12 Birthstone Rings For Women

12 Birthstone Rings For Women: A Personal Jewelry Gift

Birthstone Rings For Women are classic, timeless gifts for the women in our lives. From sparkling diamond earrings to elegant pearl necklaces, beautiful baubles can make any woman light up.

Different types of rings for women.
Toe rings for women
Midi rings for women
Eternity rings for women
Vintage rings for women
Promise rings for women

What is a Birthstone?

A birthstone is a gemstone that represents each month of the year. The origin of birthstones dates back thousands of years, tracing roots to biblical times. In Exodus, Aaron wore a breastplate adorned with 12 different gemstones that represented the 12 tribes of Israel. Over time, each of these gems became associated with calendar months to form the basis for modern birthstones.

Every month has a unique birthstone, each with special meanings and powers according to ancient folklore and healing properties. Traditional birthstones for each month are:

Birthstones are a popular jewelry choice even today because they hold sentimental value. Wearing or gifting someone their birthstone represents their unique place in the calendar year. It’s a meaningful, personal reminder of when their life began.

Overview of Birthstone Rings

A birthstone ring allows you to customize jewelry with gemstones representing someone’s birth month. There are many beautiful styles to choose from:

Types of Birthstone Rings

Solitaire Rings

Sapphire solitaire ring

Check out this Sapphire solitaire ring here.

The most classic option is a single birthstone gemstone as the focal point in a simple setting. Dainty and elegant.

Multi-Stone Rings

Riviera Pavé Ruby And Diamond Ring In Platinum

Check out this Riviera Pavé Ruby And Diamond Ring In Platinum here.

Multiple birthstones representing a loved one’s birth month or other meaningful gems.

Halo Rings

Aquamarine Halo ring

Check out this Aquamarine Halo ring here.

A center birthstone is accented by a halo or outer ring of smaller stones.

Three-Stone Rings

Birthstone Ring Set with 3 stones

Check out this Birthstone Ring Set with 3 stones here.

Typically with a center birthstone flanked by two diamonds or other stones.

Infinity Rings

Birthstone Infinity ring

Check out this Birthstone Infinity ring here.

Birthstones looped into an infinite symbol on the band.

Birthstone Accent Rings

2-7 Winged Accents ring

Check out this 2-7 Winged Accents ring here.

A ring featuring small birthstone gems as accents alongside a larger center gem.

Birthstone Color Bands

Customizable Mother's Ring Natural Birthstone 3/4 Eternity Band in 14K Gold

Check out this Customizable Mother’s Ring Natural Birthstone 3/4 Eternity Band in 14K Gold here.

Birthstone colors are used in the metal band of the ring rather than gemstones.

Stacking Rings

14K White Gold Created Alexandrite Stackable Birthstone Ring

Check out this 14K White Gold Created Alexandrite Stackable Birthstone Ring here.

Coordinate two or more separate birthstone bands to stack together.

Cocktail Rings

33 carat Aquamarine Cocktail ring

Check out this 33-carat Aquamarine Cocktail ring here.

Oversized birthstone rings make a bold fashion statement.

Birthstone Bypass Rings

Bypass Twist Mothers Ring

Check out this Bypass Twist Mothers Ring here.

Gems that zig-zag across the finger in a bypass style.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to unique birthstone rings.

Settings for Birthstone Rings

Beyond the arrangement of stones, you’ll also want to choose a metal setting:


Yellow, white, or rose gold make beautiful, classic settings.


Sterling silver is an affordable metal option.


A high-end, durable setting for precious stones.

Alternative Metals

Like copper, titanium, tungsten, etc.

Settings may also come in different finishes from polished to matte textures. Choosing the right metal ensures the birthstones stand out brilliantly.

Styles of Birthstone Rings

Birthstone rings range from dainty to bold in style:

  • Solitaire rings tend to be simple and petite.
  • Halo or three-stone rings add dimension for a bolder look.
  • Stackable bands look great layered together.
  • Cocktail rings make a flashy statement.

Some other stylistic features include:

Ring Oval Amethyst Cabochon Crystal with Clear Austrian Crystals 18 kt Gold

Check out this Ring Oval Amethyst Cabochon Crystal with Clear Austrian Crystals 18 kt Gold here.

  • Vintage-inspired designs like Art Deco
  • Minimalist, geometric styles
  • Nature motifs like leaves or flowers
  • Antique styles like filigree or engraving
  • Luxurious bands with milgrain detailing

There are so many ways to customize birthstone rings to fit your loved one’s style!

Birthstone Rings Make Thoughtful Gifts

A piece of jewelry starring her birthstone is a very meaningful gift for any woman. Here are just a few of the reasons birthstone rings make ideal presents:

  • Personal – Probably the biggest appeal of a birthstone ring is how personal it is. The stones represent her birthday month, making it a special memento.
  • Meaningful – Beyond just looking beautiful, it symbolizes something deeper about her place in the world.
  • Custom – With so many styles, you can customize the ring to fit her taste perfectly.
  • Milestones – Commemorate special occasions like big birthdays with a quality birthstone keepsake.
  • Heirlooms – These sentimental gems become family treasures passed down through generations.
  • Travel Souvenir – Peridot from Egypt or emerald from Colombia make one-of-a-kind travel mementos.
  • Subtle Honors – Use kids’ or grandkids’ birthstones to subtly honor your loved ones.
  • Stackable – Give her birthstone now, then add more bands for future occasions.
  • Affordable – Well-crafted options available at lower price points.
  • Treasured Forever – Hold enduring sentimental value she’ll cherish for life.

For any memorable occasion – holidays, anniversaries, graduations and more – a birthstone ring is sure to touch her heart.

How to Buy a Quality Birthstone Ring

When investing in a birthstone ring that will last, keep these tips in mind:

Siren Cluster Cocktail Ring

Check out this Siren Cluster Cocktail Ring here.

  • Reputable Retailer
  • Make sure to buy from a trusted, certified jeweler, not a random website. They ensure quality and fair pricing. Local jewelers are great for custom or antique finds.
  • Know Her Style
  • Shop with her preferences in mind – metal color, ring style, stone shapes, etc. Pay attention to her current jewelry collection.
  • Get Her Ring Size
  • An ill-fitting ring won’t get much wear – be sure to get properly sized. If unsure, buy adjustable or resize later.
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Invest in precious metals and ethically sourced gemstones. Stay away from cheap alloys and plated metals.
  • Excellent Craftsmanship
  • Hallmarks of a well-made ring: secure prongs, smooth facets, strong settings, and structural integrity.
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Reputable retailers provide documents verifying gemstone quality and characteristics.
  • Reasonable Price
  • Set a budget that suits the occasion and allows room for customization options.
  • Warranties
  • Many jewelers offer warranties against damage or manufacturer defects.

By carefully choosing an exquisite birthstone ring from a trusted jeweler, you can honor a loved one with a gift she’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if someone was born in a month with two birthstones?

    Some months (like November and December) have two alternate birthstones to choose from. Select the stone that resonates most with the recipient’s taste or personality.

  • What are some ways to customize a birthstone ring?

    Engraving, mixing metals, adding accent stones, incorporating motifs like hearts or infinity symbols, selecting a vintage-style setting, or stacking multiple bands.

  • Where are the best places to buy birthstone rings?

    Online retailers, national jewelry chains, independent local jewelers, Etsy artisans, vintage shops, or estate sales. Make sure the seller is reputable.

  • What metals pair best with different birthstones?

    Soft gems like pearls, opal, and emerald look lovely in white metals like platinum or silver. Meanwhile, hardy stones like diamonds and sapphire shine in yellow or rose gold.

  • How can I find her ring size without her knowing?

    Borrow one of her existing rings to take to the jeweler for sizing. Or have a tactful friend or family member ask her subtly in conversation.

  • What are some tips for caring for birthstone rings?

    Take stones like opal and emerald that are more fragile to a jeweler for cleaning instead of doing it yourself. For cleaning at home, use mild dish soap, warm water, and a soft brush. Store rings properly to avoid scratching.

  • How much do birthstone rings cost?

    There is a huge range when it comes to price – you can spend under $100 or well into the thousands. Set a budget based on factors like metal, quality of stones, designer name, and customization.

  • What are some creative ways to gift a birthstone ring?

    Have it arrive with flowers on her birthday, include a handwritten note about why you chose that stone, or present it as a surprise family heirloom from a grandmother on a meaningful occasion.


A piece of jewelry is always a thoughtful gift – but a ring shining with her birthstone takes that sentiment to the next level. With so many styles and customization options, you can find the perfect fit based on her taste and personality. Beyond just looking beautiful on her finger, a birthstone ring carries personal meaning about her unique place in your heart and life. It represents a subtle way to honor someone you love. Every time she looks down at that symbolic gem from her birth month, she’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness and feel your love.


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