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7 Useful Tips For Silver Jewelry You Need To Know

Tips for silver jewelry and all the facts that you need to know.

Silver jewelry is very cheap. Others are too expensive.

What to choose and why. Cleaning tips.

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silver jewelry

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Tips for Silver jewelry. What to check when buying.

When you choose silver jewelry, the first thing is to look for a hallmark. Sterling silver is 925. That means it is 92.5% pure silver (Ag) plus 7.5% other metals, usually copper (Cu).

Everything that does not have the hallmark 925 is not sterling silver. The mark is sometimes small, inside a ring, a band, or in a necklace clasp. If it is too small, use a magnifying glass.

Like gold, silver in a pure 99.9% state is very soft. That’s why they use other metals to add strength. Most jewelry is a combination of silver and copper, that protects sensitive skin. Others use Zink or nickel.

When wearing silver rings, your fingers will turn green, because of humidity or skin oil. That doesn’t mean that the ring is fake or low quality. Simply because of the copper, that leaves a green color on your fingers.

Luckily, not all people are the same. It depends on the sweating and the skin oils.

silver jewelry

How to prevent the fingers from turning green.

  • Don’t wear low-quality jewelry.
  • Keep your skin dry.
  • Use clear nail polish inside your ring before you wear it.

What to use when your fingers become green.

Use eye makeup remover with a small cotton ball and then wash your hands.
Use nail polish remover for large green stains. Not recommended to do it more than once a week.

Tips for Silver jewelry. Hot to keep in good condition.

  • Keep all your silver jewelry in a dry and cool place.
  • Use small plastic bags to seal them.
  • When polishing, use appropriate chemicals and don’t do it very often.
  • Never wear silver jewelry when going to the pool, because of the chlorine.
  • Avoid contact with water, because it is not always clean.
  • Avoid keeping silver jewelry in the bathroom, because of the moist and warm air.

Don’t forget that silver can tarnish even when you leave it in the air. Use the above tips, and you will have them in the best possible condition.

How to clean your silver jewelry.

Silver cleaning cloth.

tips for silver jewelry

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Using a silver cleaning cloth is inexpensive and last for a long time.

Rub the jewelry gently with the cloth to avoid scratching it. It is the easiest way to clean silver.

A bowl with hot water and baking soda.

tips for silver jewelry
  • When the silver jewelry is tarnished, use a bowl with aluminum foil in the bottom.
  • Add hot water plus some teaspoons of baking soda.
  • Leave the silver jewelry inside the bowl for 30 minutes.
  • Then rinse it well and clean it with a soft towel. You will have clean silver jewelry.

With toothpaste

  • Use a small amount of toothpaste in an old toothbrush.
  • Clean the tarnish carefully and then take a soft towel to properly clean the jewelry.

Lemon and salt

  • Squeeze a lemon in a bowl and add some salt.
  • Put your silver jewelry in the bowl and wait for 5 minutes.
  • After, clean the jewelry with a clean soft towel and you are ready.
  • You can also use a mixture of lemon and olive oil. This will work well to clean silver


  • Many people told us that we can clean effectively the silver jewelry with beer. It works very well.
  • Pour some beer into a bowl and insert the jewelry.
  • Leave it there for 10 minutes.
  • Clean it with a clean soft cloth and you will see good results.

Laundry detergent.

tips for silver jewelry
  • Washing powder in a small amount of hot water is a famous solution that works also.
  • Leave your jewelry in the mix and wait for 5 minutes.
  • Then clean it well with your soft cloth.
  • It is not the most effective but you have good results.
  • It will not remove the tarnished stains but it will clean them and smell also good.

What not to use to clean silver jewelry?

  • Ketchup. Not effective.
  • Coca Cola. Please don’t do it.
  • Window cleaner. Nope.
  • Vinegar. You will have the smell but no results. Some people mix vinegar with baking soda.
  • You still need to wait a couple of hours. Not worth it.
  • Alcohol. No results, use something else.

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Some extra tips for silver jewelry

When your silver jewelry has some gem or pearl, watch the way you clean it.

Gemstones and pearls are very sensitive to most of the above examples.

Protect them as you can when cleaning your jewelry.

For your expensive silver jewelry, you can buy silver keeper bags.

silver keeper bags

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Tips For Silver Jewelry. Vintage look.

silver bracelet

Some people prefer the vintage look, keeping their silver jewelry tarnished versus the shiny look.

Check out our guide to gold jewelry and what you need to know.


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