Touchscreen Gloves for Men

12 Best Touchscreen Gloves for Men.

Touchscreen gloves for men allow you to use your smartphone, tablet, or other touchscreen device without removing your gloves or mittens.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the different types of touchscreen gloves available, the key benefits they offer, and what to look for when shopping for the best touchscreen gloves for men. We’ll also review some top brands and models on the market now. Read on to learn everything you need to know to stay connected and keep your hands toasty warm this winter!

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Types of Touchscreen Gloves for Men

Full Finger Touchscreen Gloves

The most popular touchscreen gloves have conductive material on the thumb, index finger, or all fingers. This allows you to use any part of your hand to navigate your touchscreen device. Full-finger conductive gloves come in light fabrics like stretchy spandex for maximum dexterity or warmer wool and leather materials for added insulation.

Lightweight touchscreen gloves

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Popular brands of full-finger touchscreen gloves include:

Agloves: Conductive silver fabric, snug fit

  • Conductive silver fabric full fingers
  • Bamboo rayon, nylon, spandex blend
  • Ergonomic stretch fit
  • Also available for women

Pros – Full finger conductivity, snug fit

Cons – Less heavy-duty than leather

Agloves original sport

Check the 10-finger touchscreen gloves from Agloves here

  • Patagonia: Low-profile, touchscreen-compatible gloves built of warm, wicking R1® Daily stretch fabric.
patagonia r1 daily gloves

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  • Isotoner: Men’s Woven Chevron Gloves 2.0 touchscreen gloves for men
Men’s Woven Chevron Gloves 2.0 with smarTouch

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Partial Finger Touchscreen Gloves For Men

For those needing conductivity on the essential fingertips, partial finger touchscreen gloves focus the conductive materials on the index finger and thumb. The remaining fingers will be made of non-conductive material, which can reduce bulk and be more affordable.

Some top partial finger touchscreen glove options:

Icebreaker: Unisex Merino 260 Tech Glove Liners

Unisex Merino 260 Tech Glove Liners

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Glider Gloves: Lightweight with conductive Index/thumb

  • Thin conductive underside on fingers
  • Elastic cuff with pull tab adjuster
  • Acrylic, polyester, spandex blend
  • Silicone grip dots on the palm

Pros – Lightweight, snug fit, good grip

Cons – Less insulation than leather

Urban Style Black Glider Gloves

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The North Face: Recycled gloves with Etip touchscreen technology

  • Conductive silicone nodes on five fingers
  • Synthetic insulation with fleece lining
  • Palm overlay for grip
  • Hook/loop cuff closure

Pros – Full connectivity, quality brand

Cons – Fit can be snug

The North Face, Etip recycled gloves

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Burton Touchscreen Screen Grab Gloves

Burton Screen Grab® Glove Liner
  • Screen Grab conductive fleece on index, thumb
  • DRYRIDE Durashell fabric, latex palm
  • Elastic cuffs, pre-curved fit
  • Bluesign-approved eco-materials

Pros – Eco-friendly, touchscreen control, Lifetime warranty

Cons – Only partial finger conductivity

Touchscreen Glove Styles and Designs

Beyond deciding on full or partial finger conductivity, men have a lot of options when it comes to style and design elements of touchscreen gloves:

  • Leather: Quality leather touchscreen gloves are stylish, durable, and wind-resistant.
Men's Touchscreen Handsewn Three-Point Cashmere-Lined Leather Gloves

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  • Wool: Warm wool fabric like cashmere is moisture-wicking and insulating.
Merino Wool Touchscreen Gloves

Check out these Merino Wool Touchscreen Gloves here

  • Cotton: Lightweight cotton and stretch cotton blends allow good dexterity.
Cotton gloves with a touchscreen function

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  • Fleece: Soft fleece fabrics help seal in warmth.
Black Diamond Midweight Screentap Fleece Gloves

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  • Synthetics: Spandex, polyester, and acrylic blends are lightweight and stretchy.
Touchscreen Compatible Acrylic Knit Gloves

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Colors range from classic blacks and browns to brighter hues like red, blue, grey, and camouflage prints. There are also touchscreen gloves in fun patterns and graphics. When selecting the proper pair, look for zipped pockets, Velcro closures, and elastic or adjustable wrists.

Benefits of Touchscreen Gloves for Men

Why should guys invest in high-quality touchscreen gloves this winter? Here are some key advantages:

Use Devices Without Removing Gloves

The first reason to buy touchscreen gloves is to use your smartphone and other touchscreen devices without constantly removing your hand protection. Conductive finger pads allow natural hand and finger motions to activate screens and buttons accurately.

Keep Hands Warm in Cold Weather

Warm gloves are essential during the frigid winter months. Touchscreen gloves allow you to keep your hands insulated while accessing electronic devices.

Conductive Materials Provide Dexterity

Quality touchscreen gloves use thin, tactile materials on the fingertips or finger pads that transfer electrical conductivity from your skin to the screen’s surface. This preserves fine motor control.

Durable Materials Withstand Use

Touchscreen gloves are designed with durable palms and finger pads. Materials like leather, tightly knit wool, and rubberized grips allow all-day use outdoors without showing wear and tear.

Fashionable Men’s Styles

Touchscreen gloves for men come in fashionable menswear styles, from sophisticated leather to casual knit gloves. Pick classic colors and materials, or go bold with modern, bright colors and patterns.

Snug Fit Improves Agility

A closer fit allows your fingertips to make better touch with the screen, allowing you to type and scroll with greater precision. Elastic, adjustable, and stretchy fabrics ensure your hands move naturally.

What to Look For in Touchscreen Gloves For Men

Not all touchscreen gloves are created equal. When shopping, keep these tips in mind:

  • Conductive material – Silicone, silver, copper, and steel fabrics transfer electrical conductivity. Make sure it covers all or some finger pads.
  • Snug fit – Gloves shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Look for stretch fabrics or adjustable closures.
  • Grip – Rubberized pads on palms and fingers improve your grip on phones and devices.
  • Quality construction – Seams, stitching, and fabrics should be durable and well-made.
  • Warmth – Insulating wool, fleece, and leather protect from the cold.
  • Water resistance – Some gloves have a water-repellent coating to keep hands dry.
  • Size – Get an accurate measurement of your hand size for the best finger pad sensitivity.
  • Brand reputation – Stick with reputable outdoor and apparel brands known for high-quality gloves.


With so many great touchscreen gloves available, men don’t have to give up fashion, warmth, or connectivity this winter. Look for high-quality materials, clever conductive design, and fit and features for your needs. Brands like Carhartt, Burton, Agloves, and The North Face offer top-notch touchscreen gloves to keep your hands toasty without losing touch.

Invest in a pair of touchscreen gloves for men this season and stay stylish, warm, and connected no matter how cold it gets! Don’t forget to grab some handy touchscreen gloves for the influential women in your life, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best material for touchscreen gloves for men?

    Silver, copper, steel textiles, silicone printed pads, and conductive threads are the most conductive and responsive materials. Leather, wool, polyester, cotton, and fleece linings provide insulation.

  • Should I get a full finger or partial finger conductivity?

    Full finger allows the use of any finger but can be less flexible. Partial finger focuses conductivity on the thumb and index fingertips used most.

  • How do I find the right fit?

    Look for size charts based on hand circumference and length. Gloves should fit snugly without restricting movement. Features like stretch fabrics and adjustable closures help get the ideal fit.

  • Can I wash touchscreen gloves?

    Check the care instructions before washing something; some things can go in the machine, while others should only be spot-cleaned. Proper cleaning preserves conductivity and extends glove life.

  • How durable are conductive pads on touchscreen gloves?

    Quality gloves will withstand everyday use for a season or more. Avoid abrasion and contact with rough surfaces that can degrade conductive pads over time.

  • Are there touchscreen gloves for more heavy-duty use?

    Many companies provide thicker leather and synthetic palms, rubberized grips, and fingertip conductivity for trade and construction work.

  • Can I use touchscreen gloves with tablets and smartwatches?

    Yes, touchscreen gloves for men work with most capacitive touchscreen devices beyond smartphones, as long as the conductive pads make secure contact.

  • Do I need special gloves for different weather conditions?

    Look for weatherproof or water-resistant materials like waxed leather for very wet conditions. Insulated and fleece-lined gloves work well for extreme cold.


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