Friendship Bracelets for Women

17 Friendship Bracelets for Women – Free Stylish Guide

Friendship bracelets for women are all about celebrating the special bonds between friends. These handmade accessories have been exchanged for centuries as tokens of friendship and sisterhood.

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While often associated with summer camp and teens, friendship bracelets can be a thoughtful, stylish gift for women of all ages. They showcase your unique relationship and make a sentimental keepsake to cherish.

In this post, we’ll explore different ways to give the gift of friendship through these knotted wristbands. Learn how to make meaningful customized bracelets, shop ready-made designs, and creatively gift them to your best gals.

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Friendship bracelets come in endless colors, patterns, and designs. Here are some of the most popular styles and trends:

Classic Chevron and Diagonal Patterns

Chevron friendship bracelets

Check them out at

The traditional friendship bracelet features colorful embroidery floss woven in chevron stripes or diagonal lines. These patterns are easy for beginners to knot by hand.

Opt for a black and white chevron bracelet, or use metallic embroidery thread on a neutral background for a trendy take.

Dainty Hearts and Symbols

Heart friendship bracelets

Check them out at

Add tiny heart knots along one section of the bracelet or space out little heart charms along the length. Heart patterns sweetly symbolize friendship.

Other cute symbols like stars, peace signs, and circles make fun design details.

Coordinating Name Bracelets

Alphabet name friendship bracelets

Check them out at

Spell out your BFF’s name in block letters using different thread colors. Or, create matching bracelets with your first initial charms.

Make them identical or slightly different – either way, customized name bracelets show you care.

Beaded Friendship Bracelets

Beaded friendship bracelet

Check it out at

For bohemian flair, shop macrame bracelets with woven beads incorporated into the knots. Or find DIY tutorials on working beads into more basic knotted patterns.

Bead colors can match the thread or pop as accents. Wooden, glass, and gemstone beads add natural texture.

Braided Leather Bracelets

Braided friendship bracelets

Check this article on how to make them

Braided leather bracelets make an elevated, minimalist style statement—shop high-end versions with gold metal cuffs.

Or, DIY your own by braiding together thin leather cords. Top with a customized metal plate or bead caps.

Rainbow Loom Bracelets

Rainbow Loom Bracelets

Check this article on how to make them

Rainbow Loom – the popular weaving tool for kids – can make jewelry-style designs like fishtail and triple single bracelets. YouTube has endless step-by-step tutorials.

The stretchy elastic bands come in every color and are fun to wear alone or layered.

Meaningful Ways to Customize Your Friendship Bracelets


Personalised Family Birthstone Bracelet

Check it out at

Add birthstone beads, charms, or embroidery floss colors to represent each friend. Arrange them in order of birthdays.

For extra meaning, have everyone gift each other matching birthstone bracelets.

Initial Charms

Custom charm bracelets

Create unlimited charm bracelets at Charmfactory

Hang mini gold or silver letter charms along the length of the bracelet, spelling out BFF or each person’s first initial.

Zodiac Symbols

Zodiac bracelets

Check them out at

Incorporate zodiac symbols like an archer for Sagittarius, scales for Libra, and two fish for Pisces. Use them for astrological besties or as your sign.

Inside Jokes and Shared Interests

Lucky Friendship Woven Bracelet with Eiffel Tower charm

Check them out at

Turn memories, hobbies, and inside jokes into embroidered shapes or charm dangles. Some ideas:

  • Sports team logos
  • Pets or favorite animals
  • Travel mementos like the Eiffel Tower, palm tree, or cactus.
  • Dance shoes, musical note
  • Pizza slice, ice cream cone, coffee cup

Meaningful Quotes

Beaded Inspirational Quotes Friendship Bracelets

Check them out at

Look up short inspirational quotes, song lyrics, or words of wisdom that resonate. Translate a few keywords into Morse code beads or alphabet charms.

Coordinating Sets

Best Friends Hibiscus Turtle Friendship Bracelets - 2 Pack

Check them out at

For friend groups, make matching bracelets in the same colors and patterns. Or create complementary styles that connect. Wearing the set symbolizes your crew.

Tips for Making Your Friendship Bracelets

Making DIY friendship bracelets takes practice, but anyone can pick up the basics. Here are some tips for beginners:


  • Embroidery floss – The classic friendship bracelet thread comes in endless colors. Opt for a cotton/poly blend that knots tightly.
  • Cord – For leather, try a 1-2mm waxed cord. For macrame plant fiber cords, 5mm to 8mm works well.
  • Tapestry needles – Big eye needles make threading cords easy.
  • Beads, charms, buttons – Find extras small enough to incorporate.
  • Clasps – Choose metal clasps or essential bead caps.
  • Knotting surface – Use a clipboard with slits to keep tension tight.

Basic Knotting Techniques

  • Superficial knots – Tie knots following a pattern, gradually filling in the bracelet.
  • Forward knots – Each knot secures the one before it.
  • Reverse knots – Start with the last knot, then work backward toward the first.
  • [Box knot] – A symmetrical square knot. Use for chunky macrame designs.

Patterns and Tutorials

Check out the variety of free friendship bracelet patterns available online. Here are some beginner-friendly designs:

  • Classic chevron
  • Candy stripe
  • Diagonal stripe
  • Heart pattern
  • Wave pattern
  • Box knot macrame

Look for step-by-step tutorials on YouTube. Pausing the video lets you follow along and master the techniques.

Thoughtful Bracelet Gifting Ideas

A handmade bracelet shows more love when presented in a meaningful way. Here are some ideas:

Milestone Birthdays

Best Friend Birthday Gift Bracelet

Check them out at

Significant birthdays like 13, 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, etc. – celebrate with personalized friendship bracelets! Coordinate the colors and charms to the person and their milestone.

College Send-Off

Marlborough College House Friendship Bracelet

Check them out at

Are you saying goodbye to a childhood best friend heading to college? A matching bracelet helps keep your bond strong across the distance.

Bridesmaid Proposal

"Will you be my Bidesmaid?" bracelet

Check them out at

Are you asking gals to be your bridesmaids? Make unique “Will you be my bridesmaid?” bracelets for a cute proposal gift. Bonus points if you theme them to the wedding colors and style.

Just Because

Sometimes, a random Tuesday is the best day to send a little love! Mail a bracelet to show you care for no particular reason at all.

Add a Heartfelt Note

Linear Disc Friendship Bracelet

Check this Linear Disc Friendship Bracelet here

Include a meaningful handwritten message to explain why you chose particular charms, beads, or colors. Share favorite memories and inside jokes. Express how much the friendship means to you!


Exchanging friendship bracelets have spanned continents and generations as a meaningful tradition. Whether handmade or store-bought, these bracelets showcase shared stories and exceptional bonds.

So gather your closest girlfriends – near and far – and start gifting. Each bracelet stitches together memories of laughter, tears, secrets, dreams, and sisterhood. May the threads of your friendship continue to intertwine and strengthen for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best thread to use?

    Embroidery floss is the traditional choice. Look for a tight twisting 6-strand cotton/poly blend. Avoid looser threads like yarn that won’t hold knots.

  • How do you make friendship bracelets adjustable?

    Leave about 6 inches extra when tying off the bracelet. Create a slip knot so the wearer can tighten or loosen it to fit.

  • What are trendy alternatives to standard embroidery floss?

    Waxed linen cord makes chic braided bracelets. Leather cord works for boho macrame styles. Metallic floss and glow-in-the-dark thread add unique accents.

  • What are good bead options?

    Wooden beads, shaped glass lampwork beads, semi-precious gemstones, and sterling silver make excellent accessories. Avoid drips with holes too small to thread your floss or cord.

  • Should I give bracelets already tied or as a DIY kit?

    You can’t go wrong either way! Some may enjoy the creative process of making their own. Others will appreciate receiving it already assembled and ready to wear.

  • What are cute ways to package friendship bracelets as gifts?

    Present them in jewelry boxes, metallic gift bags, and fabric pouches. Include a sweet handwritten note or poem. Secure mailed bracelets carefully in tissue paper inside a bubble mailer.

  • How much is reasonable to spend on a friendship bracelet?

    Handmade ones use inexpensive supplies, so giving them shows more sentiment than monetary value. But there are also many stylish designed bracelets in the $10-$50 range if you want to spend more.


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