Vintage Rings For Women

11 Popular Vintage Rings For Women

Vintage rings for women are seeing a significant resurgence in popularity, especially among women looking for unique, statement pieces.

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While modern ring designs certainly appeal, vintage rings possess an old-world charm and enduring allure that reflects eras of classic style. From dainty Victorian filigree to bold Art Deco geometry, vintage rings evoke a sense of nostalgia and add character to any jewelry collection.

Different types of rings for women.
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Midi rings for women
Eternity rings for women
Birthstone rings for women
Promise rings for women
Solitaire rings for women

What Makes a Ring Vintage

So what exactly makes a ring “vintage”? Here are some guidelines:

  • Antique rings are 100 years old or more. Rings from the Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Nouveau eras fall into this category.
Antique 18Carat Yellow Gold Ruby & Pearl Cluster Ring

Antique 18Carat Yellow Gold Ruby and Pearl Cluster Ring

  • Vintage rings are at least 20 years old but less than 100 years old. Mid-century vintage rings from the 1930s to 1980s are plentiful on the market.
Sapphire and diamond Marguerite ring

Vintage Sapphire and diamond Marguerite ring

  • Estate rings come from previously owned collections, which can be antique, vintage, or contemporary.
Platinum Estate Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Platinum Estate Sapphire and Diamond Ring

While the age defines if a ring is vintage, the designs draw inspiration from past eras and fashions. Common vintage ring characteristics include:

  • Ornate metalworking like engraving, milgrain edges, and filigree
  • Geometric patterns and Art Deco styling
  • Floral motifs and delicate openwork
  • Carved gemstone shapes like cameos
  • Mined diamonds and colored gemstones
  • Mixed metal combinations like yellow and rose gold

Vintage rings stand out from modern designs’ time-honored craftsmanship and intricate details. The older cuts and setting styles are clues to their heritage.

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Antique diamond engagement ring

Antique diamond engagement ring

Where to Find Vintage Rings

There are many avenues to find authentic vintage rings to add to your collection:

  • Antique stores and vintage boutiques: Brick-and-mortar shops with curated collections are a great place to browse and try on different eras and styles. Reputable dealers will know to verify age and authenticity.
  • Estate sales and auctions: Look for estate jewelry sales through auction houses or online auctions. View items in person when possible to examine details and conditions. Auction records can help date pieces.
  • Online vintage retailers: Many internet shops sell curated selections of antique and vintage rings for women. Ensure they provide detailed listings with history and have return policies.
  • Jewelry brands: Some designers like Brilliant Earth and EraGem recreate vintage designs so you can get the look while knowing the ring’s provenance.
  • Family heirlooms: Look through your or relatives’ jewelry boxes for vintage treasures waiting to be styled and loved again.

Wherever you acquire a vintage ring, get documentation on its age and background. For valuable antique pieces, an appraisal by a certified gemologist is recommended.

Tips for Wearing and Caring for Vintage Rings

Once you’ve found the perfect vintage ring, you’ll want to take measures to keep it looking its best:

  • Get appraisals and insurance: For valuable rings, an independent assessment establishes value for insuring your ring properly or passing it down through generations.
  • Size appropriately: Make sure your ring is correctly sized to your finger. Vintage rings may need rethinking to fit modern tastes and hands. Trust a reputable jeweler for any resizing or repairs.
  • Clean gently: Avoid ultrasonic and steam cleaners, which can damage softer stones and metals. Instead, soak warm water with mild soap and gently brush with a soft toothbrush. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • Store safely: Protect your ring in a fabric-lined jewelry box, away from other pieces that could scratch it. Vintage rings require more delicate care than modern, often harder, gemstones and metals.
  • Remove when active: Vintage rings usually feature fragile filigree or softer stones prone to damage. Take your ring off for household chores, gardening, swimming, or sleep.
  • Get regular check-ups: Make sure to have your vintage ring examined yearly for any worn prongs, loose stones, or needed repairs. Address issues early before extensive damage occurs.

With care and maintenance, vintage rings can be worn and enjoyed for generations. The patina and imperfections only add to their beauty and appeal.

Vintage rings span many different eras, from the Victorian age through the Retro 20th century. Here are some highlights of popular vintage styles that you can find in antique shops or websites today:

Victorian Rings (1837-1901)

Antique Victorian Rose Cut Diamond Cluster Ring 2.50ct Of Diamond With Box

Victorian diamond cluster ring

  • Iconic for delicate details, floral motifs, and femininity
  • Gold (yellow, rose) and silver metals with engraved or pierced detailing
  • Filigree, openwork galleries, cluster designs framed in metal
  • Common motifs are roses, bows, doves, snakes, stars, crescent moons
  • Old European and old mine-cut diamonds, seed pearls, opals, garnets
  • Popular settings are tulip, bowknot, star, and crescent

Edwardian Rings (1901-1910)

An 18ct gold edwardian sapphire, pearl and diamond cluster ring

18ct gold Edwardian sapphire, pearl, and diamond cluster ring

  • Continuation of Victorian delicate and feminine motifs
  • Introduction of platinum in jewelry settings around 1910
  • More open, airy designs – lacey garland-style galleries
  • milgrain detailing on the sides of metal bands and bezels
  • Center stones gaining popularity – old European cuts, rose cuts
  • Common motifs are bows, floral scrolls, wreaths, ribbons,
  • Popular halo and three-stone arrangements

Art Nouveau Rings (1890-1910)

Art Nouveau 14k Mixed Metal Orange Sapphire Ring

Art Nouveau 14k Mixed Metal Orange Sapphire Ring

  • Flowing, asymmetrical, whiplash lines
  • Intricate, curved designs reminiscent of vines, flowers, insects
  • Popular new materials like horn, enamel, glass, abalone shell
  • Darker gold and silver metals, mined stones, and pearls
  • Unique carved gemstones like moonstones and agates
  • The more stylistic, less literal interpretation of nature
  • Popular motifs are orchids, dragonflies, vines, crescent moons

Edwardian/Art Deco Rings (1910-1935)

Fine Three Diamond Platinum Art Deco Trilogy Ring

Fine Three Diamond Platinum Art Deco Trilogy Ring

  • The transition from flowing Art Nouveau to bold geometric Art Deco
  • Platinum remains popular, but white gold has started gaining favor
  • Filigree and engraving become more stylized and linear
  • Strong Eastern influence – Egyptian motifs like scarab pyramids.
  • Use of onyx, jade, coral, and other striking gemstones
  • Old mine and European cuts transition to modern round brilliant
  • Popular motifs are ribbons, tassels, fans, navettes, chevrons
Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Cluster 18ct Yellow Gold Ring

Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Cluster 18ct Yellow Gold Ring

Art Deco Rings (1920-1935)

  • Sleek, geometric, machine-age-inspired style
  • Platinum, white gold, and silver metals create a bright canvas for colorful gems.
  • Filigree is replaced by sleek lines, triangles, chevrons, trapezoids
  • Center stones prominently displayed in prong or bezel settings
  • Detailed engraving and enameling for pops of color
  • Popular motifs are fans, tassels, sunbursts, arrows, chevrons, navettes
  • Old mine cuts transitioning fully to modern round brilliant diamonds
Retro blue topaz and diamond gold ring

Retro blue topaz and diamond gold ring

Retro Rings (1935-1950)

  • Softer, more fluid, and natural lines return after angular Deco
  • Rose gold regains popularity for its warm, reddish hue
  • Curved bands with delicate leaves, florals, clusters
  • Center stones are often large, rounded rectangles or ovals
  • Calibrated stones in horizontal lines or symmetrical patterns
  • Carved gemstones like jade, star sapphires
  • Popular motifs are bows, ribbons, flowers, acorns, bowknots
  • Combination of yellow rose and white gold in multi-tone settings


For those looking to make a statement, vintage rings for women provide a stunning way to embrace eras of timeless beauty and quality craftsmanship. As more people turn to sustainable fashion, vintage rings breathe new life into existing pieces. Beyond their dazzling design, they have a history and sentiment that makes them meaningful to wear or pass down through generations.

When sourcing vintage rings for women, buy from reputable dealers with knowledge of eras and materials. Authentic vintage rings require gentle care and maintenance but reward you with years of wear if adequately treated. Whether it’s an Art Deco cocktail ring or a dainty Victorian band, the vintage rings you choose today can become the heirlooms of tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vintage Rings for Women

How can I determine if a ring is antique or vintage?

Examine the setting style and metal quality. Styling should match the purported era, like filigree for Victorian or geometric patterns for Art Deco.
Look at the cut of any diamonds or gemstones. These should match periods like old European and old mine cuts in the Victorian and Art Nouveau eras.
Ask the seller for any documentation on the ring’s provenance, like an appraisal stating age. Hallmark stamps can help date gold rings.
Please take it to a jeweler for inspection. They can verify if materials and construction indicate authentic age.

What’s the difference between antique, vintage, and estate rings?

Antique rings are 100+ years old. Vintage rings are 20-100 years old. Estate rings are previously owned, so they may be antique or vintage.

How should I care for my vintage ring?

Store in a fabric-lined ring box, individually if possible. Vintage rings are prone to scratching.
Clean gently by soaking in warm, mild, soapy water and brushing with a soft toothbrush. Avoid ultrasonic cleaners.
Take the ring off for active tasks, cleaning, and gardening. Vintage rings for women can be fragile.
Get appraisals updated every 2-3 years and inspect regularly for needed repairs.

Can I resize or reset an antique ring?

It’s best to only resize within 1-2 sizes up or down. Larger resizing can damage softer vintage metals.
Resetting stones often requires new prongs, which alters the setting’s antiquity. Instead, opt for repairing any worn prongs.
Trust any resizing or repairs only to experienced jewelers who understand vintage materials.

What are some ways to style vintage rings for women?

Pair a lacier Victorian ring with a modern, minimal outfit for a striking contrast.
Stack dainty vintage bands in mixed metals with modern rings for an eclectic look.
Let a bold cocktail ring take center stage and keep other accessories simple.
Create a vintage vibe for formal events with a 20s bezel set ring.
For casual outfits, mix fun retro rings with your basics to elevate the look.

Are vintage rings for women more ethical and sustainable?

Vintage rings for women reuse what’s already been mined and produced, extending the lifecycle of pieces. This prevents the need for more new materials, benefiting the environment.
Materials in vintage rings were likely mined decades ago with less strict labor regulations, which may raise some ethical concerns.

Are vintage rings a good investment?

Rare and high-quality vintage pieces from specific eras and designers can be appreciated over time, especially if styles come back in fashion again.
More common vintage rings may not necessarily increase in monetary value but hold sentimental value for generations.
Get appraisals every few years to establish current value for insurance purposes as vintage rings age.


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