types of gemstones

20 Valuable Types Of Gemstones You Need To Know

There are more than 200 types of gemstones around the world. A gem is a beautiful, durable mineral cut and polished to use in different decorations.

January Birthstone

January Birthstone

Garnets have adorned humanity across cultures for over 5000 years. Discover little-known facts about January birthstone and what makes garnets so beguiling.

Amethyst 101

Amethyst 101. Your Guide to Regal February's Birthstone

Expert guide to stunning purple February's birthstone offering care tips, styling inspiration, and shopping advice to enjoy nature's royal violet crystal.

March Birthstone

Unraveling the #1 Stunning March Birthstone -Aquamarine

Discover aquamarine's dazzling beauty and symbolic meaning as the radiant March birthstone, with tips for buying/caring for this icy blue treasure.

secret about diamonds

Secrets About Diamonds. 4C. How To Be Like Cartier

Making a diamond purchase is not only emotional but also an investment. You need to know what the secrets of diamonds are.

may birthstone

May Birthstone. 20 facts about the stunning Emerald.

The May birthstone, Emerald, is not only known for its stunning beauty but also for its rich history and symbolism.

June Birthstones

The 3 Impressive June Birthstones

June birthstones: Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone. Unravel their origins, symbolism, and legendary tales in this comprehensive guide.

July Birthstone

Amazing July Birthstone. The Lovely Ruby

The July birthstone is the ruby, a precious gemstone renowned for its vibrant red color and exceptional durability


Peridot's Beauty & Meaning: Discover the August Birthstone

As a professional copywriting journalist, I am thrilled to introduce you to the August birthstone - Peridot. This stunning gemstone is known for its vibrant green color and has been a popular choice for August birthdays for centuries.


12 Dazzling Sapphire Facts

The Birthstone of September is Sapphire, a legendary gemstone that has captured imaginations for centuries. As September's Birthstone, this gemstone is famous for its beautiful blue hues that span from the palest sky blue to the deepest navy.

october birthstones

The 2 Incredible October Birthstones You Need to Know

October has not one but two glittering gemstones associated with it: tourmaline and Opal. These two October birthstones possess unique beauty, symbolism, and legendary healing properties.

November Birthstones

2 November Birthstones: A Full Guide About Topaz and Citrine

Learn the fascinating history, symbolic meaning, and fun trivia about the November birthstones Topaz and Citrine, the classic and alternate gem for Scorpio season.

december birthstones

December Birthstones. All About the 4 Stunning Stones

In this article, we'll be delving into the world of December birthstones and uncovering their unique properties and meanings.

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