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17 Beanies for Women. Find Your Perfect Style

Beanies for women are having a significant fashion moment right now. These close-fitting, brimless hats made of knit material are loved for their cozy style and versatility. If you’re looking for tips on finding the ideal beanie to match your taste and keep you warm, read on!

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What Exactly is a Beanie?

Before we learn how to choose and style women’s beanies, let’s clearly define a beanie hat.

A beanie is a knit cap that fits closely on the head with no brim. It typically has these features:

  • Close-fitting design – Beanies have a snug, conforming fit to the shape of the head. They do not have extra room or a baggy style.
  • Brimless – Unlike a baseball cap or sun visor, beanies do not have a brim jutting out to shade the eyes. The top, sides, and bottom edges are the same.
  • Knit material – The most common beanie materials are wool, cotton, cashmere, acrylic, or a blend. The fibers are knit together into the hat shape versus woven fabric.
  • Covers head and ears – Beanies sit low on the head to provide complete coverage of the ears for extra warmth. The bottom edge meets the nape of the neck.
  • Can have folded/rolled cuff – Some beanies have a folded-up bottom edge, known as a cuff. The cuff provides decoration and helps the hat keep its structure.

While simple in construction – just a knit cap for the head – beanies for women come in endless styles thanks to the creative use of materials, colors, textures, and embellishments. Continue reading to discover the options!

The Rise of Beanies for Women as a Fashion Phenomenon

Originally popular mainly with laborers and merchants as functional head protection, beanies became fashionable urban streetwear in the 1980s and 90s. At the time, knit caps were part of hip-hop culture and paired with oversized, bombastic silhouettes.

Over the past decade, beanies exploded in popularity across all genders and styles. Their casual nature crosses boundaries and generations. Youth culture loves that beanie lend a calm, chill air. Yet they remain timeless accessories.

Beanies for women now frequently walk the runway at Fashion Week. Designers use innovative fabrics and unconventional shapes for collectible hats. But classic cuffed wool or cotton beanies will always stay in style.

Part of what makes beanies so universally appealing is their simplicity. A beanie must be pulled over the head like a fussy hat with many components. It instantly elevates any outfit with cozy sophistication.

Now that you know about the cultural evolution of beanies, let’s explore why they deserve a spot in every winter wardrobe.

Why Beanies For Women Are a Cold Weather Essential

Knit hats like beanies rose to popularity not merely for their cool visual aesthetic but also for their functionality. Beanies for women offer many benefits that make them a winter wardrobe staple:

Keep Your Head and Ears Warm

The snug fit of a beanie traps radiant body heat close to the head. This provides insulation against cold outside temperatures. Foldover beanies provide double-layer coverage over ears for added warmth.

Complement Any Outfit

Available in a rainbow of colors, prints, and texture combinations, beanies pair effortlessly with winter wardrobes. Match one to every coat and accessory.

Provide Sun Protection

A tightly knit beanie protects against harsh winds and UV radiation exposure for the scalp.

Disguise Bad Hair Days

Who has yet to awaken to a disastrous hair day? A beanie hides greasy, unwashed hair or a bad case of bedhead while pulling together an outfit.

Budget Friendly Accessory

Quality knit beanies can be purchased under $20 in many mass-market retailers. Designer cashmere or fur-embellished versions may cost more but remain less pricey than many winter accessories.

Easy to Style

Pull a beanie over your hair, and you’ve immediately elevated any outfit from dull to excellent. Continue reading for more ways to style beanies fashionably.

Now that you understand the many benefits of beanies let’s explore the variety of women’s beanie styles.

Types of Beanies for Women

While the classic cuffed knit beanie will never go out of style, many new variants have emerged. Some popular kinds of beanies for women include:

Cuffed Beanies for Women

The North Face Logo Box Cuffed Beanie

Check out this The North Face Logo Box Cuffed Beanie here.

The traditional beanie style features a folded-up cuff at the bottom edge. The cuff provides decoration and helps the hat maintain its shape. The border is sometimes ribbed for texture.

Slouchy Beanies

Slouchy beanie from 100% cotton

Check out this Slouchy beanie from 100% cotton here.

Extra length and depth give slouchy beanies an oversized, baggy fit. The slouchy style can be scrunched down or worn smooth and sleek. Slouchy beanies exude a lighthearted vibe.

Beanies with Visors

visor knit beanie

Check out this visor knit beanie here.

Some beanies add a small flat visor that protrudes from the front edge. The projection offers a touch of shade for the eyes. Baseball caps provide more sun coverage.

Beanies with Ponytail Holes

Ponytail beanie from merino wool

Check out this Ponytail beanie from merino wool here.

To accommodate long hair or a top ponytail, specialized beanies have an opening in the back to pull hair through neatly. The hole keeps the beanie anchored in place.

Beanies with Pom Poms

Beanie with fur pom

Check out this Beanie with fur pom here.

A furry or fluffy pom or puff ball on top adds whimsical flair. Pom poms come in matching colors or an accent hue. Faux fur pom poms recreate that retro ski bunny feel.

Textured Knit Beanies

Textured knit beanie

Check out this Textured knit beanie here.

From cable knit to honeycomb, ribbed, open weave, and more – textured knit beanies provide visual interest versus a plain, smooth finish. Textures work nicely for tonal monochromatic outfits in need of depth.

Now that you know about the range of women’s beanie designs available, let’s review some tips for choosing the ideal beanie for your needs and personal style.

How to Pick the Perfect Beanies for Women

With countless beanies flooding the market, picking the right one can feel overwhelming. Keep these criteria in mind as you shop:

  • Climate – Lightweight cotton or linen works best for milder temperatures requiring a light layer of warmth. Wool and fleece better suit bitter cold regions requiring insulation. Thanks to its water-resistant properties, acrylic makes a good choice for wet, damp climates.
  • Color – Neutral colors like black, gray, navy, and ivory maximize versatility to pair with everything. Bold, bright prints make a statement and showcase your personality.
  • Fit – Slouchy styles have extra room for a relaxed, baggy fit. Cuffed or folded beanies hug the head more snugly. Choose what feels most flattering and comfortable in your head shape.
  • Size – Measure around your head to get an accurate size for a proper fit. Beanies stretch out over time, so don’t size up too much. But you’ll want some room to adapt as the fibers loosen.
  • Material – Each fiber has pros and cons:
    • Wool – warm, breathable, itchy for some, prone to shrinking
    • Cotton – soft, lightweight, absorbs moisture easily
    • Cashmere – luxuriously soft, more delicate, expensive
    • Acrylic – affordable, easy to clean, not very breathable
  • Lining – Fleece or shearling lining adds insulation and wicks away moisture from sweat.
  • Decorations – Pom poms, faux fur trims, crystal embellishments, embroidery, etc. Express yourself while complementing your style.

Try on various styles to determine the ideal balance of fit, form, and function that brings you joy when wearing it.

Now that you’ve selected the perfect beanie, it’s time for the fun part – styling!

Expert Tips to Style Beanies for Women Like a Fashionista

One of the best qualities of beanies is how effortlessly they complete any outfit with casual cool. Follow these tips to rock your beanie in style:

Beanies for Laidback Everyday Wear

For relaxed days, you can’t go wrong pairing a beanie with closet staples like:

  • Jeans – skinny, straight-leg, mom, or distressed
  • Leggings – black, colored, printed
  • Oversized sweaters and sweatshirts
  • Puffer or leather/denim jackets
  • Classic white sneakers like Converse or Vans
  • Combat boots, Chelsea boots, or slip-on booties
  • Circle scarf, plaid scarf, or blanket scarf

Elevate Formal Outfits With a Beanie

Take your outfit up an unexpected notch by topping more formal pieces with a slouchy beanie. This juxtaposition brings a fun, casual twist.

  • Sweater dress
  • Shift dress
  • A-line skirt
  • Pencil skirt
  • Turtleneck bodysuit
  • Over-the-knee boots
  • Trench coat
  • Fedora hat

Show Off Your Hairstyle

Let your beautiful locks look stylish by pairing a beanie with half-up or half-down hairstyles. Displaying braids, curls, or sleek strands highlights your gorgeous face-framing hair.

Sporty Beanies for Athleisure

For an athletic ensemble, match your beanie to:

  • Leggings or joggers
  • Sports bra or cropped sweatshirt
  • Puffer vest
  • Sneakers or running shoes
  • Low Ponytail

Streamlined from head to toe.

Coordinate With Other Accessories

Connect your cold-weather look by choosing a matching set of beanies, scarf, mittens, and coat in the same color family. Or create an accent color story with a bold-hued beanie and boots.

Now that you’re brimming with ideas on styling beanies fashionably let’s go over proper care for your knit hats.

Caring for Your Beloved Beanies For Women

To keep your beanie collection looking fabulous all winter long:

  • Follow garment label instructions. Symbols provide guidelines on washing methods, drying, and if ironing is allowed.
  • Handwash delicates. Wool and cashmere do best to avoid the agitation of machines. Use cold water and a gentle cleanser. Allow to arid flat before wearing to maintain shape and size.
  • Limit washing frequency. Only wash wool and cotton beanies when dirty. Acrylic and poly-blends can tolerate washing after each wear if needed.
  • Lay flat to dry. After handwashing, lay your beanie flat on a towel instead of hanging it. This preserves the form so it doesn’t stretch out.
  • Store properly. Place hand-washed beanies over a hat form to hold their shape as they dry. Or use a breathable garment bag. Don’t bunch up.
  • Avoid high heat. Tumble drying applies unnecessary heat that can damage knits. Avoid ironing. Skip dryer sheets – residue accumulation degrades fabrics over time.
  • Make repairs ASAP. Close any holes, re-stretch distorted areas, or sew down runs and snags promptly to prevent more significant issues. Check embellishments are secure.

Investing a little care into your knit hats will ensure they retain their like-new quality and last for many winters of wear!

Now that you know how to choose and care for the perfect beanies for women, here are some top-rated and wildly popular options to consider:

Carhartt Acrylic Beanie

Carhartt acrylic beanie

Check out this Carhartt Acrylic Beanie here.

  • 100% acrylic fleece-lined construction
  • Fold-up cuff with stretchable rib-knit
  • Durable through repeated machine washing
  • Legendary warmth perfect for frigid days

The North Face Beanie

The North Face beanie

Check out The North Face beanie here.

  • Made from 100% recycled fleece
  • It can be worn slouchy or folded up
  • Timeless style with embroidered logo
  • Reviewers adore the softness

Patagonia Powder Town Beanie

Patagonia Powder Town Beanie

Check out this Patagonia Powder Town Beanie here.

  • Polyester and spandex blend
  • Excellent stretch and recovery
  • Breathable with moisture-wicking properties
  • Packs down small in a purse or pocket

L.L.Bean Ragg Wool Beanie

Ragg wool beanie

Check out this Ragg wool beanie here.

  • Crafted from warm virgin wool with nylon
  • A winter classic cuffed style
  • Contrasting stripes on the foldover cuff
  • Dense knit keeps you toasty

Everlane The Cashmere Beanie

Cashmere beanie from Everlane

Check out this Cashmere beanie from Everlane here.

  • Buttery-soft ethical cashmere
  • Snug ribbed knit holds the shape
  • Luxurious cold weather indulgence
  • Available in versatile neutral tones

Whatever your style, a beanie is out there to complete your winter wardrobe with a cozy polish!

Beanies For Women FAQs

  • Are beanies for women in style?

    Absolutely! Beanies are currently a huge fashion trend across genders and generations. Their laidback vibe works with any style.

  • How should a beanie fit?

    It should fit snugly over your head without sliding down. But not uncomfortably tight. Measure your head to find the right size. Stretching over time is expected.

  • How do you keep a beanie from sliding off?

    Start with accurate sizing. Some have elastic bands that grip better. Styling beanies with hair tucked out the bottom anchors them in place. Pompoms and visors also help keep them secure.

  • Do guys and girls wear beanies differently?

    Beanie styling rules are not gender-specific. Anyone can wear them cuffed, slouchy, back, side, or any preferred way. Choose what is most flattering for your look.

  • Should your hair be up or down with a beanie?

    That comes down to personal preference! Fully tucked in, half up/half down, bangs out, or ponytail through the back opening are all stylish beanie hairdos.

  • How do you make beanies for women more fashionable?

    Choose colors, prints, and shapes that complement your face. Add fun furry or sequined embellishments. Pair it with kicks, scarves, or coats for a coordinated look. Cuff it. Show off some locks.

  • What outfits can I wear with a beanie?

    You name it! Beanies work with jeans, leggings, sweaters, dresses, jumpsuits, overalls, peacoats, and everything else. They inject casual coziness into any outfit.

Hopefully, this guide offered ample tips on choosing and styling the ideal beanies for your winter wardrobe needs. Stay on trend while keeping your head warm all season in a beanie that expresses your style. Remember to handle your knit hats gently for longevity.

Which style of beanie are you excited to try out? Let me know in the comments!


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