Steampunk Necklaces for Men

9 Steampunk Necklaces for Men – A Guide to Master Styling

Steampunk necklaces for men allow them to accessorize with unique vintage-inspired pieces. Steampunk jewelry and accessories have become famous for fans to incorporate the style into their wardrobe.

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Steampunk is a genre that mixes Victorian-era aesthetics with industrial and mechanical designs. It imagines a past where steam power remained the primary technology.

This guide will explore the essential materials, standard designs, pendant styles, length options, and where to buy when searching for the perfect steampunk necklaces to add Victorian flavor and mechanical edge to your look.

Materials Used in Steampunk Necklaces

The industrial edge of steampunk shows through the materials used to create necklaces and pendants in this style. Here are some of the most common:


Steampunk Anguistralobe Pendant

Check out this Steampunk Anguistralobe Pendant here.

Brass, copper, and bronze are popular choices for steampunk jewelry. The aged, weathered look of these metals fits with the vintage vibe. Necklaces from antique machine parts also incorporate iron, steel, and other industrial metals. Chains are often brass or bronze rather than the more expensive gold or silver.


Leather Steampunk Box Necklace

Check out this Leather Steampunk Box Necklace here.

Leather straps or cords are used for many steampunk necklace designs, especially for pendants. The leather adds a rustic, vintage look reminiscent of old machinery and welding aprons. Dark brown leather with visible seam stitching or rivets is commonly used.


Steampunk Cat Necklace

Check out this Steampunk Cat Necklace here.

Fabric-like canvas, burlap, or tweed may also create the necklace strap or be used to decorate a pendant. Vintage-style fabrics with earth tones help create an old-fashioned look.


Steampunk gear necklace

Check out this Steampunk gear necklace here.

Small clockwork gears are an iconic part of the steampunk aesthetic. Necklaces often incorporate gears into pendants or charms along the chain. Distressed metal gears with visible wear add industrial flavor.


Steampunk pocket watch necklace

Check out this Steampunk pocket watch necklace here.

Vintage pocket watches are prime steampunk accessories. Watch parts like faces and hands are also commonly used in steampunk jewelry design, creating the look of mini antique clocks and timers.

Other Machine Parts

Steampunk brass necklace

Check out this Steampunk brass necklace here.

Any small part used in machinery or engineering can find new life in steampunk jewelry. Look for springs, sprockets, valves, rivets, and other found items to incorporate into necklace creations.

Common Designs and Motifs

Beyond the materials, many common visual styles and motifs are found in steampunk necklaces for men. These design elements help create the unique combination of Victorian elegance and industrial grit:


Steampunk Thor's Hammer Mjolnir Pewter Pendant on Black Leather Cord Men's Necklace

Check out this Steampunk necklace for men here.

Gears are probably the most recognizable steampunk symbol. Necklaces often feature giant statement pendant gears or several interlocking cogs and sprockets. The gear motif represents steam power and ingenious engineering.

Airships and Hot Air Balloons

Steampunk Airship Pendant

Check out this Steampunk Airship Pendant here.

Flight technology like airships and balloons feature heavily in steampunk stories. Pendants in the shape of airships or balloon baskets evoke adventure and exploration. These designs may incorporate small gears or propellers as if powered by steam.

Keys, Locks, and Chains

Key Steampunk necklace

Check out this Key Steampunk necklace here.

Keys, padlocks, chains, and clockwork gears are reminiscent of elaborate Victorian pocket watches. These accessories imply winding and configuring complex machinery. Chains also symbolize industrial strength and bondage.

Goggles and Monocles

Vintage Monocle Necklace

Check out this Vintage Monocle Necklace here.

Goggles and monocles were practical accessories and fashion statements of the Victorian period. They represent scientific observation and optics. Miniature steampunk goggles or a monocle make eye-catching pendants.

Pocket Watches

Steampunk Pocket Watch Necklace

Check out this Steampunk Pocket Watch Necklace here.

The intricate craftsmanship of antique pocket watches appeals to steampunk style. Necklaces may display a vintage look or incorporate watch parts into the design. Watch faces often feature pendants adorned with suitable motifs.

Pendant Styles

The centerpiece pendant is the focus of most steampunk necklaces. Here are some of the common pendant styles and designs:

Large Statement Pendants

Steampunk compass pendant

Check out this Steampunk compass pendant here.

Pendants several inches long and made from large pieces create bold focal points. Statements may be made from metal machine parts like gears or valves or incorporate multiple elements like watch parts arranged artfully together.

Long Necklaces with Multiple Charms

Steampunk gear necklace with clockwork

Check out this Steampunk gear necklace with clockwork here.

Long chains measuring 20 inches or more can display a series of themed charms relating to steampunk. Charms may be gears, keys, balloons, or other mini replicas related to the genre.

Choker Necklaces

Pendant steampunk in the box

Check out this Pendant steampunk in the box here.

Choker-length necklaces 12-16 inches long can also carry appropriately sized steampunk pendants. Watch parts, sprockets, keys, and cameos work well for short choker chains.

Choosing Length and Thickness

Necklace length and thickness should complement the type of pendant and your style. Keep these factors in mind when picking chain size:

Necklace Length

  • Long chains of 20+ inches suit pendants with multiple small charms or minimalist gears. Allow pendants to rest lower on the chest.
  • Medium 16-18 inch lengths put focus on more oversized statement pendants. Chains stay closer to the neck.
  • Chokers at 12-16 inches carry pendants up high below the collar. Perfect for pocket watch parts or cameos.

Chain Thickness

  • Thin chains about 1-2mm work well for smaller pendants with intricate details to avoid distraction.
  • Medium 2-3mm chains balance and frame statement pendants nicely.
  • Thick 3-5mm chains make bold masculine statements and display heavy charms.

The right combination of length and thickness helps highlight your pendant for your style.

Where to Buy Steampunk Necklaces

Quality steampunk necklaces can be found both online and locally:


Etsy – Thousands of jewelry artists sell steampunk designs through their shops. Search for exactly what you want.

eBay – Vintage and antique necklaces on eBay are perfect for disassembly and steampunk redesign.

Specialized online shops – Sites like sell finished jewelry.


Craft fairs – Artisans at local craft fairs often sell their steampunk jewelry creations.

Antique shops – Look for vintage watch parts and accessories to use in repurposed jewelry.

Jewelry makers – Check jewelers and metal workers to commission custom steampunk designs.


Making your steampunk necklace allows total personal customization. Check garage sales, antique shops, and your toolbox for materials to upcycle. Watch for unique details like antique watch parts or microscope lenses to incorporate. Let your imagination run wild!

Steampunk Necklaces Allow Unique Self-Expression

Steampunk necklaces allow men to incorporate vintage elegance with an industrial edge in their accessories. The elaborate Victorian era merges with speculative mechanical technology to reflect values of ingenuity and craftsmanship. Diverse pendant designs with meaningful motifs tell stories of airship adventures, future technologies, and architectural achievements.

Steampunk Owl Pocket Watch Necklace

Check out this Steampunk Owl Pocket Watch Necklace here.

So whether you’re a cosplayer going to a convention, a history buff expanding your period wardrobe, or someone who wants to wear unique jewelry, a steampunk necklace allows you to accessorize creatively. The nostalgic style blends past and future, fusing romantic fantasy with modern practicality. Let your steampunk necklaces start conversations and express your distinctive personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What length of chain is best for a pocket watch necklace?

    A 16 to 18-inch chain length is ideal for hanging a pocket watch pendant. This keeps the watch centered and visible without dangling too low. Choker lengths of 14 inches can also work.

  • Should I choose brass, bronze, or copper for steampunk necklaces?

    All three metals fit the steampunk aesthetic well. Brass is bright gold, copper has a reddish tone, and bronze is more vintage brown. Choose based on which color you prefer. Antiquing any of the metals also creates an aged look.

  • What’s the difference between gears and cog necklaces?

    Gears and cogs refer to the same wheel-like parts that mesh together in machinery. Cog is the more technical term, while equipment is more informal. Steampunk necklaces may use either word.

  • Where can I find watch parts and machine pieces for steampunk pendants?

    Check antique and oddities shops for old watches, mechanisms, and small parts to repurpose. Garage sales can also have hidden treasures. For a more comprehensive selection, browse sites like Etsy.

  • How can I create a steampunk look on a budget?

    Visit thrift and secondhand shops to find items to repurpose, like old watches and jewelry. Use affordable materials like leather straps and simple chains distressed with sandpaper. Upcycle found objects and machine parts into pendants using glue and other simple techniques.


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