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This guide will explore everything you need to know about eternity rings for women – from their meaning and history, the different styles available, how to choose the perfect ring, and tips for gifting them. Discover why these stunning, unbroken circles add meaning to any jewelry collection.

What Are Eternity Rings For Women?

An eternity ring is a singular metal band with an unending circle of identically cut gemstones. The band is often encrusted with a continuous line of diamonds that stretches around the ring with no distinct beginning or end. This setting style creates the illusion of one never-ending stone that has lasted for eternity.

Diamond white gold eternity ring

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While diamonds are the most popular stone for eternity rings for women, other precious gems can also be used, including:

  • Sapphires
Sapphire and diamonds eternity ring

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  • Rubies
Gold Ruby with diamonds eternity ring 2mm

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  • Emeralds
18ct White Gold Diamond Emerald Princess Cut Half Eternity Ring

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  • Colored diamonds
Colored diamonds eternity rings

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The gems are set closely together to form a consistent line of stones around the circumference of the band. They are generally the same cut and size to create a seamless look and maximum sparkle.

Full-eternity rings for women have gemstones that encircle entirely the band in an unbroken line. Partial eternity rings feature stones along only a portion of the band, usually the top half or front section.

The Meaning Behind Eternity Rings For Women

The enduring circular shape and unbroken line of stones in an eternity ring carry a symbolic meaning of:

  • Everlasting love – The circle has no beginning or end, paralleling a love with no end. The continuous band with no interruptions represents a lasting relationship.
  • Faithfulness – The solid metal band and consistent line of jewels signify unwavering fidelity, loyalty, and devotion.
  • Commitment – Eternity rings convey deep commitment and the profound lifelong bonds of marriage or other partnerships.
  • Timelessness – The infinite, never-ending circle epitomizes permanence and timelessness. An eternal bond that withstands the test of time.

Eternity rings first became famous as wedding rings. The circular shape and meaning perfectly complement traditional wedding vows. The betrothal ring was often replaced with an eternity ring at the ceremony to symbolize the transition to an eternal marriage bond.

Today, eternity rings also make meaningful:

  • Anniversary gifts – Milestone anniversaries are popular occasions for gifting an eternity ring, especially first anniversaries. The unending circle reflects an enduring marriage.
  • Mother rings – The robust and infinite bond between parent and child is commemorated in mother rings with birthstones.
  • Memorial rings – Honor the memory of a loved one with stones representing an eternal connection.

History of Eternity Rings For Women

Eternity rings have a long history and tradition spanning cultures and eras:

  • Ancient Egypt – The ouroboros, the symbol of a snake eating its tail, was worn as a sign of eternal life and recreation.
  • Ancient Rome – Rings engraved with two shaking hands represented everlasting friendship.
  • Medieval Europe – Gimmel rings that joined two or three hoops together embodied eternal love and commitment.
  • Victorian era – The romantic Victorians started the tradition of gifting jewelry like eternity rings to symbolize lasting love.
  • 1920s – Improved diamond cutting techniques enabled the creation of the first diamond eternity bands.
  • 1940s-1950s – Eternity rings gained widespread popularity after WWII as anniversary and engagement ring enhancements.
  • Modern – Eternity rings continue as a staple jewelry item to celebrate marriage, anniversaries, and motherhood. New settings and gemstone options expand the designs.

Types of Eternity Rings

Eternity rings for women come in different band options to suit personal preferences:

Full Eternity Band

Full eternity band with 50 stones

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  • Diamonds or gems surround the entire circumference of the ring in a continuous circle with no breaks.
  • Known as a full eternity ring, this style represents the symbolic meaning of eternal, never-ending love.
  • It is more expensive than other settings but makes the boldest visual impact with maximum sparkle.

Half Eternity Band

Half eternity diamond band

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  • Diamonds cover only half the band’s surface, usually across the top or front side of the ring.
  • A half-eternity ring is the most popular setting and a more budget-friendly option than a full-eternity ring.
  • Highlights the stones while keeping the bottom half of the metal band visible.

Three Quarter Eternity Band

Three Quarter Eternity Band with diamonds

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  • Diamonds extend around approximately three-quarters of the ring metal.
  • It balances the gemstones and the metal band while maximizing sparkle.
  • It is one of the most preferred eternity ring settings for its comfort and visual appeal.

Five, Seven, or Ten Stone Ring

Five stone wedding band

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7 stone diamonds wedding band

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ten stone eternity diamond ring

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  • Features a small number of stones (5, 7, or 10 typically) spaced evenly around the band.
  • Each stone has a symbolic meaning, like the five stones representing eternal love, 7 for faithfulness, and 10 for completeness.
  • milestone markers like 5th or 10th anniversaries.
  • The most affordable option that still carries an eternity ring meaning.

How to Choose an Eternity Ring

Keep these tips in mind when selecting an eternity ring:

  • Metal – Yellow, white, and rose gold are popular choices. Platinum is intense, pure, and precious. Silver offers an affordable alternative. Match existing jewelry or choose metal with personal symbolism.
  • Diamond Quality – Opt for higher diamond color grades G-J and clarity grades FL to SI1 for maximum sparkle. Evaluate cut for optimal light return.
  • Gemstone – Diamonds are traditional, but colored gem varieties add a unique flair. Choose birthstones or stones with personal meaning.
  • Band Style – Consider finger coverage and comfort. Full bands are bolder, while half bars give balance.
  • Ring Size – Size appropriately for a comfortable everyday fit. Have your finger measured and buy a sized or sizeable ring.
  • Coordinated Set – Opt for matchy-matchy rings sized to be worn together. Pair with an engagement ring, wedding band, or other stackable eternity rings.
  • Personal Taste – Reflect personality with vintage, modern, or unique styled bands. Engrave inside the band for added sentiment.

When to Give an Eternity Ring

Eternity rings for women are traditionally given to celebrate everlasting bonds and commitment:

  • Weddings – Given at the ceremony or worn as an anniversary upgrade. Symbolizes the eternal union and vows.
  • Anniversaries – Milestone anniversaries, especially of 1st, 5th, and 10th, are famous for gifting eternity rings.
  • Motherhood – Birth of a first child, or for mothers on Mother’s Day. Represents the lifelong mother-child bond.
  • Memorials – Honor the eternal memory and connection to a deceased loved one.
  • Valentine’s Day – Highlights your infinite, faithful love for your partner or spouse.
  • No Occasion – An eternity ring also makes a thoughtful anytime gift for a partner or loved one.

Caring for your Eternity Ring

  • Practice good hygiene and wipe jewelry regularly with a soft cloth. Clean ultrasonically or gently brush periodically.
  • Remove rings before physical activities, cleaning, and yardwork to avoid damage.
  • Store in a fabric-lined box, never mingled loose in a drawer or jewelry box. Keep pieces separate to prevent scratching.
  • Avoid harsh cleaners, temperature extremes, and exposure to chemicals that can erode metals and loosen stones.
  • Have eternity ring checked at 6-month cleanings and evaluated annually for loose stones and structural integrity.
  • Repair bent prongs promptly and replace missing stones to protect the integrity of the eternity ring.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eternity Rings For Women

Are eternity rings just for women?

While more commonly worn by women, eternity rings can also be beautifully styled for men. Options like shared setting bands, black diamonds, engraving, and two-tone metals give men’s eternity rings a masculine edge.

What is the best metal for an eternity ring?

Platinum and 18K gold (white, yellow, rose) make the best eternal ring metals. They are hypoallergenic, durable, and precious, symbolizing the ring’s significance.

What finger is an eternity ring worn on?

Eternity rings for women are worn on any finger, but most traditionally, the left-hand ring finger is either solo or stacked with an engagement ring and wedding band. Modeling on the left ring finger closest to the heart carries symbolic meaning.

When should you get an eternity ring?

Popular occasions to gift or receive an eternity ring include weddings, anniversaries, after the birth of a first child, Valentine’s Day, and significant milestones. An eternity ring works beautifully to commemorate any lifelong relationship.

How do I measure my ring size for an eternity ring?

You can get your finger size measured professionally at a jewelry store. A printable plastic ring sizer or online measurement guide can also help determine your approximate ring size to order accurately sized eternity rings.

Are eternity rings for women expensive?

Eternity rings range dramatically in price depending on the metal and diamonds/gemstones used. More affordable options include sterling silver or alternative metal bands, lab-created or lower color/clarity grade diamonds, smaller melee diamonds, and bars with fewer diamonds like 5-7 stone eternity rings.

Enjoy Endless Love With Eternity Rings

Eternity rings make an iconic jewelry choice to represent timeless, unending love and commitment. The endless circle and continuous line of stones symbolize lifelong bonds, faithfulness, and memories. With an array of styles, metals, and customization options, eternity rings can be shaped into meaningful keepsakes. Give an eternity ring to a partner or loved one to celebrate milestones and special moments spanning a lifetime.


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