Round Sunglasses for Women

14 Incredible Round Sunglasses for Women

Round sunglasses for women offer a softer, feminine look. An in-depth guide on how to style the retro, artsy frames to complement your face shape and outfit.

The History and Timeless Appeal of Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses rose to popularity in the 1960s and have been a fashion staple ever since. Jackie Kennedy Onassis was one of the early trendsetters seen donning a glamorous pair of oversized circular frames. The retro feel gave women a soft, feminine aesthetic that looked chic decades later.

In the 70s, rock stars like John Lennon made rounds iconic in the music scene. The artsy, vintage vibe suited the era’s bohemian style perfectly. Farrah Fawcett also propelled the look into the mainstream with her feathered hair and sophisticated frames.

Jackie O was wearing oversized round sunglasses.

Jackie O was wearing oversized round sunglasses.

Today, round sunglasses are still going strong on fashion week runways and street style blogs alike. Their classic shape offers an artistic, softer alternative to the typical angular frames. The curved silhouette is flattering for many face shapes as well.

From Jackie O to today’s It girls, the circular frame remains eternally stylish. Their staying power proves round sunglasses are far from just a passing trend.

The Key Benefits of Round Sunglasses for Women

Many advantages make round sunglasses a versatile accessory staple:

Softer, Feminine Look

The rounded shape provides a delicate profile compared to sharper geometric frames. It’s a subtle way to add a feminine touch to your outfit.

Artistic, Vintage-Inspired Style

Circular lenses give off retro vibes that look artistic and creative. Channel a classic cat eye shape or modern mirrored lens for a bold attitude.

Flattering on Many Face Shapes

Unlike some angular frames, rounds complement oval, round, heart, and square face shapes beautifully. Find the ideal size and shape to enhance your features.

Make a Statement

Choose a colored, patterned, or oversized round frame to be the focal point of your look. Show off your taste and stand out from the crowd.

Change Up Your Silhouette

Rounded frames create visual interest and contrast from the typical rectangular styles. Offering a new shape freshens up your accessory game.

Finding the Perfect Fit From Reputable Brands

Once you’ve decided on a style, consider fit and quality craftsmanship in your frames. Visit an eyewear retailer or optician to get professionally fitted. The weight should not leave indentations on your nose or ears.

Reputable sunglass companies known for round frames include:

Ray-Ban: The iconic Wayfarer has a timeless circular shape in various lens colors. Sturdy construction with quality metal hinges.

Ray Ban round sunglasses for women, model RB4222.

Check out these Ray Ban round sunglasses for women, model RB4222, here.

Prada: Invest in luxury with the Italian brand’s chic embellished frames. Some feature crystals, studs, and the triangle Prada logo.

Prada round sunglasses

Check out these Prada round sunglasses here.

Gucci: Fashion-forward with interlocking G hardware. Often bold patterns, bright colors, or retro cat-eye shapes.

Gucci round frame sunglasses

Check out these Gucci round-frame sunglasses here.

Kate Spade: Playful feminine styles like oversized black or tortoiseshell. Signature logo plaque on temple.

Kate Spade round sunglasses with crystals

Check out these Kate Spade round sunglasses with crystals here.

Warby Parker: Trendy customizable frames without the designer price tag—many vintage-inspired round shapes.

Warby Parker round sunglasses

Check out these Warby Parker round sunglasses here.

Coach: Classic American brand known for leather goods with logo-detailed frames. Timeless oval and round styles.

Coach oversized round sunglasses

Check out these Coach oversized round sunglasses here.

Maui Jim: Specialize in high-tech lens technology to enhance colors and reduce glare—durable frames in classic circular shapes.

Maui Jim Polarized round sunglasses

Check out these Maui Jim Polarized round sunglasses here.

Oakley: Sporty, lightweight round frames designed for athletic activities. Many offer UV protection.

Oakley metal round sunglasses

Check out these Oakley metal round sunglasses here.

Polo Ralph Lauren: Preppier circular frames with equestrian and polo inspirations. Signature pony logo on temples.

Polo Ralph Lauren pink round sunglasses

Check out these Polo Ralph Lauren pink round sunglasses here.

The range of quality brands offering round sunglasses ensures you can find the right fit and look for your lifestyle. Invest in pairs from reputable eyewear companies for the best construction and materials.

Determining the Ideal Round Frames for Your Face

Finding the perfect pair involves considering your facial shape, size, and proportions. You want frames that complement without overpowering your features.

For Oval Faces

With rounded edges and a balanced width-to-length ratio, oval faces can pull off nearly any circular frame. Feel free to experiment with oversized, slight, cat-eye, and colorful pairs to accentuate your proportions. Ovals look great in bold, angular styles as well.

For Round Faces

Those with complete, rounded face shapes will want to offset the softness with structured frame shapes. Cat-eye, rectangular, and smaller round styles work well. Look for frames that are a contrasting color or texture from your complexion.

For Heart-Shaped Faces

A heart face has dramatic width at the cheekbones tapering to a narrow chin. Round frames help soften the point of the chin beautifully. Mid-sized round or oval lenses best complement a heart shape.

For Square Faces

Sharp jaws and angles characterize a square face. Circular frames add softness and help round out the edges. Avoid extra large, oversized rounds that may overwhelm your proportions.

No matter your particular face shape, round frames likely have a silhouette to flatter it. Keep the size and shape of your features in mind to pick the most harmonious match.

Tips for Styling Round Frames for Any Outfit

The versatile, classic shape of round sunglasses complements dressy and casual looks. Here are styling tips for glamming up your outfit with circular frames:

For Everyday Casual Wear

  • Pair oversized rounds with jeans, tanks, and tee shirts for a relaxed weekend.
  • Contrast a bright-colored frame with neutrals for a focal point.
  • Go for petite wireframes with sundresses or skater skirts.
  • Add interest to a simple tee and shorts with mirrored lens versions.
  • Maximize boho vibes with printed skirts, wedges, and retro shades.

For the Office or Dressier Occasions

  • Choose thin wire or smaller rounds for balancing professional looks.
  • Metallic lenses or transparent frames subtly interest sheath dresses or pencil skirts.
  • Oversized options make a statement with maxi dresses or jumpsuits.
  • Complement florals and prints with tortoiseshell or two-toned round frames.
  • Play the retro vibe with cat-eye, vintage-inspired sunglasses, and red lipstick.

For Edgy, Modern Looks

  • Contrast feminine frames with leather moto jackets and facial piercings.
  • Pair colorful rounds with ripped skinny jeans and band tees.
  • Stack with layered necklaces and earcuffs for an urban edge.
  • Go for transparent pink or blue shades with cropped tops.
  • Add interest to plunging necklines and mini skirts with metallic frames.

For Athleisure and Sportswear

  • Small wire rounds suit yoga pants and leggings for grabbing coffee after.
  • Oversized black rounds look modern with athletic shoes and bomber jackets.
  • Bright colors pop against neutral gym clothes and sneakers.
  • Plastic frames won’t break a sweat if worn while training.

No matter your plans, round frames can make the outfit with the proper styling. Get creative mixing feminine shades with edgy pieces or everyday basics.

Choosing the Best Frame Color, Shape and Details

From lenses to frame shape, the options are endless for customizing your round sunglasses. Consider what flatters your complexion and makes a unique accessory statement.

Frame Shapes

  • Classic circular metal or plastic frames
  • Cat-eye: Angled, pointed versions
  • Oval: Soften circular with oval lenses
  • Mirrored lens: Reflective colored or metallic
  • Two-toned: Mix colors like black and tortoiseshell

Lens Size Variety

  • Small: Subtle slim wire or rimless rounds
  • Medium: Balance proportions on petite faces
  • Oversized – Make a bold statement for more prominent faces
  • Combination: Mix lens shapes like round and cat-eye

Frame Colors

  • Neutrals: Black, brown, tan, clear frames for versatility
  • Metallics: Rose gold, silver, gold frames add glam
  • Accents: Go bold with white, red, pink, blue and more
  • Patterns: Tortoiseshell, stripe, cheetah and floral prints
  • Transparent: Modern colored clear or rainbow shades

Decorative Details

  • Studded trim: Dotted metal stud accents on plastic frames
  • Etching: Delicate engraved lines or shapes
  • Cut-outs: Add interest with small holes in frames
  • Jeweled: Subtle gems, rhinestones, or glitter on temples
  • hardware: Statement hinges, logo nameplates

With endless options for frames, lenses, colors, and shapes, express your style. Mix and match to find your signature look.

Caring Tips to Keep Round Frames Looking New

Keep your round sunglasses in tip-top shape with simple care:

  • Store in a protective case when not wearing to prevent scratches
  • Clean lenses with microfiber cloth and mild soapy water
  • Avoid contact with hairspray, perfume, and other chemicals
  • Use fitted sunglass straps to secure frames during activity
  • Have it adjusted by an optician if the fit becomes loose over time
  • See an optometrist yearly to update prescriptions if needed

Taking steps to clean, store, and protect your sunglasses helps retain their quality and appearance. Be gentle to prevent damaging fragile wire or plastic frames.

Stylish Round Sunglasses to Shop Now

Ready to add vintage inspiration to your accessory collection? Shop these recommended round frame styles:

Ray-Ban Erika Round: Chic oversized polished transparent frame.

Ray Ban Erika Classic Exclusive

Check out this Ray Ban Erika Classic Exclusive here.

Gucci Round Sunglasses: Make a statement with the classic John Lennon round sunglasses.

Gucci round silver sunglasses

Check out these Gucci round silver sunglasses here.

Le Specs Air Heart: The best of both worlds – a fusion round and cat-eye shape. Retro glam.

Le Specs Air Canary II Cherry Leopard sunglasses

Check out these Le Specs Air Canary II Cherry Leopard sunglasses here.

Quay: Round gradient polarized round frame sunglasses

Quay round sunglasses

Check out these Quay round sunglasses here.

Thom Browne: Round sunglasses in gold-tone titanium with blue-tinted lenses

Thom Browne Round titanium sunglasses

Check out these Thom Browne Round titanium sunglasses here.

FAQs About Round Sunglasses

What face shapes do round sunglasses suit?

Round frames look beautiful on oval, round, heart, and square face shapes. The circular silhouette complements most facial contours.

How do you style round sunglasses?

Style them casually with jeans or dresses. Go for boho-chic or retro-glam vibes. Add edge by pairing it with leather jackets. Choose bold colors for maximum impact.

Should round sunglasses be small or large?

This depends on your face shape. Larger rounds suit the oval and heart face well. Smaller lenses complement round and square faces best.

Are round sunglasses for women still in style?

Absolutely! The round frame is a timeless, artistic shape. From Jackie O to today’s street style, this vintage look always goes in fashion.

Do guys wear round sunglasses?

Yes, round frames work for any gender. Many male celebs, including Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and John Lennon, have rocked the iconic circular shape. Styles with dark lenses or metallic accents add a masculine edge.


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