your personal preference

4.5 rating

Check it out at headcovers.com

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the different types of women’s hats?

    Women’s hats come in various styles, including fedoras, sun hats, cloche hats, berets, baseball caps, beanies, fascinators, and wide-brimmed hats.

  • How do I choose the right hat for my face shape?

    Consider your face shape when choosing a hat. For example, if you have a round face, opt for hats with angular lines, like fedoras. Oval faces can be worn in most styles, while heart-shaped faces look great in caps with a medium and slightly upturned brim.

  • Can I wear a hat with any outfit?

    Hats can complement a wide range of outfits. However, it’s essential to consider the occasion and the overall style you’re going for. For example, a sun hat is great for a beach day, while a cloche hat might be better suited for a vintage-inspired ensemble.

  • Can I wear a hat indoors?

    Traditionally, it’s considered polite to remove your hat indoors, especially in formal settings. However, in more casual environments or if the cap is part of your outfit’s aesthetic, it’s generally acceptable to keep it on.

  • How do I measure my head for the right hat size?

    Use a flexible tape measure and place it around the circumference of your head, just above your ears and eyebrows. Make sure it’s snug but not tight. This measurement in inches or centimeters will give you an idea of your hat size.

  • Can I wear a hat with different hair lengths or styles?

    Absolutely! Hats can work with various hair lengths and styles. For example, a beanie can be worn with short hair, long hair, or even a ponytail. Experiment with different types to find what works best for you.

  • What’s the difference between a fascinator and a traditional hat?

    A fascinator is a small, decorative headpiece often secured to the hair with a comb, headband, or clip. It’s typically worn to formal events and can be elaborate or minimalist. In contrast, a traditional hat has a more substantial brim and can cover more of the head.

  • Can I wear a hat to protect my hair from the sun?

    Absolutely! Wide-brimmed hats, sun hats, and certain styles of baseball caps can provide excellent sun protection for your hair and face. Look for hats made of materials with UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) for added sun safety.


We believe we have included all the main types of women’s hats.

Many more types exist, like a witch, deerstalker, Breton, cartwheel, and cloche.

What is your kind of hat?

What do you like we can add?

Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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