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8 Dynamic Cross Necklaces for Men

For many men today, wearing cross necklaces for men is a way to make a subtle faith-based statement or connect with a deeper spiritual meaning.

From simple, understated crosses to bold, eye-catching pendant styles, cross necklaces for men come in many forms. The cross symbol has a long history and shows up in diverse cultures across the ages. For those who want a versatile accessory that expresses personal beliefs, a cross necklace can be a great choice.

A Brief History of the Cross Symbol

Long before the cross became the predominant symbol of Christianity, it appeared in various forms in many ancient cultures. From Native American and Chinese pictographs to Norse and Greek artifacts, forms resembling a cross were used symbolically, decoratively, and iconographically.

Some key cross symbol history highlights:

  • Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs – The ankh symbol representing life featured a tau cross (T shape) atop a circle.
  • Bronze Age – Crooked cross symbols found on artifacts across ancient cultures including Greco-Roman, Celtic, and Germanic.
  • Norse mythos – Odin is said to have been killed on a Yggdrasil tree in the form of a cross.
  • Roman Empire – Crucifixion on wooden crosses became a common punishment and execution method during Jesus Christ’s time.
  • Early Christianity – After Jesus’ crucifixion, the cross became the main symbol of the Christian faith signifying Christ’s sacrifice.
  • Medieval times – Knights wore cross symbols on their shields and clothes, signifying crusades to take back the Holy Land.
  • Modern times – The cross remains the most recognizable symbol of Christianity as well as some non-Christian faiths such as the Coptic Orthodox Church. It continues to be used decoratively and iconically in many cultures.

With this extensive history, it is no wonder the cross remains a popular symbol and jewelry design even today.

Styles and Variations of Cross Necklaces For Men

The most common cross necklace features a simple short horizontal bar intersecting a longer vertical bar in some form. However, there are many different styles of crosses used in necklaces. Here are some of the most popular cross styles and variations men can choose from:

Latin Cross

14k Gold Filled and Vermeil Gold Cross Necklace for Men

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This is the most common shape – a long upright post with a shorter horizontal bar near the top. Latin crosses are simple and recognizable.

Greek Cross

Greek Gold Cross necklace

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All four arms of this cross are equal in length. The Greek cross has a bold, balanced shape.

Celtic Cross

Stainless Steel Traditional Celtic Cross Necklace

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Featuring a Latin cross with a circular halo or nimbus behind the intersection, Celtic crosses are connected to Irish Christianity. The circle is said to represent the sun and eternity.

Gothic Cross

Gunmetalic Gothic Cross Necklace

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Gothic crosses have a spiky, flared shape. They may be upright or hanging. The Gothic style looks bold and eye-catching.

Crucifix Cross

Two Colour Gold Crucifix

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This cross includes a three-dimensional representation of Jesus’ body. Crucifix crosses depict Christ’s crucifixion.

Maltese Cross

White Gold Maltese cross pendant

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With spear-shaped arms flaring out, Maltese crosses have a striking spread shape. They were connected to crusader knights.

Cross Pendants

Thin cross pendant

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Cross bars can attach to round or teardrop-shaped pendants. Stone-encrusted and engraved cross pendants can be very ornate.

Winged Cross

Cross with angel wings

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Some crosses include wings extending from the horizontal bar on either side. Wings represent divine guidance and protection.

Choosing Cross Necklaces For Men

Men considering a cross pendant necklace have many options. Here are some factors to think about when selecting a cross necklace for yourself or a loved one:


Crosses can come in gold, silver, titanium, stainless steel, and more. Gold and silver chains often look dressier. Stainless steel offers durability. Choose a metal type based on preferences and budget.


The actual size of the cross, as well as the chain length, can vary greatly. Small and subtle or bold and prominent – it’s up to each wearer. Longer chains are generally more versatile.


From basic Latin crosses to unusual Gothic renditions, crosses come in many artistic styles. Pick one that matches your tastes and makes the statement you intend.


For religious individuals, choosing a cross that represents your particular faith is important. Others may select crosses mainly for symbolic meaning or design.


Inexpensive cross necklaces can be found at any budget level. Higher-end designers also offer diamond, gold, and gemstone crosses costing thousands of dollars.

Once you decide on preferences for size, style, metal, and overall look, you can narrow down the many cross necklace options to find your perfect choice.

Wearing and Caring for a Cross Necklaces For Men

One of the nice benefits of cross necklaces for men is their versatility. They can be worn every day, for special occasions, publicly displayed, or tucked discreetly inside a shirt. Here are some cross necklace-wearing and care tips:

  • For everyday wear, sturdier metals like stainless steel or titanium are best. Gold and silver chains are better suited for delicate occasional wear.
  • Allow a short chain cross to show prominently outside a shirt, or opt to tuck a longer chain inside for a more understated look.
  • Take care not to damage cross necklaces during physical activities, especially delicate versions. Remove them temporarily if needed.
  • Store cross necklaces safely while not being worn to prevent loss or tangling. Consider a jewelry box, roll, or stand.
  • Clean periodically with a soft cloth and mild soap and water to remove dirt and grime buildup. Take care not to use harsh chemicals or scrubbing.
  • For added shine and luster, look for dedicated cross necklace polishing cloths and jewelry cleaners.
  • Certain crosses with engraving or gemstones may require professional cleaning or more delicate care. Follow any specific instructions.
  • Over time, the clasp and chain can wear down. Check periodically and have repaired by a jeweler when needed.

By caring for your cross necklace properly and storing it safely, you can ensure it lasts for many years.

Why Cross Necklaces for Men Work

Cross necklaces for men have spanned history and cultures making them a versatile and iconic choice. Here are some key reasons this style of necklace works so well for men today:

  • Simplicity – Many styles offer a simple, classic pendant look that isn’t flashy or overdone.
  • Symbolism – A cross can tap into deep spiritual or religious significance for the wearer.
  • Style – From basic to bold aesthetic, crosses come in nearly endless stylings to suit personal tastes.
  • Versatility – Cross necklaces work for casual wear, dressy occasions, publicly or discreetly.
  • Meaning – Whether faith-based, cultural, or decorative, cross symbols carry a potent meaning.
  • History – Something with historical roots often holds more significance.

The cross’s combination of widespread religious meaning, intricate craftsmanship, and flexible styling make cross necklaces an ideal accessory for men looking to make a personal statement of faith or culture. With the array of options available today, you can select a cross necklace that perfectly matches your style.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What length of chain is best for a men’s cross necklace?

    Anything from 18 to 24 inches is ideal for a men’s cross necklace chain. This lets the cross lie nicely centered on the chest or abdomen. Longer 30-inch chains are also popular to allow tucking inside a shirt.

  • Should cross necklaces for men be gold or silver?

    It depends on personal style and preference. Silver tones are generally the most affordable. Gold crosses convey a bit more luxury. Each metal has a distinct look. Choose based on the budget and style you like best.

  • What are cross necklaces for men made of?

    Crosses themselves can be made of various metals like gold, silver, brass, or titanium. Chains are typically gold, silver, steel, or nylon cord. High-end crosses may contain diamonds or other gemstones.

  • Are cross necklaces for men appropriate for casual or formal wear?

    One benefit of cross necklaces is their versatility. Simple gold or silver crosses work nicely with suits and dress attire. Leather and bead options pair well with casual clothes. Choose your cross necklace based on your style and intended use.

  • Should a cross necklace be worn prominently or discreetly?

    Displaying your cross necklace publicly or tucking it inside your shirt is an entirely personal preference. Many people opt to wear outside clothes to openly convey faith, while others prefer keeping it private. Choose what feels right for you.

  • How do I keep cross necklaces for men from tarnishing?

    To limit the tarnishing of silver or cheaper metal crosses, store them in an airtight container to minimize air exposure when not wearing. Handling your cross with clean hands will also reduce tarnish. Use anti-tarnish-treated cloth or bags as well. Gold is naturally more tarnish-resistant.

  • Is there symbolism behind different cross styles?

    Yes, different cross types often have deeper symbolic meanings. For example, Celtic crosses represent Irish culture and faith, Maltese crosses signify crusader knights and crucifix crosses depict Christ’s sacrifice. Select a cross-style that aligns with your personal and cultural identity.

  • Should I take off my cross necklace to sleep or shower?

    Unless your cross necklace is very high-end or delicate, it’s fine to leave it on for sleeping and bathing. Just be sure to thoroughly dry the chain and pendant after showering or swimming to prevent damage. Remove during strenuous activity

  • How do I clean and shine a tarnished cross necklace?

    Use a polishing cloth specially made for silver, gold, or other jewelry metals to buff away dirt and tarnish. Avoid scrubbing too hard on delicate crosses. For deep cleaning, soak the necklace in warm water with a very mild soap then rinse and dry thoroughly.

  • How much do cross necklaces for men cost?

    There are many affordable options under $50. Mid-range crosses on simple chains run $100-$300 on average. For solid gold, diamonds, large gemstones, and intricate detailing you can find high-end men’s cross necklaces over $1,000.

  • What occasions are good for wearing a cross necklace?

    Aside from everyday wear, cross necklaces make great accessories for church events, weddings, holiday family gatherings, funerals, or any special occasion where displaying your faith is appropriate.

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