Surfer Necklaces For Men

7 Bold Surfer Necklaces for Men

Surfer necklaces for men are the perfect accessory to capture the essence of this lifestyle. Often made from natural elements like shells, wood, and beads, these necklaces have an organic, bohemian look perfect for guys who want to give off good vibes.

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Surf culture brings to mind sunshine, crashing waves, sandy beaches, and, most importantly, the casual, laid-back attitude of surfers around the world. Surfer style embraces this chill vibe, focusing on natural materials, comfortable fits, and beachy designs.

The Natural Appeal of Shells and Wood

Seashells and wood are classic materials used in surfer necklaces. Their natural origins connect the wearer to the sea and nature. Various shells, each with a distinctive shape, color, and texture, are commonly used.


  • Tusk shells – These elongated cone-shaped shells have a smooth white, brown, and yellow exterior. Their curved, tooth-like shape gives tusk shells a rugged, earthy look.
Tusk Shell Surfer Necklace

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  • Paua shells – Also called abalone shells, these are known for their eye-catching rainbow of blues, greens, and purples that shine under light. Paua shells have a distinctive swirled, oval shape.
Paua Shell Surfer necklace

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  • Cowrie shells – Probably the most recognizable seashells, cowrie shells are oval-shaped with a smooth porcelain-like exterior that’s usually white with brown or yellow markings.
Surfer necklace with cowrie shells

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  • Conch shells – Large, dome-shaped shells flare into a wide opening. Conch shells range from white to pink to orange in color and often feature a rugged, weathered texture.
Conch Seashell Surfer Necklace

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In addition to seashells, various wood beads are also commonly used in surfer necklaces:

  • Koa wood – Native to Hawaii, koa wood often has a reddish-brown color and grain pattern. It gives a tropical vibe.
  • Sandalwood – Sandalwood has a delicate fragrance and comes in blonde and brown shades with natural grain variation.
  • Bamboo – For an eco-friendly option, bamboo has a bohemian, hand-carved look. It ranges from light tan to warm brown colors.

The natural origins of seashells and wood give surfer necklaces an organic, earthy look and feel. Their colors and textures evoke the beach and ocean. Mixing different types of shells and wood allows you to create unique designs.

Customizable Designs

One of the great things about surfer necklaces for men is that you can create wholly customized looks. Since they often incorporate various natural beads and materials, the options are endless for mixing and matching.

Mix of Materials

Mixed puka shells necklace

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You can combine different types of seashells or mix shells with wood varieties. Try blending white tusk shells with colorful paua shells. Or alternate koa wood beads with cowrie shells. See what designs you can develop by pairing contrasting or complementary colors and shapes.

black lava rock surfer necklace

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In addition to seashells and wood, other natural materials like lava rock beads or seeds can be incorporated. Artificial materials like bone, plastic, resin, or glass are also commonly used with natural beads. This adds extra variety and allows even more unique looks.

Cord Options

The cording that holds the beads together is another chance for customization and self-expression. Popular options include:

  • Leather – Leather cording has a rugged, casual vibe. Often braided or twisted, it comes in various colors like classic brown or black and colorful options like orange, teal, and purple.
Leather surfer necklace

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  • Hemp – Hemp cord combines well with the natural materials in surfer necklaces. Its earthy tan color and soft texture lend a bohemian style.
  • Nylon – A durable nylon cord is an excellent choice for water since it dries quickly. It comes in every color imaginable so that you can match or contrast it with your beads.
  • Chain – Add a touch of polish to the casual surfer style by using silver, brass, or stainless steel chains. Delicate trace chains or chunky curb chains can both work.

The variations are endless, with many options for combining materials and cording. Embrace the chance to play around and create necklaces that reflect your unique personal style.

Look for the Beach and Beyond

While the beachy, laidback vibe is at the heart of surfer style, the right necklace can go from the waves to the streets effortlessly. Surfer necklaces for men work great for casual everyday outfits, not just trips to the ocean.

Beach Looks

  • A simple surfer necklace with wood or neutral-toned shells is perfect for the beach. It won’t be too flashy or distract from boardshorts or swim trunks.
  • Go bright with a necklace made with colorful paua or conch shells when wearing swim gear in matching blues, pinks, or oranges. Coordinate the colors for a stylish beach look.
  • Layer a few long surfer necklaces over your swimsuit for the ultimate carefree attitude. Mix and match beads and cord materials for an eclectic look.


  • Casual looks for everyday wear call for surfer necklaces, too. Layer over t-shirts, tanks, open button-downs, or henleys to add interest.
  • Cowrie shell or sandalwood necklaces look great with casual button-downs. Leave the shirt open over a t-shirt to showcase the chain.
  • Make simple looks pop by pairing vibrant surfer necklaces with neutral-toned shirts or shorts. Bright coral necklaces instantly grab attention.
  • Chunky wood and lava rock bead necklaces make a bold statement. Pair with jeans and a plain white tee or tank for a laid-back style.
  • For cooler weather, layer a surfer necklace over a hoodie. Choose one long enough to show beneath the hood for a touch of texture.

Making it Work

  • Let surfer necklaces for men take center stage in your outfits. Skip loud prints or flashy accessories, and let the chain be the focal point.
  • For variety, collect necklaces in different lengths – some that fall mid-chest and longer ones that hit just above the waist.
  • Consider longer necklaces with varying bead sizes. These look great layered together for an on-trend stacked look.
  • Surfer necklaces for men look best with casual, beachy outfits. Choose sleek paua and polished wood over shells for a polished summer look.


Surfer necklaces for men let guys embrace the laidback attitude of surfers and beach bums everywhere. Natural materials like seashells, wood, and beads connect you to the ocean and nature with their one-of-a-kind designs.

Let these earthy, bohemian accessories become statement pieces in your warm-weather wardrobe: mix and match shells, wood varieties, and cord textures for unique, personalized looks. Surfer necklaces add chill vibes and effortless style to any casual outfit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What length of surfer necklace for men works best?

Surfer necklaces for men come in varying lengths, from chokers that sit high on the chest to extra-long ropes that hit at the waistline. Most guys prefer mid-length necklaces that fall around the breastbone’s top. This provides enough room for the chain to show well with shirts that aren’t fully buttoned. Longer lengths work well when layered together.

How do you clean surfer necklaces for men?

Most surfer necklace materials like wood, shell, and stone beads can be cleaned by handwashing with mild soap and warm water. Avoid soaking leather cords, and don’t submerge necklaces in water. Instead, use a soft cloth to clean gently. For sanitizing, rubbing alcohol can be applied with a cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals that may damage beads.

Should you wear surfer necklaces for men in the water?

Surfer necklaces for men are meant to embrace the surfer lifestyle, but their materials vary in water resistance. Seashells and wood will become damaged if submerged repeatedly. For ocean wear, wax cord or nylon is best. Avoid wearing leather cords in water, as they can become brittle when dried. Remove necklaces before extensive water activities.

What if my surfer necklace breaks? Can I fix it?

Natural materials like seashells and wood are prone to breaking, especially if worn in the ocean regularly. Repairing depends on the breakage. If the cord frays or a clasp comes undone, you can usually re-string or replace the clutch. If shells crack or wood beads split, these may need replacement. Take broken necklaces to a jeweler for assessment and possible repairs.

How much do surfer necklaces for men cost?

Surfer necklaces for men vary widely in price depending on the materials used. Simple necklaces made from plastic beads or bare cowrie shells may cost $10 to $30. For natural exotic shells, high-end woods like koa, sandalwood, or hand-carved beads, expect prices from $50 to $300. Vintage or antique shell necklaces also command higher pricing. Shop around to find good deals, even on premium materials.


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