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Free bra size calculator 2023

Want to learn what is your bra size? Use our free bra size calculator to find your size and to be comfortable.

Bra Size Calculator

How to measure:

  • Bust size: Measure around the fullest part of your bust.
  • Band size: Measure directly under your bust, around your ribcage.

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Exact sizing and fit may vary by brand

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a bra-size calculator?

    A bra size calculator is an online tool that helps you determine your correct bra size based on your measurements.

  • How do I use a bra-size calculator?

    To use a bra size calculator, you’ll need to take two measurements: your band size (the circumference of your ribcage just below your breasts) and your bust size (the fullest part of your breasts). Input these measurements into the calculator, and it will give you a suggested bra size.

  • Are bra size calculators accurate?

    Bra size calculators can be a helpful starting point for finding your correct size, but they may not be 100% accurate. Different brands and styles of bras can fit differently, so it’s important to try on bras in your suggested size to see how they fit.

  • Can a bra-size calculator replace a professional fitting?

    While bra size calculators can be useful, they can’t replace a professional fitting. A bra fitter can take into account factors like breast shape and personal preferences to help you find the perfect bra.

  • What if my measurements don’t match up with the suggested bra size?

    If your measurements don’t match up with a suggested bra size, don’t worry! Everyone’s body is different, and sometimes it takes some trial and error to find the right size. You may want to try a few different sizes or consult a professional fitter for guidance.

  • Can I use a bra size calculator if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

    Bra size calculators can still be helpful during pregnancy or breastfeeding, but it’s important to keep in mind that your size may change as your body changes. You may need to re-measure yourself and adjust your size accordingly.

  • Are there different types of bra-size calculators?

    Yes, there are many different types of bra-size calculators available online. Some use a simple formula to calculate your size, while others may take into account factors like breast shape or the type of bra you’re looking for.

  • Is it necessary to use a bra-size calculator?

    While it’s not necessary to use a bra size calculator, it can be a helpful tool in finding your correct size. It can save you time and frustration when shopping for bras, and help ensure that you’re getting the best fit possible.

  • Are there any other tips for finding the right bra size?

    Yes, there are a few additional tips that can help you find the right bra size. First, make sure you’re measuring yourself correctly – it can be helpful to have a friend or partner assist you. Additionally, pay attention to how the bra feels when you try it on – it should be comfortable and supportive, without any pinching or gaping. Finally, don’t be afraid to try different styles and brands of bras to see what works best for you.

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